Public Speaking: An Online Resource Guide

They people who are consistently able to deliver excellent speeches don’t get that way by accident. It is because they practice often and never stop learning new techniques. Many have had to get past stumbling blocks like a fear of public speaking or a memory problem. These issues are much easier to correct than ever before since there are a lot of places online where you can find valuable tools and information. Use the resources on this page to help you create and deliver amazing speeches confidently.

Apps to Help With Public Speaking

The following applications are all available to download for home computers and mobile devices. All have easy-to-use interfaces and consistent quality as reported by their users. They are favorites among students and professionals alike and can be vital resources in helping to prepare you for a public speaking engagement.

Infonet Presenter — Infonet is an app that you can download from iTunes for about ten dollars and it has quickly become a favorite among iPad and iPhone users. The app helps you to create and display seamless presentations from your iOS device.

mPrompt — mPrompt, available on iTunes, is like having your own customized digital index cards. Essentially acting as a personal teleprompter, this app helps you stay on track while speaking.

QuoteBook — The QuoteBook app contains a database of literally thousands of quotes from hundreds of respected authors, great to pull from as needed for speeches and presentations.

Print & Share for Apple — This simple app can be a lifesaver in a pinch. It allows you to print your files on any printer from your mobile device in an instant in case you forgot your notes and don’t have time to go back for them.

Omni Outliner — The Omni Outliner is an app created for Apple platforms and operating systems. Outliner helps you to store and organize your ideas, facilitating a virtual brainstorming session that you can make sense of.

2Screens Presentation Expert — 2Screens is available for download from iTunes and allows you to view websites with an audience during a presentation. You can open multiple tabs and make notes on-screen.

Public Speaking Websites

There are plenty of sites that come up in an online search for help with public speaking. Unfortunately, many of them are ad-laden fluff that were most certainly not created by industry experts. The links in this section, however, lead only to reputable sites containing valuable information and useful advice gained from solid sources.

The Art of Public Speaking — From textbook publishers McGraw-Hill, this site was created in conjunction with the 8th edition of The Art of Public Speaking. You don’t need to have the book to benefit from the many tools and tips available on the site, but it can be purchased from several sellers on the web.

Public Speaking by Mind Tools — The public speaking page on Mind Tools’ website outlines some of the most valuable information about successful speech writing and delivery, and it’s all free to use.

American Rhetoric — American Rhetoric is an online collection of some of the most important speeches in American history from the Gettysburg address to Randy Pausch’s poignant “Last Lecture.” There are hundreds of resources from which to draw quotes and inspiration for creating your own amazing speeches.

The Allyn & Bacon Public Speaking Website — Textbook publishers Allyn & Bacon host this site comprised of six learning modules aimed at teaching the basic principles of successful speech creation and delivery. The site can be used with or without the related textbooks.

Public Speaking International Blog Public Speaking International’s blog is regularly updated with great information, tips and techniques. You’ll have access to videos, expert advice, and an interactive comments section.

Resources to Help With Fear of Public Speaking

All of the great material in the world won’t help much if you have a fear of public speaking. It can be quite overwhelming to face an audience, but the good news is that you can get over even the most crippling public speaking phobia with a little bit of help. The resources in this section are all very effective tools in helping anyone to become comfortable with speaking for an audience.

Speak Freaks — Speak Freaks is a website dedicated to helping people overcome their fear of public speaking with tips to boost confidence and deliver a solid presentation, and plenty of expert advice.

Mindbites Videos on Public Speaking Mindbites offers this free online video series with tutorials and advice on how to improve your public speaking skills and minimize fear and anxiety.

iTunes U: Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety — This UC Davis course is offered via a series of podcasts through iTunes U. These valuable and insightful lectures are free to download.

Speech You — Speech You is an innovative concept that allows users to upload videos of themselves delivering presentations and receive feedback from peers and experts. This is a great way to practice and lessen anxiety before giving a speech.

Vocaroo — Free to use, Vocaroo is a simple voice recorder for your computer or mobile device. This specialized tool can be quite effective in the fight against public speaking anxiety.

Additional Resources for Public Speakers

The following links will take you to even more valuable resources and tools to bolster your oral communication skills and to increase your confidence and effectiveness as a speaker. Each comes from a respected source and is easy to use. In addition, all are completely free to access.

Free Public Speaking Resources from Toastmasters — Toastmasters International offers several free resources on its site for creating and presenting excellent speeches There are articles, a Q & A section, and even a place where you can search for local meetups.

Six Minutes Public Speaking Site — Six Minutes is a community site inhabited by speakers and educators, complete with articles and tools to help anyone develop their public speaking skills. The overall goal is to help people create the most effective and impactful speeches possible.

101 YouTube Videos to Teach You The Art of Public Speaking –University Reviews Online has put together this collection of links to 101 high quality YouTube videos that will help guide you through the fundamental skills needed to succeed as a speaker.

Speech Topic Help, Advice, and Ideas — Here you’ll find more than 10,000 speech topics to help you get going when you aren’t even sure where to start. In addition, there’s advice from experienced speakers and helpful tips.

Keynote — Apple’s project management program has tools galore to help make your presentation smooth and stunning. With it, you can create professional looking slideshows and easily integrate any kind of media into your presentation.