In addition to offering a huge repository of notable quotes for every mood, sentiment or occasion, Wise Sayings is home to helpful resource guides on a wide variety of topics. Each guide is packed with dozens of handpicked links to informative, relevant resources. We hope you find our resource guides useful for learning more about such diverse topics as debate, history, language learning, comedy, music, writing, and many others.

7 Books of Quotations that Capture the Joys and Challenges of Parenthood – Quotes poignantly articulate what’s in the minds and hearts of people who take on the role of parent. Whether seeking a bit of advice and encouragement in tackling daily challenges or reflecting on the bonds both instant and lasting formed by having a child, chances are you’ll find words that resonate in the pages of the following publications.

8 Books Filled With Heartfelt Quotes About Romantic Love – Romantic love stirs up some of the most wonderful, intense feelings anybody will ever experience. But whether you’re in the dizzying first stages of love or have built a seasoned relationship, putting these powerful emotions into words isn’t always easy.

9 Awesome Quote Books About Friendship – Friendships enrich our lives in ways both subtle and profound. We hope that those who have listened to our stories, provided a needed hug, or simply made each day a little brighter through their presence know how much their actions mean. Finding the right words to capture that appreciation, however, can prove challenging.

10 Best Coloring Quotes Books – Why should children have all the fun? Coloring provides an opportunity for adults to relieve stress and express their creativity. And when a book combines ready-to-color images with motivational or humorous quotes, it sets the stage for a perfect little pick-me-up.

Best Motivational Quotes Books – Looking for some inspiration? We have you covered. Our team scoured the shelves to find the best books of motivational quotes out there. These selections include quotes and sayings about achieving success in life, business and relationships. No matter what passion you’re pursuing, the pearls of wisdom in these books will give you the boost you need to get to where you want to be.

Learning About Mark Twain – Mark Twain is one of the most quoted people in history – even if quotes attributed to him are often apocryphal. Inside this guide, you’ll find links to 40 resources about the life, times and works (and quotes) of the man that many regard as the first true American writer.

Guide to Prayer Resources – Whatever religious or spiritual path you are on, prayer is likely a part of it. That’s why we put together this guide. It is filled with more than 50 prayer resources, including Christian prayer resources for many denominations, Islamic prayer resources, Buddhist prayer resources and Hindu prayer resources, along with prayer resources for kids and meditation resources.

Ultimate Guide to Biographical Resources – This guide contains links to more than 40 biographical resources. Inside, you’ll find resources for researching lineages, autobiography and memoir writing resources, biography resources for kids and many more.

Ultimate Guide to Debate Resources – Whether you’re an academic debater or you just want some tips on being more persuasive, this guide is for you. Inside, find 40 individual debate resources, including resources for debate formats, debate practice resources and many more.

Guide to Personal Development Resources – This guide contains links to more than 40 resources aimed at all areas of personal development. Inside, you’ll find links to self-help resources, public speaking and influence resources, physical fitness resources, personal finance resources and many more.

Ultimate Guide to History Resources – If you want to know why things are they way they are today, you need to look back in time. And that’s where this history resources guide comes in. It’s packed with some 40 handpicked links to history study resources, history teaching resources, resources for finding primary sources and many more.

ESL Resource Guide – English can be a hard language to master for native speakers – and that difficulty is only multiplied for English as a second language students. And that is why we created this ESL resource guide. Inside, you’ll find more than 40 helpful links to resources, such as ESL reading and writing resources, links to study aids and games, ESL teaching resources and many more.

Guide to Grieving Support Resources – This guide contains more than 40 resources aimed at helping people process and deal with grief brought on by a variety of occurrences. Also included are resources for helping others – including children, widows and widowers and military family members – work through their grief.

Ultimate Guide to Songwriting and Music Composition – Whether you’re an accomplished songwriter or an aspiring one, you are sure to find something of value among the 50 songwriting resources in this guide. Included are resources for writing in various musical genres, lyric writing resources, resources for several different instruments and links to songwriting apps, among many others.

Ultimate Guide to Comedy Resources – Like to laugh? Like to make other people laugh? If you answered yes to either – or both – of those questions, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, you’ll find more than three dozen links to comedy resources, such as comedy writing resources, standup comedy resources and many others.

Public Speaking: An Online Resource Guide – Some people are natural public speakers. Some, not so much. For those who fall into the latter camp, this guide is for you. The resources contained within aim to help you boost your confidence and deal with the fear of public speaking. There’s also a section on helpful public speaking apps.

Communicating with an Autistic Child: A Parent’s Guide – There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how best to communicate with an autistic child. This guide is full of links to many tips and methods to help parents make a breakthrough connection with an autistic child in their life.

American Sign Language Resource Guide – This guide is packed with more than 20 resources for learning and mastering American Sign Language. Inside, you’ll find links to ASL dictionaries, ASL resources for babies and children and more.

Philosophy: An Online Resource Guide – Philosophers deal with the big questions. And if you want to learn more about these big questions – and how to approach them philosophically – this guide is for you. Look inside for links to philosophy resources for beginners, archived philosophy texts, philosophy resources for kids and more.

Ultimate Grammar Resource Guide – Grammar may seem esoteric. But, you too can master grammar. And (yes, it’s OK to start a sentence with a conjunction) this guide is here to help. Inside you’ll find links to style guides, grammar tips and a lot more – there are even links to some fun stuff, such as grammar games.

Ultimate Word Games Guide – Learning can be fun. And this guide proves it. Inside, you’ll find links to more than a dozen word games for kids and adults.