Guide to Prayer Resources

We pray as distinct individuals and as part of a cohesive group. We pray in silent solitude and sometimes as part of a public demonstration. Some of us use memorized prayers, while others speak from the heart. Even though prayer takes many different forms, one thing is certain: Prayer is an essential part of a spiritual life. Within this collection of over 50 links, you’ll discover numerous prayer resources for those of the Christian faith as well as those who follow other paths of worship. Whether you’re curious about how the prayers of different religions compare or you are simply looking for some quality resources to help you strengthen your faith, you’ll find what you need here.


General Prayer Resources

This section offers helpful links to resources which offer you the opportunity to discover ancient and contemporary prayers, learn about the history of prayer and find out how to successfully make praying a routine.

World Prayers – Think of this website as a repository for the awe-inspiring prayers written by both ancient and contemporary spiritual visionaries all over the world.

History of Prayer in America – This informative article details the history of prayer in America from the 18th century forward.

Prayers of the Earliest Christians – A collection of nine ancient prayers, which illustrate the type of prayers the earliest Christians practiced.

The Evolution of Prayer in and Through Human Consciousness – Learn about the premise that as our understanding of God evolves so does our understanding of prayer.

Make Prayer a Part of Your Daily Routine – If you only pray in times of need or crisis, find out ways to incorporate prayer into your daily routine and make it a consistent habit.


Christian Prayer Resources

The following prayer resources are from many different branches of Christian faith such as Catholic, Baptist, Methodist and Presbyterian. Find special prayers, complete prayer books, praying schedules and much more.

Catholic Prayer Resources

Catholic Answers – Follow this link to the prayer section of the site where you can pray online for others or personally request prayers.

CRS Ministry Resource Center – Use this site to discover prayers that will have meaning for you and your life as well as additional tools for prayer.

Catholic Prayer Book – Download this free Catholic prayer book from Catholic Relief Services that includes 21 days of prayers and reflection for people around the world.

Online Prayer Resources – Find links to daily and weekly resources for Catholic prayer to stay true to your faith.

Common Catholic Prayers – The prayers found here are a part of Catholic faith traditions and are commonly practiced within the Catholic community.

Catholic Devotionals – A resource for basic Catholic prayers, prayers to Jesus, Marian prayers, prayers of the Saints and other prayers.

Baptist Prayer Resources

I Will Pray – This publication from the Southern Baptist Convention offers scriptures to pray for your home, pastor, church, the lost and the nation.

How to Spend a Day in Prayer  – This guide, which offers step-by-step instructions, was written for those who want to spend extended times in prayer.

40/40 Prayer Guide – From the Ethics and Religious Liberty Committee and the North American Mission Board comes this prayer guide for how to spend 40 days praying for spiritual revival and national renewal.

A Week Long Guide for Repentance – A prayer series laid out in a five-day sequence that offers an opportunity for deep examination and repentance.

Methodist Prayer Resources

Prayers and Meditations – From The United Methodist Church comes these prayers and meditations for personal needs and the various seasons of the year.

31 Days of Prayers for Knowing and Seeking the Truth – Find a prayer for each of 31 days that helps you in your quest to know and seek the truth.

Prayer Resources – Follow this link from the First Washington United Methodist Church to find the ACTS prayer, the 5-Finger Prayer and the Wesley Covenant Prayer.

Scriptures for Those Seeking Help and Encouragement – Scripture is not only a source of inspiration or information, it’s a resource for prayer that allows us to hear from God in a different way.

Lutheran Prayer Resources

Daily Devotions – Find links to Daily Devotions from 2003 to the present that can help you build a purposeful, daily devotional time.

Prayer Resources Collection – Links to prayers of hope, forgiveness, confession, peace and more are located on this site.

Prayers in Times of Grief and Sorrow – The prayers located on this site were compiled by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and include prayers for grief, sorrow, despair and guilt.

Common Prayers – Find Martin Luther’s morning and evening prayers as well as prayers for strength and healing.

Presbyterian Prayer Resources

Praying the Psalms – This link takes you to a comprehensive guide for praying the psalms and includes a 30-day morning and evening psalm praying schedule with suggestions for specific psalms.

Prayer Resources – These resources, from the Bellevue Presbyterian Church, are offered to help with self-examination, repentance and reflection.

Daily Prayer App – Information and links to the Daily Prayer App launched by the Presbyterian Church U.S.A.

The Presbyterian Church in Canada – Discover links to a nice selection of prayer resources such as occasional prayers, seasonal prayers and more.

Non-Denominational Prayer Resources

Non-Denominational Invocations for All Organizations – Sometimes, a non-denominational prayer is best when in a business or organizational setting.

15 Best Non-Denominational Prayers for Meals – No matter if you need a prayer to use with your family or you know you may be asked to recite a prayer at a gathering of people of different faiths, find some of the best non-denominational prayers here.

Resources for Praying for Pets – Discover resources specifically for children grieving the loss of their pet, prayer circles and ceremonies and much more. – Prayables is a non-denominational community that is dedicated to feel-good spirituality through prayer.


Islamic Prayer Resources

As one of the most important elements of Islamic practice and worship, prayer is the backbone of a Muslim’s religious life and includes prayers that begin early in the morning and end before bedtime.

Ritual Prayer: Its Meaning and Manner – Find out what ritualistic Islamic prayer is all about, including its importance and meaning.

Instructions for Performing Muslim Prayers – Follow the link to find a step-by-step guide with illustrations for performing Muslim prayers.

How to Perform Salah – Read this comprehensive guide to find out everything you need to know about the five daily prayers that all Muslims must perform.

Find Islamic Prayers – Find prayers via searching by faith, need or the text of a certain prayer you are seeking. Prayers may be printed or shared via social networking.


Hinduism Prayer Resources

Discover the different prayers of this ancient religion for which no founder or date of origin is known.

The Hindu Universe – Learn how to pray as a Hindu. In addition, this site has all of the daily ritual prayers for Hindus.

7 Must Chant Morning Prayers for Hindus – These seven morning prayers are intended to help you attain a closeness to God and spiritual satisfaction.

Daily Prayers for a Happy Living – These daily prayers for followers of Hinduism were compiled by Professor Prasanna Kumar. They include English translations.

The Hindu Prayer Book – This 87-page prayer book contains information about Hinduism. Many prayers are in Roman and Sanskrit with English translations.


Buddhist Prayer Resources

Buddhist prayer is intended to help followers connect with their inner powers of strength, wisdom and compassion. Explore the following resources to learn more.

The Meaning of Prayer – In this article, the late Buddhist monk, Venerable K. Sri Dhammananda Maha Thera details what prayer means to Buddhists.

Buddhist Prayers – Find a collection of Buddhist prayers that contain the original language and an English translation.

Prayer Book – This 94-page prayer book in PDF format is provided by the Chenrezig Tibetan Buddhist Center.

A Collection of Buddhist Healing Prayers and Practices   – Over 400 pages of helpful information and prayers are compiled here by author, Jason Espada.


Children’s Prayer Resources

Instilling a love of prayer and creating habit of practicing are important when raising children. Below, you’ll find resources that will help you teach your child to include prayer in his or her daily life.

The Lord’s Prayer Resources for Children’s Ministry – Discover 10 lessons, coloring pages and crafts related to the “The Lord’s Prayer” passage, Matthew 6:9-13.

Children’s Prayer Resources – Follow the link to find various prayer cards, a prayer journal, a prayer game and additional resources that are geared for children.

Five-Finger Prayer for Children   – This prayer format helps teach children how to pray in their own words for five important groups of people.

Prayers for Children – Find a collection of prayers for children that are appropriate for mealtimes, awakening, going to sleep and more.


Resources for Meditation

The practice of meditation offers a chance to declutter one’s mind and think more clearly, and perhaps open oneself to hear the voice of God. Check out the following resources to find one that can help you gain clarity.

Christian Meditation Resources – This regularly updated list of Christian meditation resources includes articles and recommended books.

The Meditation Society of Australia – A wealth of resources such as meditation music, courses, guided sessions, podcasts and apps are on this site. – Discover a collection of links to monthly audio meditations accompanied by music that will help you align your spirit with God’.

Audio Dharma – Find guided meditation sessions for mindfulness of breathing, working with pain, depression and more.