Guide to Personal Development Resources

The desire to participate in personal development is born out of various situations. For example, difficulty speaking in front of groups, trouble maintaining a healthy weight or a tendency to succumb to anxiety are all reasons to want to engage in steps toward improvement. Below, you’ll find 45 handpicked, high-quality resources that will allow you to do things such as listen to speeches from some of the greatest thought leaders today, discover how to defeat your budgeting woes, read actionable tips for improving any area of your life and much more.


General Personal Development Resources

This section of general resources includes some of the best free online knowledge related to personal development.

43 Things – Trying to change your life alone is difficult. Engage with a community of people who all are interested in helping others reach their life goals.

TED – Check out this resource of free knowledge from some of the world’s most innovative and inspired thought leaders.

99U – Much like TED, this resource offers videos delivered by some of the world’s greatest thinkers on topics such as leadership and well-being.

Mind Perk – Discover hundreds of free self-improvement articles, motivational quotes, helpful tips and much more.


Self-Help Resources

While this is not an exhaustive list of self-help resources, you can find a variety of topics such as managing test anxiety and learning how to better manage your time.

Overcoming Procrastination – If procrastination is keeping you from fulfilling your life goals, check out the resource for help.

10 Strategies for Better Time Management – From The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension comes this 10-step guide that details strategies for better managing your time.

Overcoming Perfectionism – Find out whether you are a perfectionist or not, what it means to be a perfectionist and how to learn not to be a perfectionist.

Managing Test Anxiety – Did you know that test anxiety is largely considered to be a learned behavior? Learn how to moderate it.


Public Speaking Resources

This section includes self-study resources to help you learn how to tackle public speaking with confidence.

12 Tips for Public Speaking – Utilize these 12 tips to help you leave a powerful and lasting impression on your audience.

Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking – Discover six helpful keys to building your self-confidence and overcoming your fear of public speaking.

20 Public Speaking Tips – If you’re a fan of TED talks, you’ll want to click on this link. It provides 20 public speaking tips from the best TED talks.

Introduction to Public Speaking – Whether you’re a beginner to public speaking or a seasoned speaker, this course can help you push you to the next level.

The Art of Public Speaking – Download this free audio title that contains 31 chapters from a master of public speaking, Dale Carnegie. Even though Carnegie wrote this book over a century ago, his advice is still relevant.

Toastmaster’s International Public Speaking Tips – Discover plenty of how-to articles that offer quick and easy tips to improve your public speaking skills.


How to Influence People Resources

No matter if you aspire to be an online thought leader or you’re a manager looking to gain footing with your subordinates, these resources can help you achieve your goals.

How to Influence People with Your Ideas – Simply putting your ideas on social media channels won’t have the greatest influential impact on others. Find out the specific and actionable steps for gaining influence for your ideas.

15 Tips for Communicating With Impact – The 15 tips detailed here can be applied to a conversation with one person or to a speech given to a room full of people.

24 Ways to Influence Even the Most Resistant People – The information in this link is based on author Robert Greene’s 24 rules of seduction from his book The Art of Seduction.

9 Ways to Win Fans and Influence People – Find out how to get others to like you and your ideas in nine simple steps you can start using immediately.

Influencing People – Learn about the different elements of influence and how you might use them to influence others.

How to Win Friends and Influence People – Listen to free audio of Dale Carnegie’s famous book by following this link. While the book was first published in 1937, its ideas are anything but dated.


Weight Loss Motivation Resources

Weight loss is something that often seems elusive to many people. Check out the following links to find inspiration, information and other helpful resources to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Spark People – This popular site offers nutritional planning tools, a member forum and various blog posts that will help you learn to eat less and exercise more.

Think Yourself Slim – From the editors of Fitness magazine comes this article that teaches you that your attitude can mean the difference between weight loss success and failure.

Weight Loss Motivation: Secrets to Staying on Track– This three-part series examines how psychological factors such as personality and style can influence weight loss.

Lose It! – This free weight loss app allows you to connect with others, personalize a weight loss plan, track your calories and more.


Financial Self-Help Resources

Don’t let a lack of financial savvy be the stumbling block that keeps you from reaching your goals. Instead, take advantage of the following resources that offer helpful advice and information.

5 Small Steps That Make a Big Improvement in Your Financial Situation – Discover the self-defeating attitudes that may be keeping you from financial wellness and how to change them.

Improve Your Financial Situation in 10 Minutes or Less – From personal finance guru Dave Ramsey comes this article filled with actionable advice that will help you improve your financial situation almost immediately.

How to Create and Manage a Budget – Learn how to get the most out of your money by creating a personal budget and sticking to it.

Smart About Money – SAM is a free and trustworthy resource that offers articles, tips, and in-depth personal finance courses to help you manage your money wisely.


Personal Development Publications

The following personal development magazines are readily available online whenever you need tips, advice or motivation to help you propel yourself to the next level.

Exceptional People Magazine – Monica Davis, founder and creator of this magazine, hopes to motivate people to change their lives with the self-improvement and personal development articles within.

Success Magazine – Find the keys to achieving success in life via this magazine that offers articles on business, personal development, well-being, successful people and more.

Psychology Today – This publication offers articles about behavior, relationships, self-improvement and many other topics.

The Best You Magazine – As the leading personal and professional growth publication, this magazine contains tons of helpful information such as advice from industry leaders, research, essential tips and much more.


Personal Development Blogs

One way to make gains in the personal development arena is to a follow a blog of someone who is already successfully doing what you aspire to do and is cool enough to share their advice. Check out the choices below.

Four-Hour Work Week – Become smarter, faster and stronger with the secrets author Tim Ferriss imparts on his blog.

I Will Teach you to be Rich – There’s no nonsense on Ramit Sethi’s blog. His writing style cuts through all the fluff and delivers practical advice to help you learn how to achieve the financial success you want.

The Emotion Machine – Take advantage of 500-plus articles in the fields of psychology and self-improvement with this resources. You can also find out about the latest industry discoveries and research.

Paid to Exist – Do you dream of working on your own terms? This blog has plenty of actionable content that can help you make the leap from your day job to your own business

The Positivity Blog – Via his blog, author Henrik Edberg specializes in helping others simplify their lives, hone their social skills, increase their self-esteem, reduce their stress and become happier.

Personal Excellence – Learn valuable tips and strategies to live a smart and conscious life from Celestine Chua, the author of this blog.


Personal Development Podcasts

No matter what your personal development goals happen to be, the following podcast offerings can serve a springboard to get you there.

Achieving Predictable Success – Get the tips, techniques and tools you need to lead your team, department or other organization to success.

Success Insider – This weekly podcast, hosted by Josh Ellis and Shelby Skrhak, will keep you updated on the latest trends in personal empowerment, career development and more.

Success Talks – Tune in to hear interviews with some of the world’s most respected thought leaders such as Tony Robbins and Anne Sweeney, which can help you live your best life.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin – This personal growth podcast from a New York Times bestselling author offers simple and actionable tips that you can implement in your life to help you become happier.

The Tony Robbins Podcast – From the man who has assisted over 50 million people change their lives comes this podcast that will help you achieve your goals in business, health, relationship and finances.

Life is a Marathon – Join Bruce Van Horn for insight, wisdom, leadership that will teach you how to transform your life by changing your thoughts.

The Charged Life with Brendon Burchard – Allow Brendon Burchard to motivate you to success and high performance with his experienced insights.