Anti Bullying Sayings and Quotes

Bullying is no longer simply a bump in the road of adolescence. With the creation of social media, it has become an epidemic with long lasting consequences such as depression, and in some cases, suicide. Stand up to bullying with the collection of wise and insightful anti-bullying quotes below.

Each of us deserves the freedom to pursue our own version of happiness. No one deserves to be bullied. Barack Obama
The common mistake that bullies make is assuming that because someone is nice that he or she is weak. Those traits have nothing to do with each other. In fact, it takes considerable strength and character to be a good person. Mary Elizabeth William
Bullying is never fun, it's a cruel and terrible thing to do to someone. If you are being bullied, it is not your fault. No one deserves to be bullied, ever. Raini Rodriguez
Some people won't be happy until they've pushed you to the ground. What you have to do is have the courage to stand your ground and not give them the time of day. Hold on to your power and never give it away. Donna Schoenrock
Bullying builds character like nuclear waste creates superheroes. It's a rare occurrence and often does much more damage than endowment. Zack W. Van
You will never reach higher ground if you are always pushing others down. Jeffrey Benjamin
Bullying is the manifestation of an infantile and primitive need to become the leader of the pack. The modern day bully believes he is a human being, but he is an animal. Bona
Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself. Harvey Fierstein
Bullying is killing our kids. Being different is killing our kids and the kids who are bullying are dying inside. We have to save our kids whether they are bullied or they are bullying. They are all in pain. Cat Cora
When people hurt you over and over, think of them like sand paper. They may scratch and hurt you a bit, but in the end, you end up polished and they end up useless. Chris Colfer
Children should be able to live a life free from bullying and harassment and it is time that we all took a stand against this. Katherine Jenkins
If people are trying to bring you down, it only means you are above them. unknown
They're not bullying you because of you, they're bullying you because of how they are. Jessie J
Words have great power that could make or break please be careful with them. Timothy Pina
I would rather be a little nobody, then to be a evil somebody. Abraham Lincoln
I realized that bullying never has to do with you. It's the bully who's insecure. Shay Mitchell
Don't ever let anyone bring you down, define who you are or destroy your AWESOMENESS. Tanya Masse
Don't you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can't be exactly who you are. Lady Gaga
What if the kid you bullied at school, grew up, and turned out to be the only surgeon who could save your life? Lynette Mather
When you hold people up for ridicule, you have to take responsibility when other people act on it. Jay Asher
The Practical joker can be a funny guy, until he finds someone who doesn't find him funny. Then the bully within him has identified a potential victim. Barrisdoff
You always have to remember that bullies want to bring you down because you have something that they admire. Also, when you get made fun of-when people point out your weaknesses, it's an opportunity for you to rise above. Zac Efron
Bullies are always cowards at heart and may be credited with a pretty safe instinct in scenting their prey. Anna Julia Cooper
Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke. Benjamin Disraeli
Bullying is a horrible thing. It sticks with you forever. It poisons you. But only if you let it. Heather Brewer
Bullying doesn't solve anything. Love does. Learning what love is will be the first step in turning all of this around. unknown
If you let a bully intimidate you, he's going to do it again. You've got to stand up to these strong-arm tactics. Charles Djou
Bullying does much more damage than you'll ever know. When you have thoughts of bullying or doing or saying anything mean to anyone—don't do it, just let it go. Ty Howard
Words have power, and sometimes, they stay with you for life. It's up to you to allow those words to define who you become. Daniele Lanzarotta
Bullying is not gonna stop, but we can at least be confident enough to stand up to it. Greyson Chance
Life is a fight, but not everyone's a fighter. Otherwise, bullies would be an endangered species. Andrew Vachss
Faith and determination spares us from five evils: bullies, teasers, haters, mean-spirited people, and false friends. Ty Howard
Fighting means you could lose. Bullying means you can't. A bully wants to beat somebody; he doesn't want to fight somebody. Andrew Vachss
Bullying needs to stop. When will people learn that it's not okay to be mean to someone just because you don't like how they were born. Sonya Parker
A BULLY is someone who believes in Behaving Ugly, Looking Lame, Yelling Ignorance, and Needing Game. Ty Howard
Bullying is cruel so don't act like a fool. Meaness is a sign of weakness. unknown
Stop Bullying. No one deserves to feel worthless. Rebecca Black
You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. Winston Churchill
Bullying consists of the least competent most aggressive employee projecting their incompetence on to the least aggressive most competent employee and winning. Tim Field
Aggressive, scowling and critical attitude in our relations, with our friends or subordinates, is another form of bullying. unknown
If you can't, continue to be nice to them. Eventually, they may start being nice. A bully wants to have friends, too. Cara Van Ness
Bullying exists because of a lack of adult intervention. Stuart Green
No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Eleanor Roosevelt
There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. John Holmes
Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. Plato
The test of courage comes when we are in the minority. The test of tolerance comes when we are in the majority. Ralph W. Sockman
Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right. Theodore Roosevelt
Don’t you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can’t be exactly who you are. Lady Gaga
True courage is cool and calm. The bravest of men have the least of a brutal, bullying insolence, and in the very time of danger are found the most serene and free. Lord Shaftesbury
You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength. Marcus Aurelius
All it takes is one good friend and school is a good place to be. Judy H. Wright
Encourage don't belittle, embrace their individuality. And show them that no matter what they will always have value if they stay true to themselves. Solange nicole
Open your eyes, and let everyone be free. Free to be you and free to be me. Take comfort in knowing we are all leaves on the same big, beautiful tree. Jennifer Sodini
How to change the world: • spread positivity • bring people up instead of dragging them down • treat others the way you wish to be treated. Germany Kent
There's no room for hate and violence in this world. We must learn to be more kind, compassionate, empathetic, and sympathetic to humanity. Germany Kent
Sticks and stones will break your bones if you ever try to cut me with your words. Taylor Parsons
A person who posses a cunning attitude are not always academically intelligent, but they are considered clever because they can manipulate and cause harm towards others in order to gain something out of them for their own benefit. They can be defeated if people stand up towards them and point out their actual inappropriate behavioral activities with logical reasoning. Saaif Alam
One's dignity may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but it can never be taken away unless it is surrendered. Michael J. Fox
Isn’t it kind of silly to think that tearing someone else down builds you up? Sean Covey
People who love themselves, don’t hurt other people. The more we hate ourselves, the more we want others to suffer. Dan Pearce
If they don’t like you for being yourself, be yourself even more. Taylor Swift
People who repeatedly attack your confidence and self-esteem are quite aware of your potential, even if you are not. Wayne Gerard Trotman
Perhaps it is only human nature to inflict suffering on anything that will endure suffering, whether by reason of its genuine humility, or indifference, or sheer helplessness. Honoré de Balzaca
We explain when someone is cruel or acts like a bully, you do not stoop to their level. Our motto is when they go low, you go high. Michelle Obama
Life is full of choices all your whole life through. So let us raise our voices and sing about the thing we all should do.I'm gonna be the kind of person that I like to be around I'm gonna be the kind of friend that I'm always glad I found. Jim Rule
Don’t be bossy Don’t be mean I’m here to tell you just what I mean Be nice. Be nice. Now I have told you twice …be nice. Todd Werner
Did someone hurt you Make you feel small You take it out on me 'Cause it makes you feel tall I bet you're scared and alone If you looked in my eyes, you'd see Hey, bully, you're a lot like me. Morgan Roxanne Frazier
You should go home and be a kid. And remember, the next time you run into a bully that there is some goodness in there. Jerry Siegel
Racism is the oldest form of bullying. Jerry Siegel
Bullies only have power if you let them. Aaron Korsh
Educators need to learn all facets of bullying and examine the relationships in their classrooms. The relationships teachers from with children and the relationships teachers help students establisj can stifle or fuel abuse. Phyllis Kaufman Goodstein
Anti-bullying policies are quite likely to be included in behaviour programmes and to run alongside other policies such as special needs policies, or anti-racist policies, with which they will partly overlap. Tiny Arora
Part of the anti-bullying policy needs to include arrangements for reviewing the effectiveness of the project, normally on an annual basis, using accumulated evidence from surveys of various kinds. Tiny Arora
Initiatives taken by various local education authorities during the 1990s have demonstrated that the anti-bullying programme is an area where education professionals based outside schools can be helpful to schools. Tiny Arora
One of the most essential mechanisms for garnering school community support for anti-bullying initiatives is to convene a committee of individuals to assist in the initiative as member of an anti-bullying committee. Elizabeth A. Barton
In most cases, anti-bullying initiatives may be cleanly placed within the current school safety plan. Elizabeth A. Barton
The anti-bullying plan should also include a careful analysis of the playground area-the most common site of bullying, particularly in elementary grades. Elizabeth A. Barton
Environmental factors such as unstructured play areas may foster bullying and exclusion and increase boredom, competition, and conflict if resources are scarce. Elizabeth A. Barton
The purpose of an anti-bullying policy is to promote a consistent approach and to create a climate in which all types of bullying are regarded unacceptable. Elizabeth A. Barton
The anti-bullying policies should have very clear goals and objectives that are necessary to develop appropriate programming. Elizabeth A. Barton
Anti-bullying policies usually share a common goal: to promote a safe and secure learning envirorment for students, free from threat, harassment, and bullying (physical, verbal, relational, sexual). Elizabeth A. Barton
The anti-bullying policy is an important step in creating a safe school climate that allows victims or witnesses to bullying to relax and focus their attention on learning rather than staying safe. Elizabeth A. Barton
Bullying does not have to be a part of life. Bullying is not an instance of 'blowing off steam'. Mona O'Moore
Bullying may occur in many schools, but it should be worried about, and should never be accepted. Mona O'Moore
Words do cause hard, and bullying is always harmful. Mona O'Moore
Being bullied never did anybody any favours. All it does is to destroy a person's confidence and sel-esteem, and to cause physical, emotional and psychological damage of the potentially most serious and long-lasting kind. Mona O'Moore
Bullying is a process, thus all aggressive acts must be challenged in order to interrupt the process. Mona O'Moore
Anyone within the school community may become involved in bullying and aggressive behavious, either as a perpetrator or as a victim. Mona O'Moore
Parents are a critical group, in terms of anti-bullying efforts, because they often become aware of bullying problems before schools do. Mona O'Moore