Antisocial Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old antisocial quotes, antisocial sayings, and antisocial proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

When people complain of your complexity, they fail to remember that they made fun of your simplicity. Michael Bassey Johnson
Humans are naturally social; civilization causes us to be antisocial. Kirk D. Sinclair
Self abuse is anti-social, aggression still natural. Richey Edwards
The theoretically unrestricted right to develop power, to wage war against other states, is antisocial and is doubly dangerous, because the state as a mass entity represents a low moral and intellectual level. Christian Lous Lange
And for this you must have quiet and solitude. But society does not allow you to have them. You must be with people, outwardly active at all costs. If you are alone you are considered antisocial or peculiar, or you are afraid of your own loneliness. Jiddu Krishnamurti
To bring into the world an unwanted human being is as antisocial an act as murder. Gore Vidal
Nobody enjoys the company of others as intensely as someone who usually avoids the company of others. Mokokoma Mokhonoana
You might be an introvert if you were ready to go home before you left the house. Criss Jami
Anti-social behaviour still blights lives, wrecks communities and provides a pathway to criminality. Theresa May
Anti-social behavior is a trait of intelligence in a world full of conformists. Nikola Tesla
Apparently when it's two people, it's quirky and funny, but when it's a person doing the same stuff on her own, it's rebellious and antisocial. Katie Alender
Nobody adopts antisocial behaviour unless they fear that they will fail if they remain on the social side of life. Alfred Adler
Sometimes those who don't socialize much aren't actually anti-social, they just have no tolerance for drama and fake people. Anonymous
The trouble with not being into social networking is that people think you're anti social when you're only anti-networking. Robert Breault
People with antisocial personality disorders aren't automatically bad, they simply approach the world with a more ruthless set of lenses. The lack of empathy or very weak empathy and the ability to read other people's weak spots can be a flammable combination when you get in the way of something they want. But they aren't a different species. They're a part of our spectrum. Eden Robinson
Being anti-social can also mean that you're aware of how annoying it is to be social. Dov Davidoff
If you think about computer programming, it's as antisocial as it gets. Shawn Fanning
I had been to the movies and had been annoyed, as one often is, by people chatting and commenting in the back row. This is the height of antisocial behavior, because it ruins the pleasure of others while bringing no benefit to the offender. I normally deal with it as I do when people in cinemas fail to turn off their cell phones. I turn around and tell them that I know where they live, and I know where their children go to school. Hitchens
But self-criticism is a luxury the anti-social cannot afford. Only the ane, balanced-person tries to correct his conduct L. Ron Hubbard
The antisocial personality may actually become ill if you try to assist him or her; he'll likely blame the sickness on your blame Ruth Minshull
How sweet, how passing sweet, is solitude! But grant me still a friend in my retreat, Whom I may whisper, solitude is sweet. William Cowper
We ought not to isolate ourselves, for we cannot remain in a state of isolation. Social intercourse makes us the more able to bear with ourselves and with others. Goethe
I love to be alone. I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude. Thoreau
I was so criticized for many years for being unsociable, but for me, how can you be mates with people you're trying to beat? Nick Faldo
It's easy to be unpopular with unpopular people, but it's harder to be unpopular with popular people...what I mean is the knowledge that it is okay to feel differently than the pack. That that is the fundamental right. That it's okay to disagree. Whoopi Goldberg
A free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular. Adlai Stevenson
It would be narcissistic of us to feel that we're alone in the universe. Lindsay Crouse
Perhaps someday psychiatrists will learn some way to help them pay the toll to that demon at the door, so narcissists can return to the human way of life. Let us hope for that day, but let us not, in the meantime, be dangerously naive. Kathleen Krajco
Narcissists don't just project their faults and failings onto you, they also project their feelings, emotions, and beliefs onto you. Kathleen Krajco
Narcissists feel abandonment so much that they are terribly insecure. Also, since they invest nothing but bad-faith in their end of a relationship, they think everybody is as untrustworthy as they. Kathleen Krajco
Socializing through an app, / Texting side by side, / Socially antisocial, / On a media-driven ride. E.S. Conway
To me, socializing was like sinking to the bottom of a deep, deep ocean... Until eventually you couldn't take it anymore and had to come up for air. Hitoma Iruma
But I guess that was the whole problem, at that point, my inability to deal with normal human interaction. Kristen Roupenian
One might have all sorts of reasons for avoiding people. It's none of our business. Iris Murdoch
She doesn't want to see anyone. She's happy like that, I think. Always relieved at the end of a visit. Helen Oyeyemi
I am not antisocial, I just feel better when people are not around. Efrat Cybulkiewicz
I'm on the benevolent side of antisocial. I don't mind people, but I'd prefer not to have a lot of them around. J.R. Ward
For introverts, to be alone with our thoughts is as restorative as sleeping, as nourishing as eating. Jonathan Rauch
I'm kind of an antisocial person. I realised when I was playing in bands that I wasn't that comfortable being on-stage, and I preferred to be behind-the-scenes. I like the seclusion of composing. Cliff Martinez
In a society as broken as ours, "antisocial" behavior is the only behavior worth defending. Lauren McLaughlin
Many people believe that introversion is about being antisocial, and that's really a misperception. Because actually, it's just that introverts are differently social. So they would prefer to have a glass of wine with a close friend as opposed to going to a loud party full of strangers. Susan Cain
You could call me antisocial, I've called myself that sometimes too, but I just prefer to be alone, and that's nothing against you. Dawud Wharnsby Ali
Companionship is a foreign concept to some people. They fear it as much as the majority of people fear loneliness. Criss Jami
Introverts don't get lonely if they don't socialize with a lot of people, but we do get lonely if we don't have intimate interactions on a regular basis. Sphia Dembling
I enjoyed the discipline and solitariness of long-distance running, which allowed me to escape from the hurly-burly of school life. Nelson Mandela