April Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old april quotes, april sayings, and april proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen. George Orwell
We can't possibly have a summer love. So many people have tried that the name's become proverbial. Summer is only the unfulfilled promise of spring, a charlatan in place of the warm balmy nights I dream of in April. It's a sad season of life without growth...It has no day. F. Scott Fitzgerald
They came on one of April's most brilliant days--a day as sparkling as a newly-washed lemon...a day when even the shadows were a melange of blue and orange and jade, like the shadows that poured from the tipsy brush of Monet Beverley Nichols
April is the kindest month. April gets you out of your head and out working in the garden. Marty Rubin
But it is a sort of April-weather life that we lead in this world. A little sunshine is generally the prelude to a storm. William Cowper
You spend so much time hating the fact that April behaves more like a mother than a sister, but you're the one who's holding onto the apron strings every time she tries to cut them. Nicola Sinclair
The tantalizing scent transported me to a white, sandy beach lapped by a turquoise sea under a tropical sun. Lime and coconut were the getaway flavors my bakery customers needed in April, tax time. Judith Fertig
Again the blackbirds sings; the streams / Wake, laughing, from their winter dreams, / And tremble in the April showers / The tassels of the maple flowers. John Greenleaf Whittier
April in Paris, chestnuts in blossom, holiday tables under the trees. E. Y. Harburg
It is best to be born in April or August when the life-giving Sun is in its exaltation sign Aries or Leo, its home, for then we enter the sea of life on the crest-wave and are backed in the battle of existence by an abundant fund of vim and energy. Max Heindel
It was in the month of April, / When the boys they sailed away / And they made a sight so glorious, / As they marched along Broadway Ken Casey
April; the cruelest month / I reckon this much could be a contender / There's only so much sorrow a man can take / I can't change my face, Don't you remember? Alexis Benjamin
April, pride of woodland ways, / Of glad days, / April, bringing hope of prime, / To the young flowers that beneath / Their bud sheath / Are guarded in their tender time; Remy Belleau
April, joy of the green hours, / Clothes with flowers / Over all her locks of gold / My sweet Lady; and her breast / With the blest / Birds of summer manifold. Remy Belleau
April, by thy hand caressed, / From her breast / Nature scatters everywhere / Handfuls of all sweet perfumes, / Buds and blooms, / Making faint the earth and air. Remy Belleau
Daffodil and eglantine, / And woodbine, / Lily, violet, and rose / Plentiful in April fair, / To the air, / Their pretty petals do unclose. Remy Belleau
April, all to welcome thee, / Spring sets free / Ancient flames, and with low breath / Wakes the ashes grey and old / That the cold / Chilled within our hearts to death. Remy Belleau
April again! the willow wands are yellow / Rose-red the brambles that the passing wind knows, / Comes a / robin's note like the note of a 'cello, / And across the valley, the calling of the crows,- / April again! Virna Sheard
April with its haunting joy, and swift-stinging tears,- / Month of mist and music, and the old moon-madness, / Month of magic fluting, the spirit only hears Virna Sheard
O sweet wild April / Came over the hills, / He skipped with the winds / And he tripped with the rills; / His raiment was all / Of the daffodils. / Sing hi, / Sing hey, / Sing ho! William Force Stead
The April sun, the April sun, / Glints through the rain in fitful splendor, / And in grey shaw and woodland dun / The little leaves spring forth and tender Mathilde Blind
When April comes with softly shining eyes, / And daffodils bound in her wind-blown hair, / Oh, she will coax all clouds from out the skies, / And every day will bring some sweet surprise,-- / The swallows will come swinging through the air / When April comes! Virna Sheard
And at the break of morning we will hear / The piping of the robins crystal clear-- / While bobolinks will whistle through the days, / When April comes! Virna Sheard
April now walks the fields again, / Trailing her tearful leaves / And holding all her frightened buds against her heart: / Wrapt in her clouds and mists, / She walks, / Groping her way among the graves of men. Leonora Speyer
April is in the world again, / And all the world is filled with flowers- / Flowers for others, not for me! / For my one flower I cannot see, / Lost in the April showers. Richard Le Gallienne
Sang the sun rise on an amber morn - / Earth, be glad! An April day is born. / Winter's done, and April's in the skies, / Earth, look up with laughter in your eyes! Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts
But April always, as I find thee now: / A constant freshness unto me be thou, / And not the ripeness that must soon be sere. / Why should I be Time's dupe, and wish more near Alfred Austin
April is, by universal consent, admitted to be the month of 'fools'. Joseph Grimaldi
April will not fail to turn out as it should be, and as it generally is, one of the sweetest, dearest, loveliest months of the year. Joseph Grimaldi
Yes, April is a lovely, soul-inspiring, life-invigorating month. Joseph Grimaldi
In April, the first soft, tender, delicate green of spring salutes the eye in every direction. Joseph Grimaldi
April is a month of melody. In April, you can hear the warbling of mockingbirds and the chattering or squirrels. Ellen Jackson
April is courtship time for many animals. Ellen Jackson
How the rain showers come in the month of April, bringing nourishment to the flowers so they can bloom in the spring. David C. Reyes
The coming of April heralds the time to plant seeds of magic and fill the heart and home with the joy of light and life. Lotuswulf Satyrhorn
The month of April is often brings the rains needed to stimulate growth in the earth and fertility is reaching for its peak. Lotuswulf Satyrhorn
April is a time of growth, magic and joy for the otherkin coven. Lotuswulf Satyrhorn
Spring is in the air, certainly in this merry month of April, and with April showers, there are May flowers. Summer Bacon
It dances like water in the stream, my dear friends, the water of April showers that bring the May flowers of your soul to life. Summer Bacon
You will feel the intoxication if you live life very consciously in this beautiful, merry month of April. Summer Bacon
April showers could bring a cold winter mood when it poured. Then when it was gone, it wasn't warm or cold, but stayed in a residual flavor of both. R. Lupi
April mark as the real end of winter. Daffodils pop open and nod their yellow heads. Grass starts to recover from its frozen cover of snow, trees bud, forsythia shows its yellow cloak, tulips display their lips, and the animals--chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits and other animals--wake up from their winter sleep. Sharon Leah
Rain soaks the earth, prompting growth and preparing the flowers of the season. And we find ourselves shedding our winter coats on the first warm spring day. This is April! Sharon Leah
A gush of bird-song, a patter of dew, A cloud, and a rainbow's warning, Suddenly sunshine and perfect blue-- An April day in the morning. Harriet Prescott Spofford
April is the cruelest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land, mixing memory and desire, stirring dull roots with spring rain. T.S. Eliot
Here cometh April again, and as far as I can see the world hath more fools in it than ever. Charles Lamb
Some people can't be fooled on April Fool's Day because they were fooled too many times during their entire lifetime. Akash B Chandran
April showers bring forth May flowers. Proverb
Sweet April showers Do bring May flowers. Thomas Tusser
April hath put a spirit of youth in everything. William Shakespeare
Oh, the lovely fickleness of an April day! W. H. Gibson
The April winds are magical, And thrill our tuneful frames; The garden-walks are passional To bachelors and dames. Ralph Waldo Emerson
April fool, n. The March fool with another month added to his folly. Ambrose Bierce
Sweet April's tears, Dead on the hem of May. Alexander Smith
April weather, rain and sunshine both together. English Country Saying
April is a promise that May is bound to keep. Hal Borland
If April showers should come your way, they bring the flowers that bloom in May. Buddy de Sylva
Why are people so tired on April 1st? Because they just finished a 31-day March. unknown
April Fools gone past, and you're the biggest fool at last. unknown
The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year. Mark Twain
April comes like an idiot, babbling and stewing flowers. Edna St. Vincent Millay
Our spring has come at last with the soft laughter of April suns and shadow of April showers. Byron Caldwell Smith
April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks Go. Christopher Morley