Alfred Henry Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old Alfred Henry quotes, Alfred Henry sayings, and Alfred Henry proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.'

Human progress means the regained advancement of human values in households rich with parenthood, and sustained by ties with a cohesive community. Alfred Henry
Development is a universal process that is also your personal challenge. Alfred Henry
Caring gives sincerity to love. Alfred Henry
More children would suffer aborted love were it not for rescue by caring hearts and hands. Alfred Henry
Caring is not absentee; it's as close as motherhood. Alfred Henry
Trite but true: Those who care are always there. Alfred Henry
High expectations can lead to great disappointments. Alfred Henry
There is no escaping the fact that a minimum amount of human understanding is needed for raising children. Most mothers naturally have that sensitivity, except when they follow advice that goes against their good intuitions. Alfred Henry
Without self-esteem, it's almost impossible to find life's satisfactions. Alfred Henry
A feeling of self-worth can come from a useful occupation. Alfred Henry
It took thinkers who focused on all the separate elements, the elementary engines, the gears, the horse age disadvantages, the possibilities of faster travel. It's how they focused their imaginations to live more effectively and comfortably. That's what makes progress. Alfred Henry
True awareness is not narrow; the senses are an alerting system, and they miss much if they are focused in one direction. Alfred Henry
'Right' choices can be for the wrong reasons; one can ignore a potent higher reality. Alfred Henry
Destructiveness is the action of the bored or aggressive Alfred Henry
Ignorance brings fear; unpreparation brings tension. I will seek the power of knowledge over this problem. I will seek the security of preparedness against the emergencies I fear. Alfred Henry
Popularity, too, demands payment from those it favors, or popularity will soon be lost Alfred Henry
It is his one obsession, and so much of him has become absorbed in it that his view of life and the world becomes very restricted. Alfred Henry
For many moderns, vacation gets to be a longed-for relief. Alfred Henry
Competition speeds the race, sharpens the wit, and challenges pride. Alfred Henry
For the winner, competition is a celebration, for the losers, a revelation. Alfred Henry
Without fairness, competition can turn friends into villains. Alfred Henry
Competition is for athletes, not artists. Alfred Henry
Yet, as we live life to enjoy it or 'make' it, we lose awareness that the great cosmic purpose of development calls us to tune in to that eternal purpose. Alfred Henry
One's worth is humanity's worth in the cosmic perspective and perception. Alfred Henry
Some are born with charm, some learn it, and others try to buy it. The naturalness of charm is lost with too much purpose. False charm, like cheap perfume, is quickly detected. Alfred Henry
A genuine charm is being in yourself, with enthusiasm! Yet sharing a fair consideration for others. Alfred Henry
A gracious charm has the knack of finding charm in others. A steady charm is found in patient courtesy. A tactful charm is seen in the gallantry it takes to let others do at least half of the talking. Alfred Henry
A clean wall provokes a mudslinger more than a dirty wall. Alfred Henry
Skill is not thought of as intelligence, especially if it gets its hands dirty. Alfred Henry
It's ignoring the dirty looks of the other driver you've just cut-off Alfred Henry