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In the original story, Cinderella didn’t wear glass slippers (which makes sense–glass would break). She wore squirrel fur slippers. But the person who translated the tale from French to English confused pantouffles en vair with pantouffles en verre, and glass it became. Alicia Alvrez
Seahorses mate during the full moon. And they are great examples of role reversals— it is the male that bears the children. Alicia Alvrez
Gemma Galgani, the patron saint of hospital pharmacists was the sickly daughter of a pharmacist who lived in Italy in the early twentieth century. Alicia Alvrez
In 1979, a bra called the Loving Cup was introduced. You could program it around your menstrual cycle so that it would flash a red or green light as to whether the wearer was in her fertile period or not. Alicia Alvrez
In the middle ages, couples used to get married in the bathtub because water signified purity. The couple and their attendants would stand in a tub filled with water. Alicia Alvrez
If you linger in the bathtub, chances are you will emerge as a wrinkled prune. That's because prolonged exposure to water causes skin's natural water repellent, keratin, to dissolve and the cells in the epidermis layer to absorb water and swell, causing puckering. Alicia Alvrez
Before the days of indoor plumbing, wealthy French women didn't like the idea of showing their bodies in public at public bathhouses. So they would pay for horse-drawn bathtubs to come to them— complete with towels and hot water. Alicia Alvrez
Blondes have more hair than the rest of us; redheads have the least. Alicia Alvrez
Hair grows faster at night than during the day and between the ages of sixteen and twenty-four. Alicia Alvrez
How much hair do you have on your body? Scientists put it at about 5 million hairs, many of them so fine you can hardly see them. Alicia Alvrez
Some early hair dyes; crushed dry tadpoles in oil ancient Egypt; black wine, raw crow's eggs, and putrefied leeches in ancient Rome. Alicia Alvrez
Long, straight blonde hair (think Gwyneth Paltrow) are considered the wealthiest and most sexy. Alicia Alvrez
Short, tousled hairstyles (like Meg Ryan) are thought to be outgoing and self-assured. Alicia Alvrez
Slaves in the United States were not permitted to marry, so couples would unite by the practice of jumping over a broom handle, which stood for the jump from single to married life. Alicia Alvrez
A recent long-range study has found that whereas, because of prejudice, gay and lesbian couples face more external stressors on their relationships, they actually have better communication skills than heterosexual couples and use fewer hostile tactics during fights. Alicia Alvrez
In the Middle Ages, couples used to get married in the bathtub because water signified purity. The couple and their attendants would stand in a tub filled with water. Alicia Alvrez
Men are more likely to get sports injuries than women. Except in three sports—volleyball, bowling, and gymnastics. There, women lead the pack. Alicia Alvrez
While breast cancer among young women is on the rise, 80 percent of breast cancers occur in postmenopausal women, and 60 percent of women with breast cancer live as long as women without the disease. Alicia Alvrez
Where does all the caffeine go that's taken out of coffee and tea? Companies sell it to soda companies to add to their soft drinks. Alicia Alvrez