Annie Lennox Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old Annie Lennox quotes, Annie Lennox sayings, and Annie Lennox proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.'

Most women are dissatisfied with their appearance - it's the stuff that fuels the beauty and fashion industries. Annie Lennox
Women empowering other women.They get the psycho-social support. They become part of a community. Annie Lennox
The word feminism needs to be taken back. It needs to be reclaimed in a way that is inclusive of men. Annie Lennox
I will go out of my way to avoid the shopping crowds and the extreme consumerism - I hate all that. Annie Lennox
HIV/AIDS has no boundaries. Annie Lennox
Our ancestors are totally essential to our every waking moment, although most of us don't even have the faintest idea about their lives, their trials, their hardships or challenges. Annie Lennox
The momentum of time is always going forward. You cannot repeat what has been done before. You can't go back. Annie Lennox
When you're that successful, things have a momentum, and at a certain point you can't really tell whether you have created the momentum or it's creating you. Annie Lennox
Fame for fame's sake is toxic - some people want that, with no boundaries. It's unhealthy. Annie Lennox
I don't think feminism is about the exclusion of men but their inclusion... we must face and address those issues, especially to include younger men and boys. Annie Lennox
Sweet dreams are made of this / Who am I to disagree? / I've traveled the world and the seven seas / Everybody's looking for something / Hold your head up / Keep your head up, moving on Annie Lennox
Tired of all this mad frustration / Tired of all the aggravation / Sick and tired of devastation / Give it some consideration Annie Lennox
Motherhood was the great equalizer for me; I started to identify with everybody. Annie Lennox
Success breeds the excitement to continue going. Annie Lennox
Dying is easy, it's living that scares me to death. Annie Lennox