Anthony T.hincks Sayings and Quotes

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Fireworks can make us both happy and sad. It just depends if we are talking about fireworks in the sky or fireworks with another. Anthony T.Hincks
NASA takes you to where your imagination has already been. Anthony T.Hincks
Politicians will always send others off to fight their wars. Anthony T.Hincks
The silence of the pen is only made louder by the sound of the ink running dry. Anthony T.Hincks
Milkshakes are the gift from heaven that come in different flavors. Anthony T.Hincks
When plastic comes of age it shall clog the arteries of those who invented it. Anthony T.Hincks
When you write and draw in pencil, your eraser is your best friend. Anthony T.Hincks
A bride will always be the belle of the ball at her own wedding. Anthony T.Hincks
It's when you stretch the truth that you end up with lies. Anthony T.Hincks
Sensuality is a woman's prerogative and a man's pleasure. Anthony T.Hincks
Sensuality is a woman's prerogative and a man's pleasure. Anthony T.Hincks
A sailor's love for the sea is only matched by his mistress's salty kiss. Anthony T.Hincks
When the sh–t hits the fan, you really have to ask yourself why you weren't sitting on the toilet. Anthony T.Hincks
She'd stolen my car. She'd stolen my dog. She'd stolen all my money. But if she had only asked, I would have given her it all, because when I first met her, she'd stolen my heart. Anthony T.Hincks
I like to wear my underwear because I like to make a statement about who I am. Anthony T.Hincks
Saturday is full of orange oranges, Sunday is full of pink apples, Monday is full of green limes, Tuesday is full of red watermelons, Wednesday is full of blue blueberries, Thursday is full of purple grapes, Friday is full of yellow bananas, and, The week is full of rainbow fruit. Anthony T.Hincks
The greedy loathe wars, but not as much as they love profit. Anthony T.Hincks
You don't make money from peace. You make money from wars! Anthony T.Hincks
Sink not into oblivion, but sink into a nice hot spa. Anthony T.Hincks
We can't go back to who we once were. We can only go on and become the person we were meant to be. Anthony T.Hincks
We cannot listen to one voice above all others. We must listen to a choir of voices if we are to understand the individual tunes. Anthony T.Hincks
The super bowl is a Chinese noodle lover's dream. Anthony T.Hincks