Anthony Trollope Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old Anthony Trollope quotes, Anthony Trollope sayings, and Anthony Trollope proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.'

Never think that you're not good enough yourself. A man should never think that. People will take you very much at your own reckoning. Anthony Trollope
No man thinks there is much ado about nothing when the ado is about himself. Anthony Trollope
The habit of reading is the only enjoyment in which there is no alloy; it lasts when all other pleasures fade. Anthony Trollope
A husband is very much like a house or a horse. Anthony Trollope
There is no royal road to learning; no short cut to the acquirement of any art. Anthony Trollope
A woman's life is not perfect or whole till she has added herself to a husband. Nor is a man's life perfect or whole till he has added to himself a wife. Anthony Trollope
Love is like any other luxury. You have no right to it unless you can afford it. Anthony Trollope
My sweetheart is to me more than a coined hemisphere. Anthony Trollope
Ride at any fence hard enough, and the chances are you'll get over. The harder you ride the heavier the fall, if you get a fall; but the greater the chance of your getting over. Anthony Trollope
To get away well is so very much! And to get away well is often so very difficult! Anthony Trollope
Nothing reopens the springs of love so fully as absence, and no absence so thoroughly as that which must needs be endless. Anthony Trollope
Credit is a matter so subtle in its essence, that, as it may be obtained almost without reason, so, without reason, may it be made to melt away. Anthony Trollope
Marvelous is the power which can be exercised, almost unconsciously, over a company, or an individual, or even upon a crowd by one person gifted with good temper, good digestion, good intellects, and good looks. Anthony Trollope
Satire, though it may exaggerate the vice it lashes, is not justified in creating it in order that it may be lashed. Anthony Trollope
It is a comfortable feeling to know that you stand on your own ground. Land is about the only thing that can't fly away. Anthony Trollope
A small daily task, if it be really daily, will beat the labours of a spasmodic Hercules. Anthony Trollope
Above all else, never think you're not good enough. Anthony Trollope
There is no royal road to learning; no short cut to the acquirement of any art. Anthony Trollope
The double pleasure of pulling down an opponent, and of raising oneself, is the charm of a politician's life. Anthony Trollope
The man who worships mere wealth is a snob. Anthony Trollope
She well knew the great architectural secret of decorating her constructions, and never condescended to construct a decoration. Anthony Trollope
If we wish ourselves to be high, we should treat that which is over us as high. Anthony Trollope
Make all men equal today, and God has so created them that they shall all be unequal tomorrow. Anthony Trollope
Marriage means tyranny on one side and deceit on the other. Anthony Trollope
Not only humble but umble which I look upon to be the comparative, or, indeed, superlative degree. Anthony Trollope
The principal duty which a parent owes a child is to make him happy. Anthony Trollope