Catherine Pulsifer Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old Catherine Pulsifer quotes, Catherine Pulsifer sayings, and Catherine Pulsifer proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.'

A birthday is a time to reflect on the year gone by, but to also set your goals for the upcoming year. Catherine Pulsifer
Never give up. Expect only the best from life and take action to get it. Catherine Pulsifer
We are all different, which is great because we are all unique. Without diversity life would be very boring. Catherine Pulsifer
Retirement, a time to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, where you want to do it, and, how you want to do it. Catherine Pulsifer
Retirement may be an ending, a closing, but it is also a new beginning. Catherine Pulsifer
Those who don't understand determination call determination stubbornness or too driven. To be determined is to see it through! Catherine Pulsifer
Relationships, marriages are ruined where one person continues to learn, develop and grow and the other person stands still. Catherine Pulsifer
Sisters are best friends, they are advisors, they are teachers, and best of all they are people with whom you can talk with about anything - someone you have a special bond with Catherine Pulsifer
Memories, the one thing that can never be taken away from us. Make lots of them! Catherine Pulsifer
Photos capture our memories in print, but our memories are always with us in our minds. Catherine Pulsifer
Focus on the good memories, discard the not so good. Catherine Pulsifer
A 'positive attitude' is definitely one of the keys to success. My definition of a positive attitude is a simple one: Looking for the good in all circumstances. Catherine Pulsifer
Your attitude can take you forward or your attitude can take you down. The choice is always yours! Catherine Pulsifer
Mothers give up so much, so that their children can have so much. Catherine Pulsifer
Regrets only apply when we don't learn from a situation. No sense looking back, look forward with new knowledge and no regret. Catherine Pulsifer
When you find yourself stressed, ask yourself one question: Will this matter in 5 years from now? If yes, then do something about the situation. If no, then let it go. Catherine Pulsifer
Starting over can be challenging, but also it can be a great opportunity to do things differently. Catherine Pulsifer
Being happy is something that each of us determines, it is not something that we find outside of ourself, it is within us and our choice. Catherine Pulsifer
Faith is unseen but felt, faith is strength when we feel we have none, faith is hope when all seems lost. Catherine Pulsifer
When you feel like giving up, like calling it quits, just try one more time - do that little bit more. Catherine Pulsifer
If you made a list of all the things you could be thankful for, the list would undoubtedly be longer than your misfortunes. Catherine Pulsifer
As we grew up, my brothers acted like they didn't care, but I always knew they looked out for me and were there! Catherine Pulsifer
No matter who we are, no matter how successful, no matter what our situation, compassion is something we all need to receive and give. Catherine Pulsifer
Giving to others will not take away from what you have but will in fact add to your life. Catherine Pulsifer
For me, goals are my road map to the life I want. They have helped me accomplish things I once thought were impossible. Catherine Pulsifer
A mother's treasure is her daughter. Catherine Pulsifer
We determine our destiny by the actions we take today. Catherine Pulsifer
Life presents many choices, the choices we make determine our future. Catherine Pulsifer
It is about choices we make. And how the direction of our lives comes down to the choices we choose. Catherine Pulsifer
Some people use excuses to not accept responsiblity, others use excuses as a way to justify. Catherine Pulsifer