David Bowie Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old David Bowie quotes, David Bowie sayings, and David Bowie proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.'

... And these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds are immune to your consultations.They're quite aware of what they're going through... David Bowie
Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming. David Bowie
Put on your red shoes, and dance the blues. David Bowie
Heroin addiction is like driving a car with the steering going out. You eventually resign yourself to the inevitability of what's going to happen. David Bowie
Everywhere I looked, demons of the future were on the battlegrounds of one's emotional plane. David Bowie
Fame can take interesting men and thrust mediocrity upon them. David Bowie
Fame itself... doesn't really afford you anything more than a good seat in a restaurant. David Bowie
Comfort comes into your house first as guest, then as a host, then finally as the master. David Bowie
I'm in awe of the universe, but I don't necessarily believe there's an intelligence or agent behind it. I do have a passion for the visual in religious rituals, though, even though they may be completely empty and bereft of substance. The incense is powerful and provocative, whether Buddhist or Catholic. David Bowie
Though I’ve passed 316 yards there’s still two games to go / If I want to make it to the Super Bowl / And show everyone on Earth how to Tebow David Bowie
Say hello to the lunatic men / Tell them your secrets / They're like the grave / Oh, what have you done? / Oh, what have you done? / Love is lost, lost is love / You know so much, it's making you cry / You refuse to talk but you think like mad / You've cut out your soul and the face of thought / Oh, what have you done? / Oh, what have you done? David Bowie
It amazes me sometimes that even intelligent people will analyze a situation or make a judgement after only recognizing the standard or traditional structure of a piece. David Bowie
Fame itself doesn't really afford you anything more than a good seat in a restaurant. David Bowie
Falling down Falling in love I'll paint you mornings of gold I'll spin you Valentine evenings Though we're strangers 'til now, We're choosing the path Between the stars I'll leave my love Between the stars David Bowie
Aging is an extraordinary process hereby you become the person you always should have been. David Bowie
I feel confident imposing change on myself. It's a lot more fun progressing than looking back. That's why I need to throw curveballs. David Bowie
You know, the rock revolution did happen, it really did. Trouble was nobody realized. David Bowie
In order to look special wearing the chancy unique; it must be worn with your persona, and if the two don't blend, then the look becomes pear-shaped. David Bowie
I'm not a prophet or a stone-aged man, just a mortal with the potential of a superman. I'm living on. David Bowie