Farshad Asl Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old Farshad Asl quotes, Farshad Asl sayings, and Farshad Asl proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.'

A good Coach asks great questions to help you remove the obstacles in your mind and to get you back on track in life. Farshad Asl
Be fast, be first, but never be alone. Nothing can replace the value of teamwork. Farshad Asl
A 20/20 mindset produces clarity, joy, and peace in your life. It produces results. Farshad Asl
We all have the DNA of an entrepreneur. Some are building their own dreams. While most are building other people's dreams. Entrepreneurs are Dream Builders. Are you building yours? Farshad Asl
Selling is serving, helping others find solutions, impacting lives positively with passion and integrity. Farshad Asl
The secret to success in business is synergy. Farshad Asl
Don't be a prisoner of the past, become a pioneer of the future. Farshad Asl
If there isn't a struggle, there's no stretch, and therefore no growth. Easy doesn’t change you and comfort won’t challenge you. Coasting isn't a strategy. Farshad Asl
Communication without clarity is noise. Speak with purpose and you’ll propel your audience to take massive action towards a journey of self-improvement. Farshad Asl
Don't let toxic people sabotage your happiness, ruin your positive attitude, contaminate your mind or destroy your self-confidence. Instead, surround yourself with generous, positive, and nurturing people who will lift you up. Farshad Asl
When you live with a 20/20 mindset your path is straight, vision is clear, and decisions are precise. You see the bigger picture with a broader view and incorporate different angles and perspectives. Farshad Asl
True Leaders take an Ordinary Person and turn them into an Extraordinary Performer. Farshad Asl
The understanding of our position, clarity of the direction, and effectiveness of our actions determine the height of our destination. Farshad Asl
Life is too short to try and please everyone. Take charge and do what’s right -- not what’s popular. Farshad Asl
Living in thanksgiving daily is a habit; we must open our hearts to love more, we must open our arms to hug more, we must open our eyes to see more and finally, we must live our lives to serve more. Farshad Asl
Sharing a clear and concise vision spawns a sense of purpose and direction. It attracts success toward you and helps you build an expanding team. Farshad Asl
Leaders are called upon to build not to repair. Farshad Asl