Maria Bastida Sayings and Quotes

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To be with a hopeless romantic is an everyday valentine’s day, but it also meant days of tears and pain that will push you to your limit. Maria Bastida
Hopeless romantics are those who are afraid at the arrival of love but once she recognizes that he is ‘the one’, she will do everything to keep it and fight for it. Maria Bastida
Hopeless romantics may follow their hearts all time, stumble get hurt and fall, but they will never stop breathing the magic of love no matter what happens Maria Bastida
Don’t feel guilty if you are part of the hopeless romantic crew. After all, the best masterpieces in history are created by some of the most hopeless romantic minds. Maria Bastida
I never knew what love was until you came into my life without any hint, so unexpected. Maria Bastida
Who would have known that you would be the one for me when we did not even like each other in the first place? Maria Bastida
Sometimes, love comes in the least expected place, in the least expected ways. Maria Bastida
Someday, I know that the right person for me will walk my way and tell me, I love you. Maria Bastida
Love is unpredictable, like a ball tossed into a vacuum, you can never expect anything. Maria Bastida
You have been in front of me all along that I never expected you were the love of my life. Maria Bastida
I used to believe in destiny until you suddenly came into my life and defined it for me. Maria Bastida
Life is full of surprises and one of them is finding the one for you, in the most unexpected manner. Maria Bastida
You are the most unexpected person that came into my life and that is why I love you so much. Maria Bastida
You were one of the best surprises love has ever been kind enough to give to me. Maria Bastida
You were one of the best surprises love has ever been kind enough to give to me. Maria Bastida
I am still thanking the universe for suddenly bringing you to me when I needed you the most. Maria Bastida