Robert William Service Sayings and Quotes

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She’s as light as any fairy; she’s as pretty as a peach; She’s mistress of the witchcraft to beguile; There’s sunshine in her manner, there is music in her speech, And there’s concentrated honey in her smile. Robert William Service
Although from godly grace I fall, / For sensed with sin my every act is, / 'Twere better not to preach at all, / Then I would have no need to practice. / So Sabbath day I'll sneak away, / And though the Church grieve my defection, / In sunny woodland I will pray: / "God save us from Perfection!" Robert William Service
Ignorance is bliss. Robert William Service
E'en as a toper from the dram-shop reeling, / Sees in his garret's blackness, dazzling fair, / All that he might have been, and, heart-sick, kneeling, / Sobs in the passion of a vast despair: / So my ideal self haunts me alway--/ When the accounting comes, how shall I pay? Robert William Service
I have a compact to commune / A monthly midnight with the Moon; / Into its face I stare and stare, / And find sweet understanding there. Robert William Service
In all of spangled space, but I / To stare moon-struck into the sky; / Of billion beings I alone / To praise the Moon as still as stone. Robert William Service
O I will watch the maiden Moon / Dance on the sea with silver shoon; / But with the Queen Moon I will keep / My tryst when all the world's asleep. Robert William Service
All other friends may come and go, / All other friendships fail; / But these, the friends I've worked to win, / Oh, they will never stale; / And comfort me till Time shall write / The finish to my tale. Robert William Service
Singing all together with their throats bronze-bare. Robert William Service
Open wide the window; there's a lark a-singing; there's a glad lark singing in the evening sky. Robert William Service
And her thin little arms were stretched to you / With a yearning joy that they never knew. / She woke from the darkest dark to see / Like a heavenly vision, that Christmas Tree. Robert William Service
I've half a hundred men to boss, / And take my job to heart; / You'll never find me at a loss, / So well I play my part. / My voice is hard, my eye is cold, / My mouth is grimly set; / They all consider me, I'm told, / A "bloody martinet." Robert William Service
Grand-daughter of the Painted Nails, / As if they had been dipped in gore, / I'd like to set you lugging pails / And make you scrub the kitchen floor. / I'm old and crotchety of course, / And on this point my patience fails; / I'd sue my old girl for divorce / If she showed up with painted nails. Robert William Service
Great Grandfather was ninety-nine / And so it was our one dread, / That though his health was superfine / He'd fail to make the hundred. / Though he was not a rolling stone / No moss he seemed to gather: / A patriarch of brawn and bone / Was Great Grandfather. Robert William Service
When with a clumsy, lucky clout he knocked the champion out. Robert William Service
Little Brother, how I pray / You may sanctuary find / Peoples of the world succumb . ./ Fly, poor fools, the wrath to come! Robert William Service
Brother, you were born too late; / Human life is but a breath. / Men delve deep, where darkly wait Robert William Service
They hospitably welcomed it and at the food rack gave it place. Robert William Service
That stairway grand of marbled might, / The most majestic in the land, / In statured splendour, flight on flight Robert William Service
When with a clumsy, lucky clout he knocked the champion out. Robert William Service
Through eyelet holes I watched the crowd / Rain of confetti fling; / Their joy is lush, their laughter loud, / For Carnival is King. Robert William Service
Oh God! The beauty of the blow / When I will blast his life; / When I will laugh and let him know / My mistress is his wife. / Today a doormat for his feet, / He loves to see me squirm / Tomorrow,--how revenge is sweet! / The turning of the worm. Robert William Service
On steak and kidney pie washed down with sparkling cider. Robert William Service
I diagnosed with weeping that on strychnine it had fed and so I bought a hamburg steak. Robert William Service
God love her! how it cheered me then / To see her there so brave and pretty; / So she with needle, I with pen, / We slaved and sang above the city. / And as across my streams of ink / I watched her from a poet's distance, / She stitched and sang . . . I scarcely think / She was aware of my existence. Robert William Service
I go to the shop every morning; / I work with my needle and thread; / Silk, satin and velvet adorning, / Then luncheon on coffee and bread. / Then sewing and sewing till seven; / Or else, if the order I get, / I toil and I toil till eleven -- / And such is the day of Babette. Robert William Service
So I'll go back to Tennessee, And they will ask: "How have you spent your Brief holiday in gay Paree?" Robert William Service
I do not swear because I am / A sweet and sober guy; / I cannot vent a single damn / However hard I try. Robert William Service
An no, I never, never swear; / Profanity don't pay; / To cuss won't get you anywhere Robert William Service
A Poet of Profanity! / For I've been known with vulgar slang / To stoke the Sacred Fire, / And even used a word like 'hang', / Suggesting ire. Robert William Service