Steve Supple Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old Steve Supple quotes, Steve Supple sayings, and Steve Supple proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.'

Originality must still compare itself to others. The Authentic only compares itself to itself. Steve Supple
Your uniqueness becomes clearer when you combine two mediums, interests or fields of knowledge. Steve Supple
You are unique. Your combination of thoughts are yours alone. A strand of your hair is like no other. Steve Supple
People try hard to be defined by the way they look, rather than by what they do. Steve Supple
The best thing you can do isn't being the best, but being different. Steve Supple
Your talent is a gift. It's like getting a guitar for Christmas; you gotta practice to be the most out of it. Steve Supple
You are unique. Your combination of thoughts are yours alone. A strand of your hair is like no other. Steve Supple
To accept people, we need to see what they can be. Steve Supple
Sometimes, in an effort to improve one area of our life, we discover that what we're learning, is valuable to others too. Steve Supple
In an effort to become more efficient in one are, we ultimately create ways to replace it with something new. Steve Supple
It can be a shock for people to realize it still takes time & effort to realize a dream. Steve Supple
You can't live your dream if you're living like most people. Steve Supple
A child at play isn't wasting effort, like a craftsman sharpening his tools isn't wasting time. Steve Supple
The secret is to make career: The secret is to make the person you secretly, no secret anymore. Steve Supple
Maybe it's too late to try again but never too late to try something new. Steve Supple
It's too late to chase traditional version of your dream. Steve Supple
An open mind doesn't feel trapped. Steve Supple
An open mind, is open to options, opinions & opportunities. Steve Supple
An open mind needs an above filter. Steve Supple
Creativity opens the mind to new ideas, but when you read good books, you'll begin to open your mind to great ideas. Steve Supple
The quality of your life is your community. Your true wealth are your friends. Steve Supple
Socially, people copy their friends, Professionally, people copy their foes, Culturally, people copy their idols. Steve Supple
Instinct says 'Avoid the unknown'. Intuition says 'There's something there worth knowing'. Steve Supple
We block out the still small voice, intuition & our music by the noise of modern life. Steve Supple
Curiosity is the instinct of learning. Creativity and intuition for applying what you have learnt. Steve Supple
We have wild imaginations. Our intuition is our instincts. Creativity our wilderness to explore. Steve Supple
Intuition happens when information leaves a lot to the imagination. Steve Supple
Everyone is born with their own guidance system. But some get jammed by too much interference. Steve Supple
In an over protective culture, will the next generation grow up more helpless than the last? Steve Supple
I never try to protect my position. I prefer to keep moving. Steve Supple