Steven Magee Sayings and Quotes

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Driving your car through deep pools of flood water is a great way of making your car unreliable. Smart people turn around and avoid it. Steven Magee
Unfortunately, humans have a long history of trying to fix their engineering mistakes with more engineering mistakes! Steven Magee
I stopped snowboarding as I started to recognize symptoms that corresponded with radiation sickness when at high altitude ski resorts. Steven Magee
If you fill the atmosphere with toxins, then you really cannot be surprised if the solar radiation transmission through it becomes toxic to humans. Steven Magee
Plants can be affected by stray voltage and they may show stunted growth, deformed growth, or go dormant. In extreme cases they may die. Steven Magee
Think of exercise as medicine and take your daily prescription. Steven Magee
Modern society is a biological disaster masquerading as progress. Steven Magee
Anytime that you look up to the clear sky and see colors in it, you should be suspecting that you are looking at a flow of energy through the sky that is causing a gas to glow. Steven Magee
Arizona is a great place to be a radiation researcher. Steven Magee
Electricians that like good health avoid the known biologically toxic very high powered electrical utility jobs. Steven Magee
To be healthy in modern society, you must adopt the behaviors of an astronaut! Steven Magee
The modern human lives in a cesspool of man-made electromagnetic radiation. Steven Magee
The standard business model for corporations is to lie, confuse and deny anything that may threaten their profitability. Steven Magee
News is how the government delivers propaganda to the masses and it is an essential requirement of the television broadcasting job to be emotionless to this. Steven Magee
Staring at the blue sky causes insomnia to occur in the human. Steven Magee
The corporate government is heavily influenced by the utility company cartel. Steven Magee
The hallmarks of a dishonest society are cash for silence, non-disclosure agreements and the illegal removal of rights of those in the know. Steven Magee
You would be surprised at how many corporations "none of your business" applies to! Steven Magee
Lots of small steps equates to a giant leap. Steven Magee
Staring at the blue sky causes insomnia to occur in the human. Steven Magee
There is a lot of willful incompetence in solar industry that is in the process of coming to light. Steven Magee
In the legal world, a sickened worker may be compensated far more than a killed worker. Steven Magee
One of the biggest government frauds is denying eligible sickened people their disability benefits. Steven Magee
Hello suicide, goodbye intolerable pain. Steven Magee
You know that when your partner deletes their messages to a past lover after being accused of cheating, then it is likely that they were being unfaithful in some way. Steven Magee
Lots of small steps equates to a giant leap. Steven Magee
The insatiable quest for knowledge is far greater than the quest for worker health and safety. Steven Magee
Political donations are a form of nepotism. Steven Magee
Nepotism made it extremely difficult to function as a manager in certain high altitude observatories. Steven Magee
I found that high altitude astronomy was riddled with nepotism. Steven Magee