Tenzin Palmo Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old Tenzin Palmo quotes, Tenzin Palmo sayings, and Tenzin Palmo proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.'

Nowadays, mindfulness has become a catch-all word, but the general principle of trying to be more conscious and aware in our daily life is very important. Along with this, it's helpful to contemplate some of the mind training verses which are designed to take and transform all of the problems we experience. Tenzin Palmo
Distraction is the main problem for us all what the Buddha called the monkey mind. We need to tame this monkey mind. Tenzin Palmo
We need to be sincere in our practice, but at the same time we can't take ourselves too seriously. Tenzin Palmo
Tibetans are great with meritorious practices. Tenzin Palmo
The Tibetans have many teachings on how to die, consciously, and how to remain in the clear light, and it works. You can see it working, and they can stay in that state for hours, days, or weeks. Tenzin Palmo
The Tibetans are good at learning many skillful ways to show that everything we do becomes dharma practice, depending on which kind of approach we use. Tenzin Palmo
Tibetans - at least traditionally - are so totally permeated with the dharma that they don't see any difference between dharma and everyday life, really. And therefore they enjoy it because they don't make a separation. Tenzin Palmo
If we greet situations with a positive attitude, we will eventually create positive returns. If we respond with a negative attitude, negative things will eventually come our way. Tenzin Palmo
The nature of the mind is completely incredible. Tenzin Palmo
In Dharma practice, the most important thing is to be very sincere. Tenzin Palmo
The purpose of dharma is to help your mind to expand, to grow, to clarify. It should uphold us and create an inner sense of peace, joy, and clarity. Tenzin Palmo
Obviously the dharma is every breath we take, every thought we think, every word we speak, if we do it with awareness and an open, caring heart. Tenzin Palmo
If you lose interest in the dharma, then you might be reborn in a place where you are unlikely to meet with the dharma. And then you're completely off the path. Tenzin Palmo
Many people are benefiting beings, but from a dharma point of view, if you are a dharma practitioner, then the first priority is to get yourself together. Tenzin Palmo
The dharma is the most precious thing in the world and we should put it at the center of our hearts and transform our whole lives into dharma practice. Otherwise, at the time of death, we will look back and say, now what was all that about? If we truly want to benefit others and ourselves, we have to do it. No excuses. Tenzin Palmo
To become effortless takes a lot of effort. It's good to compare it to learning an instrument or learning a sport. Tenzin Palmo