Yoruba Proverb Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old Yoruba Proverb quotes, Yoruba Proverb sayings, and Yoruba Proverb proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.'

A false friend, a friendly fraud: both are like thieves. Yoruba Proverb
An ill-natured woman will not give birth to twins; only good-natured people give birth to twins. (Only good people are fortunate enough to have twins.) Yoruba Proverb
One person's illness or death will not indemnify others against death. Yoruba Proverb
When a child outgrows whipping, he becomes a person one looks at and roll one's eyes in disgust. Yoruba Proverb
Vaguely is not like clearly; nakedness is not like leather. Yoruba Proverb
Gray hair shows age; a beard shows maturity; a mustache shows impudence. Yoruba Proverb
The pig wallows in mud but thinks it is being a dandy. Yoruba Proverb
A pig does not know what is becoming. Yoruba Proverb
Groaning internally is how an antelope groans; rumbling internally is how a leopard rumbles; the grunts of a pig stay inside the pig. Yoruba Proverb
[It is] an insatiable farmer who plants cotton on a farm by the stream. Yoruba Proverb
Only those whose livelihood depends on Jegede call him a silk-cotton tree. Yoruba Proverb
The silk-cotton tree is the father; the person one finds at the hut is the lord. Yoruba Proverb
Cotton is what one should plant, not brass; cotton is what one should plant, not beads; as for brass and beads, neither goes with one to the grave; on the day one dies, only cloth accompanies one. Yoruba Proverb
One dog does not string decorative beads all around one's waist. Yoruba Proverb
A person who is like the divining string: unless you throw him down, he will not talk sense. Yoruba Proverb
You reveler do things in moderation; if the string of life is cut, there is no retrying it. Yoruba Proverb
It is a great deal of medicine that possesses a child and robs it of all self-control. Yoruba Proverb
May my outer head not spoil my inner head. Yoruba Proverb
Longevity is the reward of living. Yoruba Proverb
It is longevity that makes up for suffering. Yoruba Proverb
Whoever heard of the death of a spirit? No one ever hears of the death of the Almighty. Yoruba Proverb
The pawn who does not come to work is the one the creditor regards as a deadbeat. Yoruba Proverb
One's enemies will not have the means to injure one; or, a person will never have the means to thrive. Yoruba Proverb
Brevity is wise in discussions; wordiness leads to invention. Yoruba Proverb
Evil acts breed uneasy consciences. Yoruba Proverb
There are other diseases besides epilepsy; it is not only epilepsy that knocks people to the floor. Yoruba Proverb
No woman is available free; even if she has epilepsy, she costs money. Yoruba Proverb
Though we travel in the same group, we are not therefore alike. Yoruba Proverb
There is no equality in people's fortunes. Yoruba Proverb
The regard that domestic bird enjoys is denied the vulture; the regard a slave receives is not the same as a freeborn enjoys. Yoruba Proverb

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