Bias Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old bias quotes, bias sayings, and bias proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, but stigma and bias shame us all. William J. Clinton
Biases and blind spots exist in big data as much as they do in individual perceptions and experiences. Yet there is a problematic belief that bigger data is always better data and that correlation is as good as causation. Kate Crawford
Bias, like beauty, is often in the eye of the beholder. Facts are your firewall against bias. Tom Brokaw
People will sometimes put each other in boxes and have biases toward one another because of what they look like or where they come from or who they are. But ultimately, it's up to us to decide who we are. Rich Moore
Persons who have a painful affection in any part of the body, and are in a great measure sensible of the pain, are disordered in intellect. Hippocrates
It's not at all hard to understand a person; it's only hard to listen without bias. Criss Jami
Prejudice and passion and suspicion are more dangerous than the incitement of self-interest or the most stubborn adherence to real differences of opinion regarding rights. Elihu Root
There are cultural biases built into testing, and that was one of the motivations for the concept of affirmative action to try to balance out those effects. Sonia Sotomayo
The theory of cultural bias is the idea that a culture is based on a particular form of organization. It can't be transplanted except to another variant of that organization. Mary Douglas
Prejudice is a form of untruthfulness, and untruthfulness is an insidious form of injustice. Miroslav Volf
In an extroverted society, the difference between an introvert and an extrovert is that an introvert is often unconsciously deemed guilty until proven innocent. Criss Jami
The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend. Robertson Davies
The real bias of the media is not to the left or to the right, but to the thin strata of economic elites at the top of our society. Jim Hightower
It is easy for us to criticize the prejudices of our grandfathers, from which our fathers freed themselves. It is more difficult to search for prejudices among the beliefs and values we hold. Peter Singer
One way or another we are all biased, but still we have the modern cortical capacity to choose whether or not to let the harmful biases dictate our behavior. Abhijit Naskar
Bias used to say that men ought to calculate life both as if they were fated to live a long and a short time, and that they ought to love one another as if at a future time they would come to hate one another; for that most men were bad. Diogenes Laertius
Labels bias our perceptions, thinking, and behavior. A label or story can either separate us from, or connect us to, nature. For our health and happiness, we must critically evaluate our labels and stories by their effects. Michael J. Cohen
We tend to accept information that confirms our prior beliefs and ignore or discredit information that does not. This confirmation bias settles over our eyes like distorting spectacles for everything we look at. Kyle Hill
We all have cultural bias, racial bias. One of the difficult things around this subject matter is to deny that we have places we go to subconsciously, and unless you consciously decide that that's wrong and you've got to do something about it, especially if you're in a position of power, it won't change. David Oyelowo
Fortunately for serious minds, a bias recognized is a bias sterilized. Benjamin Haydon
All of us show bias when it comes to what information we take in. We typically focus on anything that agrees with the outcome we want. Noreena Hertz
The human brain always concocts biases to aid in the construction of a coherent mental life, exclusively suitable for an individual's personal needs. Abhijit Naskar
Two quite opposite qualities equally bias our minds habits and novelty. Jean De La Bruyere
Bias and prejudice are attitudes to be kept in hand, not attitudes to be avoided. Charles Curtis
We have a history of gender and racial bias on our court that continues to undermine the system. Excluding individuals based on race is antagonistic to the pursuit of justice. Anita Hill
Bigotry or prejudice in any form is more than a problem; it is a deep-seated evil within our society. Judith Light
Prejudice is sinful. All blood flows red. And the most harmful and foolish kind of prejudice is prejudice against yourself. Every woman is your sister, and every woman needs her sisters. So try to give other women the courtesy of your compassion, respect, and forgiveness. Love yourself despite and because of your flaws. Jewell Parker Rhodes
Never try to reason the prejudice out of a man; it was not reasoned into him and cannot be reasoned out. Sydney Smith
Our prejudices are our mistresses; reason is at best our wife, very often needed but seldom minded. Chesterfield
A man's prejudice is mental, a woman's temperamental. Evan Esar
The man who does not think as we do is apt to be prejudiced. Evan Esar
Many a man makes mistake of developing his opinions in the dark room of prejudice. Evan Esar
Prejudice is merely a lazy man's substitute for lazy thinking. Evan Esar
The only person who is unbiased is one who has the same bias we have. Evan Esar
I think, though, that people will read into a reporter's story a bias that they want to see in a reporter. Garrett M. Graff
Two quite opposite qualities equally bias our minds. Steven Mason
The way to heaven is ascending; we must be content to travel uphill, though it be hard and tiresome, and contrary to the natural bias of our flesh. Jonathan Edwards
By recognizing the negativity effect and overriding our innate responses, we can break destructive patterns, think more effectively about the future, and exploit the remarkable benefits of this bias. John Tierney
Learning how the negativity bias affects you and everyone else, you see the world more realistically--and less fearfully. You can consciously override the impulses that cause crippling insecurities, panic attacks, and phobias. John Tierney
Wherever you look at human judgements, you are likely to find noise. To improve the quality of our judgements, we need to overcome noise as well as bias. Dolly Chugh
Two quite opposite qualities equally bias our minds. Steven Mason
The way to heaven ascending; we must be content to travel uphill, though it be hard and tiresome and contrary to the natural bias of our flesh. Jonathan Edwards
It is never too late to give up our prejudices. Henry David Thoreau
Let us have but one end in view the welfare of humanity; and let us put aside all selfishness in consideration of language, nationality or religion. John Comenius
Our prejudices are like physical infirmities - we cannot do what they prevent us from doing. John Lancaster Spalding
I have no color prejudices nor caste prejudices nor creed prejudices. All I care to know is that a man is a human being, and that is enough for me; he can't be any worse. Mark Twain
If you judge people you have no time to love them. Mother Teresa
Somehow our devils are never quite what we expect when we meet them face to face. Nelson DeMille
Morality is simply the attitude we adopt towards people whom we personally dislike. Oscar Wilde
The test of courage comes when we are in the minority. The test of tolerance comes when we are in the majority. Ralph W. Sockman
In overcoming prejudices, working together is even more effective than talking together. Ralph W. Sockman
What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly - that is the first law of nature. Voltaire
Prejudices is the child of ignorance. William Hazlitt
O Lord, help me not to despise or oppose what I do not understand. William Penn
Opinions founded on prejudice are always sustained with the greatest violence. Hebrew Proverb
I have often wondered how it is that every man loves himself more than all the rest of men, but yet sets less value on his own opinion of himself than on the opinion of others. Marcus Aurelius
The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind. William Blake