Brandy Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old brandy quotes, brandy sayings, and brandy proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Art is wine and experience is the brandy we distill from it. Robertson Davies
If wine tells truth – and so have said the wise, it makes me laugh to think how brandy lies! Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Brandy is the great cause of destruction for the aborigines of America. Sam Houston
As for the Brandy, "Nothing extenuate" And the water, "Put naught in in malice.” Anonymous
BRANDY, n. A cordial composed on one part thunder-and-lightning, one part remorse, two parts bloody murder, one part death-hell-and-the-grave and four parts clarified Satan. Ambrose Bierce
Call things by their right names - Glass of brandy and water! That is the current, but not the appropriate name, ask for a glass of liquid fire and distilled damnation. Robert Hall
Alcoholic drinks, rightly used, are good for body and soul alike, but as a restorative of both there is nothing like brandy. George Sainsbury
Brandy and water spoils two good things. Charles Lamb
I hate stinks of modern literature. Harold Pinter
A man may acquire a taste for wine or brandy, and so lose his love for water, but should we not pity him. Henry David Thoreau
If brandy was made out of sparrows there would soon be no sparrows. Georg C. Lichtenberg
A shot of brandy can save your life, but a bottle of brandy can kill you. Cary Grant
Claret is the liquor for boys; port for men; but he who aspires to be a hero must drink brandy. Samuel Johnson
An American monkey, after getting drunk on brandy, would never touch it again, and thus is much wiser than most men. Charles Darwin
The most sensible thing to do to people you hate is to drink their brandy. Elizabeth Taylor
I neither want it [Brandy] nor need it, but I should think it pretty hazardous to interfere with the ineradicable habit of a lifetime. Winston Churchill
And he took another swallow of the brandy, shaking his great fair head like a man who looks forward to the worst. Robert Louis Stevenson
So, after three days of incessant brandy-drinking, he had burned out the youth from his blood, he had achieved this kindled state of oneness with all the world, which is the end of youth's most passionate desire. D. H. Lawrence
Brandy, which is fallen and accursed wine, as devils are fallen and accursed angels. Fitz James O'Brien
Harris, I am not well; pray get me a glass of brandy. George IV
As for the brandy, nothing extenuate; and the water, put nought in it malice. Douglas Jerrold
To get over the guilt of drinking, take your brandy in milk. This way, it becomes medicinal. Catherine Cookson
Now, some recipes put in gin, while others call for brandy, flavored vodka, triple sec, or Cognac. The point here is to give your brew a kick compatible with citrus fruit flavors—and even then, other recipes call for apples in addition to raspberries or blueberries. It's all up to you, amigo. Steven Kates
Crazed with avarice, lust and rum, New York, thy name's Delirium. Byron R. Newton
When I am an old woman I shall wear purple, with a red hat which doesn't go and doesn't suit me. And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves, and satin sandals, and say we've no money for butter. Jenny Joseph
We all drew on the comfort which is given out by the major works of Mozart, which is as real and material as the warmth given up by a glass of brandy. Rebecca West
When I see a merchant over-polite to his customers, begging them to taste a little brandy and throwing half his goods on the counter—thinks I, that man has an axe to grind. Charles Miner
She's crazier than a rat in a brandy keg. Eloise Dalton
Teddy, I'm a Scotch drinker, you know that. I just have the occasional brandy when I'm not drinking. Jim Naboth
If this fellow had his way with me, I don't suppose I'd ever have had another brandy and soda. That's a dismal thought, isn't it? You know it hadn't occurred to me before, but this brandy-and-soda business put it into my mind, that being dead must be rather like living in America, you know? It's a dry state. Lord Montague
There's some are fou o'love divine; / There's some are fou o'brandy. Robert Burns
I have something which makes it all bearable, the presents, the in-laws, other people's children, your own children, the games, the noise, the mess, the ridiculous meals. It consists of one part French cooking brandy, one part Irish whiskey and four parts fresh milk. The hard part is remembering to put milk instead of water into your ice cube trays the night before. Drink the mixture immediately on rising, while others are having breakfast or throwing up behind the snowman. Kingsley Amis
The brandy went to Whit's stomach like a saber cut. John Farris
Deprive him [the habitual reader] of printed matter and he grows nervous, moody and restless; then, like the alcoholic bereft of brandy who will drink shellac or methylated spirit, he will make do with the advertisements of a paper five years old; he will make do with a telephone directory. W. Somerset Maugham
Her voice was rich and dark like good brandy, yet somehow lively too, like the very best champagne. George Garrett
Hell is full of musical amateurs: music is the brandy of the damned. George Bernard Shaw
I meditate, I do yoga and I have a lot of friends who are healers.....And if none of that works, I go buy a chocolate bar and a bottle of cognac. Susan Strasberg
Cognac and cigars... it's like finding the perfect woman. When you've got her, why go chasing after another? Michael Nouri
Begin a meal with a good blessing, Johnny. Finish it with a good brandy. And then, you've got something. Grandma
There's a girl in this harbor town / And she works layin' whiskey down / They say, Brandy, fetch another round / She serves them whiskey and wine / The sailors say, Brandy, you're a fine girl. Meredith Quill
We each have our own escape, you see. Mother her prayers. You, your horses your falcons and your dreams of an age that is no more. And I, my cognac. Henri
One does not snort cognac, Klinger. One entices cognac. First, one warms it. Then one lures the scent to the waiting nostrils. One urges it to insinuate its fumes through the joyous olfactory passages. Maj. Charles Winchester
Eyes that send me chasing after feelings that I lost one day / Why befriend me when the brandy tells me what they want to say? / Playing big protector is a grand disguise / 'Til you contradict yourself with brandy eyes / No beginning / Still no end to let me shrug and walk away / Silly grinning, teasing talk that promises a kiss some day / I would put you out of mind if I were wise / But wisdom has no power over brandy eyes. Joni Mitchell
I used to spend my nights out in a barroom / Liquor was the only love I've known / But you rescued me from reaching for the bottle / And you brought me back from being too far gone / You're as smooth as Tennessee whiskey / You're as sweet as strawberry wine / You're as warm as a glass of brandy / And I stay stoned on your love all the time. Linda H. Bartholomew and Dean Dillon