Caffeine Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old caffeine quotes, caffeine sayings, and caffeine proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

A cup of coffee – real coffee – home-browned, home ground, home made, that comes to you dark as a hazel-eye, but changes to a golden bronze as you temper it with cream that never cheated, but was real cream from its birth, thick, tenderly yellow, perfectly sweet, neither lumpy nor frothing on the Java: such a cup of coffee is a match for twenty blue devils and will exorcise them all. Henry Ward Beecher
Coffee is a hug in a mug. unknown
Up to a thousand milligrams of caffeine is considered safe for most people, which translates into about 10 cups of coffee a day. Michael Greger
Even bad coffee is better… than no Coffee at all. David Lynch
Coffee, the finest organic suspension ever devised. Star Trek: Voyager
The second cup of coffee is never as good as the first. Theodore Roosevelt
As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be? Cassandra Clare
If it ain't caffeinated, it ain't coffee! Anonymous
Most of the people don't know that one of the great qualities of caffeine is it allows you to absorb nutrients, and it does it quickly, and so when it does it quickly, you focus, and when you focus, you think you have energy. Manoj Bhargava
Coffee smells like freshly ground heaven. Jessi Lane Adams
Coffee makes us severe, and grave, and philosophical. Jonathan Swift
Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better. Justina Chen
Caffeine dehydrates the brain and body. Daniel G. Amen
Widespread caffeine use explains a lot about the twentieth century. Greg Egan
Coffee makes dreams come true. Keith Wynn
Coffee smiles us into the day. Terri Guillemets
Caffeine restricts blood flow to the brain. Daniel G. Amen
Coffee is a beverage that puts one to sleep when not drank. Alphonse Allais
Good Coffee – Cheaper than Prozac! unknown
Coffee is a lot more than just a drink; it's something happening. Not as in hip, but like an event, a place to be, but not like a location, but like somewhere within yourself. It gives you time, but not actual hours or minutes, but a chance to be, like be yourself, and have a second cup. Gertrude Stein
Coffee makes grisly mornings bearable. Terri Guillemets
Coffee is a way of stealing time which should by rights belong to your older self. Terry Pratchett
Caffeine isn't a drug, it's a vitamin! Anonymous
You can survive up to three weeks without food. You can only survive for three days without water. No one knows how many days you can survive without caffeine. Andrew Shaffer
Certainly the caffeine in coffee, whether it's Starbucks or generic coffee, is somewhat of a stimulant. But if you drink it in moderation, which I think four or five cups a day is, you're fine. Howard Schultz
No coffee can be good in the mouth that does not first send a sweet offering of odor to the nostrils. Henry Ward Beecher
There's nothing sweeter than a cup of bitter coffee. Rian Aditia
What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup.  Henry Rollins
Coffee is a language in itself. Jackie Chan
Coffee is the best thing to douse the sunrise with. Terri Guillemets
Caffeine is a euphemism for 'Anxiety' wrapped in increased alertness. Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Where does all the caffeine go that's taken out of coffee and tea? Companies sell it to soda companies to add to their soft drinks. Alicia Alvrez
When God evaluated his creation, he deemed coffee trees, along with all else, to be 'very good.' Many people throughout history have enjoyed coffee — even in a fallen world where neither coffee nor our taste buds are at their best. Randy C. Alcom
Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and fat. Alex Levine
Caffeine is the gateway drug. I don't need drugs to make my life tragic. Eddie Vetter
Being addicted to nicotine. / And that crave to taste, / That morning cup of coffee. / Filled to the brim with caffeine. Lawrence S. Pertillar
Did I curl my toes under my feet / Threading my fingers ‘round the scolding cup / My yellow molars grinding to the beat / Of meds-a-glee and gluttonous caffeine ups? Nick Hertzog
Your addiction has skyrocketed, / starting to doubt I can save you, / saying it's affection but the caffeine has affected your brain / your cranky behavior has left me puzzled. Sean 45
I stare into your dark abyss / watch milk and water intermix / anticipating caffeine’s kicks. / What a bouquet! you never miss! / you have the power to revive/ bringing all my senses alive. Rachel Fawcett
I'm still stuck in this office for another 40 years or so. / My breath tastes of coffee and my smile is fake / I've had so much caffeine that my hands are beginning to shake / I'm sick of this job, I'm sick of this place. Butter Field
Coffee... The caffeine in your morning coffee stops an enzyme called amylase from working correctly, which is located in your mouth and gut and breaks down starchy carbs. Eddie Hall
I don't usually drink caffeine so that when I need it, it actually does something. Anna Kendrick
We have too many poisons in our diets now, like sugar and caffeine. Jasmine Guinness
I take vitamins when I wake up. One of them I need to take is to wake up my brain. It has some caffeine in it, and it stimulates my brain and I'm literally not a person without it. Melody Hobson
Caffeine is a good thing. Manoj Bhargava
I don't like coffee but I need caffeine. Preet Bharara
I sipped my own coffee, heavy on the sugar and cream, trying to make up for the late work the night before. Caffeine and sugar, the two basic food groups. Laurell K. Hamilton
I went out of the kitchen to make coffee — yards of coffee. Rich, strong, bitter, boiling hot, ruthless, depraved. The life blood of tired men. Raymond Chandler
The fresh smell of coffee soon wafted through the apartment, the smell that separates night from day. Haruki Murakami
I don't see the point in caffeine without coffee. Or coffee without caffeine, for that matter. Robyn Schneider