Credibility Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old credibility quotes, credibility sayings, and credibility proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Credibility is a basic survival tool. Rebecca Solnit
All credibility, all good conscience, all evidence of truth come only from the senses. Friedrich Nietzsche
As you become more successful, the gender barrier disappears. The credibility challenges you have during your growing up years starts disappearing when you start demonstrating success. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
A statement is persuasive and credible either because it is directly self-evident or because it appears to be proved from other statements that are so. Aristotle
Credibility comes from results. Everything else is just marketing. Richie Norton
Lack of credibility slays your character. Bernard Kelvin Clive
The credibility of the teller is the ultimate test of the truth of a proposition. Neil Postman
Accuracy builds credibility. Jim Rohn
To gain credibility, you must consistently demonstrate three things: Initiative: You have to get up to go up. Sacrifice: You have to give up to go up. Maturity: You have to grow up to go up. If you show the way, people will want to follow you. The higher you go, the greater the number of people who will be willing to travel with you. John C. Maxwell
Credibility is a leader's currency. With it, he or she is solvent; without it, he or she is bankrupt. John C. Maxwell
The more you are willing to accept responsibility for your actions, the more credibility you will have. Brian Koslow
Credibility is like virginity. Once you lose it, you can never get it back. Anonymous
For every credibility gap, there is a gullibility gap. Richard Clopton
Governing today means giving acceptable signs of credibility. It is like advertising and it is the same effect that is achieved commitment to a scenario. Jean Baudrillard
Credibility lasts about two cycles of bad material, and then you'll probably never get it back. If you let people down, that's really hard to come back from harder than climbing from nothing to something, even. Louis C.K.
A flourishing, morally credible media is a vital component in the maintenance of genuinely public talk, argument about common good. Rowan Williams
Constantly there's a credibility issue; you're judged on how you look. If you look good' people assume you aren't credible. It's a battle you'll always fight if you're on TV and a female. Lisa Guerrero
Having a credible existence in the private sector frees people to be able to be better public servants. You're less concerned with toeing the party line and more concerned with doing what is right. Walker Stapleton
A highly credible leader under promises and over delivers. John C. Maxwell
A credible witness to truth and to the values of the Gospel is urgently needed. Pope Francis
Without credible communication, and a lot of it, the hearts and minds of others are never captured. John P. Kotter
To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; credible we must be truthful. Edward R. Murrow
Being attractive and being credible can and do go together. Lisa Guerrero
Everything in a story should be credible. Rex Stout
Credibility is lost when there are big discrepancies between what leaders say and what they do. Increasing credibility requires openness. Hidden agendas will destroy trust. Judith M. Bardwick
The credibility of any item in finance is inversely proportionate to the amount of publicity it receives. Michael Scott
Credibility is someone else's idea of what I should be doing. Paul Stanley
Somehow credibility comes into play if you do things that are too familiar. Rickie Lee Jones
You have to build up a credibility before the support comes to you. Frank Gehry
American credibility in the war on terrorism depends on a strong stand against all terrorist acts, whether committed by foe or friend. Arlen Specter
For every credibility gap there is a gullibility gap. Richard Cobden
Build your credibility so you won't have to say the same thing twice before someone believes it. Anonymous
PROPHECY, n. The art and practice of selling one's credibility for future delivery. Ambrose Bierce
Don't steamroll your way into a conversation before establishing any relational credibility. Bill Hybels
In the end, you make your reputation and you have your success based upon credibility and being able to provide people who are really hungry for information what they want. Brit Hume
Credibility is to be good. You must be good. That's all I ever wanted to be good at what I did. Cheryl Cole
If you tell people what you are going to do, and you suggest it's going to be successful, you need to be successful. Because once you create those expectations and you don't fulfill them, when you already have a significant credibility problem, it just further degrades your credibility. Chris Lehane
Our willingness to openly reveal our feelings in our argument nearly always builds our credibility. Gerry Spence
Don't confuse visibility with credibility. Harvey Mackay
It's hard to know now who, if anyone, in the media has any credibility. Howard Fineman
Leaders strengthen credibility by demonstrating that they are not in it for themselves, instead they have the interests of the institution, department, or team and its constituents at heart. Being a servant may not be what many leaders had in mind when they chose to take responsibility for the vision and direction of their organization or team - but serving others is the most glorious and rewarding of all leadership tasks. James M. Kouzes
Diligent follow-up and follow-through will set you apart from the crowd and communicate excellence. John C. Maxwell
I don't know how anybody can say that who looks at what's happening to our young people and what's happening to our country, all because of guns. The NRA is putting themselves in a position where people will no longer trust them. They've been trusted in the past, but now their credibility is on the line. Joycelyn Elders
I have, I think, afforded every opportunity that could be reasonably expected, to judge of my credibility. Maria Monk
Lying damages others. Lying subtly permits us to destroy ourselves as we are caught in the snare and shatter our own self-image and credibility. Freedom from deceit and lying improves self and gives all of us peace of mind. Marvin J. Ashton
Inconsistency on the part of pastors and the faithful between what they say and what they do, between word and manner of life, is undermining the church's credibility. Pope Francis
Each person assesses each other person's credibility on different dimensions, because people are strong and weak in different things. Ray Dalio
You have to suspend disbelief a little bit to buy into your situation and to the story and to how the character will react. You have to tweak your credibility a little bit, is basically what it comes down to. Richard Dean Anderson
The most essential quality for leadership is not perfection but credibility. People must be able to trust you. Rick Warren
Leadership is learned, earned, and discerned. You develop it. It's based on trust and credibility. Others see it in you. You can't demand it. Rick Warren
Consultants have credibility because they are not dumb enough to work at your company. Scott Adams
The process of building trust is an interesting one, but it begins with yourself, with what I call self trust, and with your own credibility, your own trustworthiness. If you think about it, it's hard to establish trust with others if you can't trust yourself. Stephen Covey
Every exaggeration of the truth once detected by others destroys our credibility and makes all that we do and say suspect. Stephen Covey
In our own lives, having a mind-set of expecting to win increases our odds of winning. It helps us get better results. And better results help us increase our credibility and self-confidence, which leads to more positive self-expectancy, and more winning - and the upward cycle continues. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Stephen Covey
We must reflect a holistic view of the leader, in three dimensions, character, substance and style. Character consists of the qualities that win trust whereas substance consists of the qualities that earn us credibility; style is the dimension of execution - getting others to get things done. Suzanne Bates
If you can engage the influencer’s passions, and work with them to craft a compelling logical appeal, then you can leverage the credibility of the influencer to actually sway hearts and minds. Tom Webster
It is the characteristic of the most stringent censorships that they give credibility to the opinions they attack. Voltaire
If you don't know,say so. It's a simple statement that enhances credibility. W. Brett Wilson