Differences Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old differences quotes, differences sayings, and differences proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

A man is known by the company he keeps. M. Coverdale
Ain't no pot so crooked, you can't find a lid to fit. unknown
All cats are grey in the dark. John Heywood
Different strokes for different folks. Clarence Darrow
Each bay, its own wind. Fijian (on differences)
Each person has his strong point. Aesop
Even a sheet of paper has two sides. Japanese (on differences)
Even children of the same mother, look different. Korean (on differences)
Every burro has his own saddle. Equadoran
Every head is a world. Cuban (on differences)
Every herring must hang by his own gill. S. Harwood
Every land has its own law. J. Carmichael
Every man for himself. John Heywood
Like breeds like. R. Edgeworth
No one is easy to live with all of the time. unknown
One person can burn water, while another can't even burn oil. Kashmiri (on differences)
Sun is good for cucumbers, rain for rice. Vietnamese (on appropriateness)
The lion believes that everyone shares his state of mind. Mexican (on differences)
Variety is the spice of life. unknown
When you can do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world. George Washington Carver
You can't tell a book by its cover. American Proverb
It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences. Audre Lorde
We focus so much on our differences, and that is creating, I think, a lot of chaos and negativity and bullying in the world. And I think if everybody focused on what we all have in common - which is - we all want to be happy. Ellen DeGeneres
If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity. John F. Kennedy
All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because oneness is the secret of everything. Swami Vivekananda
Our differences are policies; our agreements, principles. William McKinley
Differences challenge assumptions. Anne Wilson Schaef
I refuse to allow any man-made differences to separate me from any other human beings. Maya Angelou
We are enriched by our reciprocate differences. Paul Valery
Being different is ... interesting; there's nothing implicitly inferior or superior about it. Great difference, of course, produces natural caution; and if the differences are too extreme ... well, then, reality tends to fade away. Edward Albee
You don't get harmony when everybody sings the same note. Doug Floyd
It seemed ... such nonsense -- inventing differences, when people, heaven knows, were different enough without that. Virginia Woolf
If you hate difference, you'll be bored to death. Toba Beta
To think is to differ. Clarence Darrow
But every little difference may become a big one if it is insisted on. Vladimir Lenin
Differences don't just threaten and divide us. They also inform, enrich, and enliven us. Harriet Lerner
Honest differences are often a healthy sign of progress. Mahatma Gandhi
We are all different, which is great because we are all unique. Without diversity life would be very boring. Catherine Pulsifer
We have become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams. Jimmy Carter
Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another's uniqueness. Ola Joseph
As long as the differences and diversities of mankind exist, democracy must allow for compromise, for accommodation, and for the recognition of differences. Eugene McCarthy
We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race. Kofi Annan
Differences are not intended to separate, to alienate. We are different precisely in order to relaize our need of one another. Desmond Tutu
A fruit salad is delicious precisely because each fruit maintains its own flavor. Sean Covey
No two persons can learn something and experience it in the same way. Shannon L. Alder
Differences were meant by God not to divide but to enrich. J.H. Oldham
The fact that we're all different is the one thing we all have in common. Justin Young
You're different. And I'm different too. Different is good. But different is hard. Believe me, I know. Matthew Quick
Our greatest strength as a human race is our ability to acknowledge our differences, our greatest weakness is our failure to embrace them. Judith Henderson
There's always a b side in every story. Devin Christianto
I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something. Richard Feynmann
The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits. Albert Einstein
Every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle—error of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left free to combat it. Thomas Jefferson
In every country where man is free to think & to speak, differences of opinion will arise from difference of perception, & the imperfection of reason. Thomas Jefferson
Even if we differ in principle more than I believe we do, you and I know too well the texture of the human mind, and the slipperiness of human reason, to consider differences of opinion otherwise than differences of form or feature. Thomas Jefferson
You've got to love what's loveable, and hate what's hateable. It takes brains to see the difference. Robert Frost
Between the act and the deed lies a world of difference. Fred Clark (A Place in the Sun)
People do have reasonable differences. Human ignorance, pride, and selfishness would always be with us, prompting inevitable divisions and conflicting ambitions. Albert Gore
In the realm of the spirit, all worldly differences, talents, and bank accounts will have no purchase. Soren Kierkegaard
Everyone's an athlete. The only difference is that some of us are in training, and some are not. George Sheehan
Training is different from just plain running. It's the difference between tossing the football around every other day and trying out for the team. Marc Bloom
Aside from all the differences that separate us, the magic we share will be the same. Grete Waitz and Gloria Averbuch
Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you'll start to see a big difference in your life. Yoko Ono
There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes the big difference. That little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative. W. Clement Stone
My neighbor thinks me a fool, / 'The same to yourself,' say I; / 'Why take your books and take your prayers, / Give me the open sky;' / My neighbor thinks me a fool, / 'The same to yourself,' say I. Paul Laurence Dunbar
Sometimes, I make myself the worry / I talk to myself / Again and again / About the consequences of differences / Between you and me, because, / You are like a fresh flower / And I am like a dry leaf. Ehsan Sehgal
The differences in life —live within the questions you've asked. Kurt Philip Behm
Looking beyond our differences, / the transformation deepened / Speaking without words, / the conversation spiked / Touching without holding on, / all feelings turned to ecstasy / Loving while letting go / —the caterpillar's delight. Kurt Philip Behm
A world where we can no longer point out the differences between you and me, / it's a world of equality. Leeza Y.
I believe that we are here for each other, not against each other. Everything comes from an understanding that you are a gift in my life - whoever you are, whatever our differences. John Denver
Strength lies in differences, not in similarities. Stephen Covey
I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort where we overlap. Ani DiFranco
Embrace your differences and the qualities about you that you think is weird. Eventually, they're going to be the only things separating you from everyone else. Sebastian Stan
We come in many different shapes and sizes, and we need to support each other and our differences. Our beauty is in our differences. Carrre Otis
People are pretty much alike. It's only that our differences are more susceptible to definition than our similarities. Linda Ellerbee
You know, we have our differences, everybody does, honest, real differences, but I do believe strongly that we as neighbors are drawn together far more than we're driven apart. Dan Miller
We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily differences we can make which, over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee. Marian Wright Edelman
We go on and on about our differences. But, you know, our differences are less important than our similarities. People have a lot in common with one another, whether they see that or not. William Hall
I've found that small wins, small projects, small differences often make huge differences. Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Too many of us still believe our differences define us. John Lewis