Disgrace Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old disgrace quotes, disgrace sayings, and disgrace proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

For that which is a disgrace to human nature, throws something of a shade over all the human character, and each individual feels his share of the wound that is given to the whole. Thomas Paine
The thought of disgrace never touched her. She had no world whose verdict she might fear. Mrs. Horace Field
There are two ways of doing battle against Disgrace. You may live it down; or you may run away from it and hide. The first method is heart-breaking, but sure. The second cannot be relied upon because of the uncomfortable way Disgrace has of turning up at your heels. Edna Ferber
We can learn personal humility from episodes that generate shame and guilt. After retiring from worldly affairs and drawing useful lessons from personal disgrace, we must resume living an expedient life devoted to appreciating truth, beauty, and love. Kilroy J. Oldster
It is better to wait until you get the right thing, at the right time and in the right place; than to race for the wrong thing, at the wrong time and in the wrong place, for it yields nothing but disgrace. Gift Gugu Mona
There is no disgrace in being knocked down, there is only shame in not getting back up; never quit! Ken Poirot
Vain mistaken mortals, who, valuing themselves on names and titles, suppose that the virtues of the mind must be attached to an empty sound, when every day's experience proves that birth is disgraced, titles rendered contemptible, and riches a curse, by the vices, meanness, and dissipation of its possessors! Eliza Parsons
Labor disgraces no man; unfortunately, you occasionally find men who disgrace labor. Ulysses S. Grant
It isn't a disgrace not to reach the stars, but it is a disgrace to have no stars to reach for. Benjamin E. Mays
To have once been a criminal is no disgrace. To remain a criminal is the disgrace. Malcolm X
It is no small misfortune and disgrace that, through our own fault, we neither understand our nature nor our origin. Saint Teresa of Avila
The nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master and deserves one. Alexander Hamilton
And but two ways are offered to our will, Toil with rare triumph, ease with safe disgrace, The problem still for us and all of human race. James Russell Lowell
Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. There is no disgrace in honest failure; there is disgrace in fearing to fail. Henry Ford
The future's mine and it's no disgrace, cos in the end the past means nothing.I feel a little down today, and I ain't got much to say.And if I stumble, catch me when I fall. Noel Gallagher
What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable. Socrates
He is senseless who would match himself against a stronger man; for he is deprived of victory and adds suffering to disgrace. Hesiod
The coming of honor or disgrace must be a reflection of one's inner power. Xunzi
It is better to die than to preserve this life by incurring disgrace. The loss of life causes but a moment's grief, but disgrace brings grief every day of one's life. Chanakya
Whatever disgrace we may have deserved, it is almost always in our power to re-establish our character. Plautus
The man that gloats over another man's disgrace and thinks himself raised in dignity by it, is unworthy of future bliss. Genesis Rabbah
He who has achieved this state Is unconcerned with friends and enemies, With good and harm, with honor and disgrace. This therefore is the highest state of man. Lao Tzu
To bear the country's disgrace is to rule the shrines of soil and grain. To bear the country's misfortunes is to be the king of the world. Lao Tzu
Whatever ignominy or disgrace we have incurred, it is almost always in our power to reestablish our reputation. Francois de la Rochefoucauld
The general who advances without coveting fame and retreats without fearing disgrace, whose only thought is to proctect his country country and do good service for his sovereign, is the jewel of the kingdom. Sun Tzu
A man whose life has been dishonourable is not entitled to escape disgrace in death. Lucius Accius
When we have lost everything, including hope, life becomes a disgrace, and death a duty. W. C. Fields
No matter what cause one defends, it will suffer permanent disgrace if one resorts to blind attacks on crowds of innocent people. Albert Camus
The noble art of losing face may one day save the human race and turn into eternal merit what weaker minds would call disgrace. Piet Pieterszoon Hein