Dodgeball Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old dodgeball quotes, dodgeball sayings, and dodgeball proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Dodgeball is a sport of violence, exclusion, and degradation. Rawson Marshall Thurber
And he won't be allowed to play dodgeball because it's exclusionary, and it promotes aggression. Standing around is still okay. George Carlin
The day I stop caring about dodgeball is the day the Earth starts spinning around the sun. Andrew Lawrence
Of my life. But I love sports. Dodgeball was the best. I was the fastest one out there. Course, I was the ball. Pete Docter
I think it's like a game of dodgeball. There's a lot of chaos and screaming Bill Lawrence
I've got my telescope head in the haystack / I'm getting tired of your dodgeball circus act / Put pepper in my coffee, I forgot to bark on command Bill Berry
The old heads told me life wasn't a game / But mine steady feeling like pinball, dodgeball / Chasing freedom, establish a kingdom Damon Dash
I’m at the park playing dodgeball / Drinking San Pellegrino like it’s Cristal / No school, alcohol / Living no rules—Calvinball George Watsky
Memories / Going back and forth / Like dodgeball / Babylove / Whatta ball / License to ill Rob Regis
As you're trying to shield your glass / Newborn from the dodgeballs / And aching for children / That you have never seen / It's still a tragedy Kristin Hersh
Also, dodgeball is a great way to relieve stress. Michele Jakubowski
Yes! Of all the fun things we do in gym, dodgeball is my favorite! Michele Jakubowski
Dodgeball is not only a favored recreational activity for young people, it has also become an often-used team-building exercise in the business world. Robyn Waters
Turns out all that dodging, ducking, and running provides a real aerobic workout. Robyn Waters
Dodgeball cardio classes have proliferated, as have official dodgeball societies. Robyn Waters
While dodgeball and double Dutch are examples of actual games being reinvented, there are instances where a redesign of a game's accouterments can lead to revitalized sales and a boost for the sport itself. Robyn Waters
As the number of players on each team began to decrease, the quality of Dodgeball on the court began to increase. N.C. Yeutter
Naysayers classify dodgeball as mere game. They have a point: dodgeball is a popular recess activity in many elementary schools. Scott McNeely
Don't be fooled. Modern dodgeball is played by serious-minded adults in competitive leagues both in the USA and internationally. Scott McNeely
Most young dodgeball players think that throwing hard is how to win, but I've learned that's not the best way to play the game. Use accuracy, bounce throws and other tricks to fool the player in the middle. If you throw hard, you lose accuracy. Matthew E. Alleyne
Dodgeball isn't much fun because Dead Kids like to come right up to you and throw the ball as hard as they can at the top of your head or your stomach. Andrew Wedderburn
I think that Dodgeball detailed an entire generation of Americans. It's the true red menace. Stuart Kantor
Dodgeball is as harmful to America's children as water is to fish. Stuart Kantor
Dodgeball is one of the first opportunities in life to figure out which one you are and how you're going to deal with it. Christina Hoff Sommers
When you encounter a Dodgeball team, it is fairly easy to tell which players are the least skilled. The flatness if a player's face is a direct correlation to their ability. Peter Nuttall
All these games are based on a form of dodgeball which is popular and fun to play, uses very little equipment and is ideal for playing both indoors and out. Mary Alianson
The only children who like dodgeball are the ones who don't get hit, who don't get eliminated, who don't get whaled on. Ayelet Waldman
Dodgeball had been eliminated from grade school gym classes years ago because the already violent games only got worse when kids with superpowers were added to the mix. William Boniface
Playing around offers plenty of challenges--such as figuring out how to dominate in TicTac Toe or the best way to bean your buddy with a dodgeball. Ben Applebaum
For many kids, dodgeball isn't a game: It's revenge. It's their chance to settle a score in a legitimate fashion. Julia Scheeres
Take care of your balls and they'll take care of you. Patches O'Houlihan
I found that if you have a goal, that you might not reach it. But if you don't have one, then you are never disappointed. And I gotta tell ya it feels phenomenal. Vince Vaughn
If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. Patches O'Houlihan
our True Nature Is Love. There's Nothing You Can Do About It. Byron Katie
Forget about where you want to be and go out and build stuff. Dodgeball came from being bored at work... things happen because you make them happen. Stop sketching, and start building. Dennis Crowley
Nobody makes me bleed my own blood. Nobody! Ben Stiller
Well I guess if a person never quit when the going got tough they wouldn't have anything to regret for the rest of their life. Lance Armstrong
Remember the 5 D's of dodgeball: Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge. Patches O'Houlihan
If you can dodge traffic, you can dodge a ball. Patches O'Houlihan
I'm not sure who invented dodgeball, but I can almost guarantee you that it wasn't the shortest kid in the class. John Bingham