Dying Young Sayings and Quotes

Dying young might be glamorized by the entertainment industry, but the reality is far from ideal. Losing a loved one early, is a devastating experience. Below you’ll find a collection of wise and insightful quotes about dying young.

The greatest thing in life is to die young but delay it as long as possible. George Bernard Shaw
It's not the good that die young, it's the lucky. Mark Twain
Grieve not that I die young. Is it not well To pass away ere life hath lost its brightness? Lady Flora Hastings
I guess that's one good thing about dying young: you're remembered for your purity, vigor and spontaneity. Dying young you're remembered for your youth. Ryan Smithson
There's no tragedy in life like the death of a child. Things never get back to the way they were. Dwight D. Eisenhower
Life, to be sure, is nothing much to lose. But young men think it is, and we were young. A. E. Housman
The death of a child is the single most traumatic event in medicine. To lose a child is to lose a piece of yourself. Dr. Burton Grebin
Some are bound to die young, By dying young a person stays young in people's memory. If he burns brightly before he dies, his brightness shines for all time Unkown
The idea is to die young as late as possible. Ashley Montagu
Death is a distant rumor to the young. Andrew A. Rooney
Live fast, die young, and leave a good looking corpse. John Derek
I want to die young at a ripe old age. Ashley Montagu
Those who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but they die young. Arthur Wing Pinero
Never give up, never slow down, never grow old and never ever die young. James Taylor
The good die young - because they see it's no use living if you've got to be good. John Barrymore
A person starts dying when they stop dreaming. Brian Williams
I needed to know that death was here, in the room, and that I was too fast, too young, and too smart for him. Tony O'Neill
The death of a young person for no reason is an apocalypse. Dave Eggers
Death is as near to the young as to the old; here is all the difference: death stands behind the young man's back, before the old man's face. Thomas Adams
Only the young die good. Oliver Herford
I may die young, but at least I'll die smart. John Green
So many people die young. I'm hoping that's unintended. James Dye
Live life to it's fullest or it may seem like you died young. James Wattersmith
Each man carries within him the soul of a poet who died young. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
A flower bloomed already wilting. Beginning its life with an early ending. R.J. Gonzales
At fourteen you don't need sickness or death for tragedy. Jessamyn West
I'd be interested in finding out if there is a light you walk into, and if you do meet people from your life and walk hand in hand with Jesus. I would hate for my death to be tragic: I'd like to be old when it happens. But hopefully a young death is unlikely. Brian Molko
Healthy children will not fear life if their elders have integrity enough not to fear death. Dr. Erik Erikson
Living fast and dying young is crap if you have a chance to get better. I say good for you. David Shore
They say the Lord gives; the Lord takes away / Takes more than I'll ever have / To understand the world today / Death and the dear of dying young Michael Nieward
Holes in his sweater, fluid in his lungs / The experts say there's things / He should've done better / But instead he is just dying young Vic Chesnut
Yeah, he wished he was a lawyer / Maybe like Perry Mason / He would sue them 'til they are scrawny / Instead of lying there dying young Vic Chesnut
And tired of disbelieving, sick of struggling / The experts busy / Their gloved hands are relieving / The symptoms of dying young Vic Chesnut
So if tomorrow never comes / From living fast and dying young / I hope the best is yet to come / In the time that remains for you Chris Wallin
Cause you can't unlive the pain / You can't rewind to yesterday / You might never find your place / In the time that remains / So if tomorrow never comes / From living fast and dying young Chris Wallin
This time, it was so unexpected / Last time, it was the drugs he was lacing / All legends fall in the making / Sorry truth, dying young, demon youth David Biral
So this is what it means to be alive / He'll dance like no one's watching, laugh until he cries / He holds on tight and loves without regret, he takes the good and leaves the rest / And when all is said and done, he's gonna leave here dying young Chad Brownlee
You only get one time around / Time's always counting down / And what you do with this life's always up to you / I'm gonna leave here / Dying young Chad Brownlee
I know you are somewhere... / Inside this open wound / Dying young is fashion / I knew you were somewhere / Dying young is fashion Razorz Epileptics
Living fast and dying young / Yeah that's the way things they used to be done / And now there's no one out there left to have some fun Joseph Poole
You showed me the way but now you're gone / Quicker than the trigger of an outlaw's gun / Living fast and dying young / A victim of this road you left me on Emmylou Harris
The sun fades on me now and I miss you like words can't know / And I missed my shot at dying young a long time ago / It's just a lesson learned in love, it's not angry it's not sad / Some time you have to lose something to know what you have Zachry Alexander Brown
All the pain you left in your life you still feeling me / Everybody living must have thought it would change / But living fast and dying young's a part of the game Mike Dean
I could lie I don’t care about what’s missing / But sometimes it’s just roses dying too young / Your train of thoughts is always passing here / With its falling paint, and its broken gears Kristian Matsson
Living fast and dying young a like an endless poetry. / My motorcycle nightmare freak out inside of me. / My soul salvation, liberation, on the drive. Ivan Peter De Prume
You wanna go to heaven, but you sold your soul / Dying young / I'm growing cold / Cut yourself apart, so you don't grow old Jorel Decker
The hard rock God, he never had a chance you know / Incurable romantics never do / He held a flame I wasn't born to carry / I'll leave the dying young stuff up to you Amy E Millan
You're living fast and dying young is where you're going / Don't fall victim to the trap door that ain't showing / It's bigger than the block they would stand for La'Reonte Wright
Everybody's doing cocaine and starting up fights / And I'm living fast and hard / And dying young with my fists upright Shelton (Hank III) Williams
Voices crying, young people dying / Lost, nowhere to run / So I'm asking, takes sacrificing / Time for us to come and / Hold up the light Bebe Winans
Gotta live stronger since I went vegetarian / I hope I live longer, dying young is scary Lloyd Polite
Any sense of life's fairness must therefore account for the seeming unfairness of painful deaths, of sudden deaths, of good people dying and dying young; it must account for the unfairness of everyone dying eventually. Nick Luxmoore
If we commit to loving, we will inevitably know loss and grief. Megan Devine
If we try to avoid loss and grief, we will never truly love. Megan Devine
Most people and many professionals think of grief and loss as aberrations, detours from a normal, happy life. Megan Devine
There is nothing wrong with grief. It;s a natural extension of love. It's a healthy and sane response to loss. Megan Devine
Powerfully and mysteriously, knowing both love and loss is what brings us fully and deeply alive. Megan Devine
Losing a child happens in many different ways. There is the loss in the womb. There are cot deaths, accidents, epidemics, malignant diseases. Elaine Storkey
Behind each loss there is grief. Sometimes it is grief mingled with guilt. Nearly always it is grief mingled with heartbreak. Elaine Storkey
Each lost child is precious. We feel each loss acutely, however we have suffered it. Elaine Storkey
Parents who have just lost a child cannot believe any words of hope, They do not want to hear them yet. Elaine Storkey
A woman who has lost her baby through miscarriage may feel a very deep loss which few others seem to understand. Elaine Storkey
There are many helps to surviving, but only one key. The key is acceptance!-not acceptance of you loss. Rather acceptance of the grief process. Elizabeth B. Brown
You will not accept your child's death until you have completed the healing. Hurt, anguish, tears, yearning, pining are part of the healing. Elizabeth B. Brown
No one sleeps well after a child's death, especially those who are burdened with guilt and the 'if only,' and those who are paralyzed by the violent act that took their child's life. Elizabeth B. Brown
You can never forget! You just learn to live with the loss. Elizabeth B. Brown
Many times it is harder because your time and energy have wrapped around the deceased. Elizabeth B. Brown
Unlike the complexities of unexpected loss of life, there are times when death brings more relief than grief. Ron Johnson
Sometimes death is excruciatingly painful and difficult to live with, but death can and should always result in some kind of value for the person who has grieved through it. Ron Johnson
Death can also be a relief for family, friends, and caretakers who have been part of an individual's prolonged and deteriorating illness. Ron Johnson
Like daily sads, major grief does end. It takes time to grieve. Ninety-nine percent of the time grief is finished in minutes or hours if we allow it. Ron Johnson
With deeper attachment, we usually have deeper grieving, and usually longer grieving. Ron Johnson
You know death is final, that there us no returning from the grave, that you cannot go up to heaven to visit, and that all of us will die someday. Phyllis R. Silverman