Eccentric Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old eccentric quotes, eccentric sayings, and eccentric proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

The eccentricities of a person can not be drawn with a conventional compass tool. Khang Kijarro Nguyen
The only way to become an eccentric is to end your relationship with extroverts. Michael Bassey Johnson
Uniqueness is like a signature, nobody can forge it's exact copy. Michael Bassey Johnson
People of uncommon abilities generally fall into eccentricities when their sphere of life is not adequate to their abilities. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
The amount of eccentricity in a society has generally been proportional to the amount of genius, mental vigor, and moral courage it contained. That so few now dare to be eccentric marks the chief danger of the time. John Stuart Mill
It's important to keep the eccentric spirit alive, because when that goes, the work will go. Nicolas Cage
It's okay to be eccentric if you're rich; otherwise you're just crazy. Yvon Chouinard
Most people are much more unusual and complicated and eccentric and playful and creative than they have time to express. Oliver Herring
Eccentric men have peculiar habits; they do not seem to move in the same sphere with other mortals, but are actuated by different influences from those which affect the bulk of mankind. George Frederick Graham
The world thinks eccentricity in great things is genius, but in small things, only crazy. Edward Bulwer-Lytton
Eccentricity comes from the mind and a playfulness about life and language, manifesting itself in real individualistic character. Coulter Watt
Eccentric people have these happy obsessive preoccupations, and a wonderful, unusual sense of humor, and this gives them a significant meaning in life. And they are far healthier than most people because of that. David Weeks
Eccentricity has always abounded when and where strength of character has abounded; and the amount of eccentricity in a society has generally been proportional to the amount of genius, mental vigor, and moral courage which it contained. John Stuart Mill
Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric. Bertrand Russell
The really great eccentrics are all inimitable; they are not possessed by a single oddity; they are, in their deepest selves, unlike the generality of mankind. Robertson Davies
Eccentricity is developed monomania. Bayard Taylor
One may have a right to be unconventional and even eccentric, so long as one is fully competent and a decent person; but one's ideal as a professor should be to conduct oneself as an admirable human being: just, kind, tolerant, competent, committed, and good-humored. Robert Audi
Normality is the new eccentric. Criss Jami
It is to the eccentrics that the world owes most of its knowledge. Rose Macaulay
The surest way of being considered eccentric is just to be yourself. So few of us have the nerve. Marjorie Benton Cooke
The artist's task is to become a successful eccentric, a strange but wise duck able to venture out of solitary confinement and mingle among society. Eric Maisel
The mind always functions in an eccentric way, the mind is always an idiot. The really intelligent person has no mind. Intelligence arises out of no-mind, idiocy out of the mind. Mind is idiotic, no-mind is wise. No-mind is wisdom, intelligence. Mind depends on knowledge, on methods, on money, on experience, on this and that. Mind always needs props, it needs supports, it cannot exist on its own. On its own, it flops. Rajneesh
They eccentrics are explosive mixtures. Some of them are as sensitive as those fulminates which can be detonated by a falling leaf. Gilbert Highet
Weirdism is definitely the cornerstone of many an artist's career. E.A. Bucchianeri