Frog Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old frog quotes, frog sayings, and frog proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Two conspirators with a frog, following the line of a whiffletree. Witold Gombrowicz
A frog in a well cannot conceive of the ocean. Zhuangzi
Don't be a fish; be a frog. Swim in the water and jump when you hit ground. Kim Young-ha
Frogs have it made, they get to eat what bugs them. Anonymous
We are born princes and the civilizing process makes us frogs. Eric Berne
Style, is like a frog: you can dissect the thing, but it somehow dies in the process. Arthur Quinn
Frog in the mud is happier than the man, because it has no ambition to reach the stars! Mehmet Murat ildan
There is no place in a city that can't be better. There is no toad that can't be a princess, no frog that can't become a prince. Jaime Lerner
The frog does not run in the daytime for nothing. Igbo
If a frog becomes a king, he will make the whole kingdom muddy! Mehmet Murat ildan
If you were called to gallop like the horse, never end up hopping like the frog. Rise up for greatness. Israelmore Ayivor
I'd rather be ignored as a frog than eaten as a human. E.D. Baker
Frog in a little pond can be much happier than fish in a vast ocean! Mehmet Murat ildan
Like a frog, the aphorist waits for something to fly by that he can catch with his tongue. Mason Cooley
I'd kiss a frog even if there was no promise of a Prince Charming popping out of it. I love frogs. Cameron Diaz
If you have to eat two frogs, eat the ugliest one first. This is another way of saying that if you have two important tasks before you, start with the biggest, hardest, and most important task first. Brian Tracy
It wasn't a kiss that changed the frog, but the fact that a young girl looked beneath warts and slime and believed she saw a prince. So he became one. Richelle E. Goodrich
You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. E. L. James
Kiss a frog with your eyes wide open. If he turns into a prince you won't miss the transformation, but if he doesn't, you won't be fooled by some wishful illusion in your head. Richelle E. Goodrich
The frog croaks loud, and maidens dare not pass but fear the noisome toad and shun the grass. John Clare
I wish you were a frog you could change with just a kiss to brace you will make me toad I could fill pails with tears. Deci Hernandez
Be kind and tender to the Frog and do not call him names. Hilaire Belloc
The Frog is justly sensitive to epithets like these. No animal will more repay a treatment kind and fair. At least so lonely people say who keep a frog (and, by the way,they are extremely rare). Hilaire Belloc
Bull father frog was on the log. While many a little fellow around the pool. Upon his stool sat learning how to bellow. John Bannister Tabb
A huge frog and I, staring at each other, neither of us moves. Kobayashi Issa
An old frog lived in a dismal swamp. In a dismal kind of way. And all that he did, whatever befell was to croak the livelong day. Croak, croak, croak. When darkness filled the air and croak, croak, croak, when the skies were bright and fair. Horatio Alger Jr
The best thing that the frog could do; was to gleefully skip around; croak discordantly to pollute the mystical ambience around. Nikhil Parekh
The frog by nature is both damp and cold. Her mouth is large, her belly much will hold. She sits somewhat ascending, loves to be Croaking in gardens, though unpleasantly. John Bunyan