Fur Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old fur quotes, fur sayings, and fur proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

No woman ever gets given a fur coat for good reasons; if it's not to keep her on her back, it's to get her off his. Neil Bartlett
Behind every beautiful fur, there is a story. It is a bloody, barbaric story. Mary Tyler Moore
Even if you buy a fur glove with the little trim, and you think 'Oh, my God, it's just a little trim,' that animal got clubbed. Eva Mendes
Fur is not murder, but it is quite expensive. Karl Lagerfeld
A man does not buy his wife a fur coat to keep her warm, but to keep her pleasant. Seymour Hicks
Fur only looks good on its original owner. Be comfortable in your own skin, and let animals keep theirs. Tim Howard
Finest fur may cover toughest meat. Chief Joseph
There is no moral distinction between fur and other materials made from animals, such as leather, which also is the result of the suffering and death of sentient beings. Gary L. Francione
Never buy a fur from a vegetarian. Joan Rivers
There is no morally coherent difference between fur and other animal clothing, such as leather, wool, etc., just as there is no morally coherent distinction between meat and milk or eggs. Gary L. Francione
Fur used to turn heads, now it turns stomachs. Rue McClanahan
There is no need for fur - since there are compassionate alternatives. Joaquin Phoenix
Abuse yourself all you want - just leave animals out of it. Don't wear fur. Steve-O
Fur is only of use to the animal that wears it. Brigitte Bardot
There's always a way to wear fur. Anna Wintour
The discussion of fur is childish. Karl Lagerfeld
Saving animals is as simple as choosing synthetic alternatives instead of real fur. Natalie Imbruglia
On leather jackets: That's the next step. You have to take one step at a time. It was easier to start with fur. Dan Matthews