Glam Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old glam quotes, glam sayings, and glam proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Glamour is translucent not transparent, not opaque. It invites us into the world but it doesn't give us a completely clear picture. Virginia Postrel
Glamour, that trans-human aura or power to attract imitation, is a kind of vessel into which dreams are poured, and some vessels are simply worthier than others. A beautiful woman can turn heads but real glamour has a deeper pull. Glamour is the power to rearrange people's emotions, which, in effect, is the power to control one's environment. Arthur Miller
Elegance is a glowing inner peace. Grace is an ability to give as well as to receive and be thankful. Mystery is a hidden laugh always ready to surface! Glamour only radiates if there is a sublime courage & bravery within: glamour is like the moon; it only shines because the sun is there. C. JoyBell
Glamour doesn't just happen, people don't wake up in the morning glamorous. Virginia Postrel
Glamour is something you can't bear to be without once you're used to it. Loretta Young
Glamour cannot exist without personal social envy being a common and widespread emotion. John Berger
Glamour can be something very simple. Glamour can be how you wash your face, how you make your breakfast. Zac Posen
Glamour looks eloquent but seldom talks. Mason Cooley
Glamour is beyond beauty and beyond age. It's like sex appeal. Carolina Herrera
Glamour is all about transcending this world and getting to an idealized, perfect place. And this is one reason that modes of transportation tend to be extremely glamorous. The less experience we have with them, the more glamorous they are. So you can do a glamorized picture of a car, but you can't do a glamorized picture of traffic. Virginia Postrel
Being glamorous is about strength and confidence. It's black and white dramatic. You have to be strong. Catherine Zeta Jones
Glamour is about feeling good in your own skin. Mason Cooley
Glamour is something more than what you put on your body. It has to do with the way you carry yourself and the impact you have on others. Tom Ford
Glamour invites us to live in a different world. It has to simultaneously be mysterious, a little bit distant that's why, often in these glamour shots, the person is not looking at the audience, it's why sunglasses are glamorous but also not so far above us that we can't identify with the person. Virginia Postrel
Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid. Hedy Lamarr
Glamour is when a man knows a woman is a woman. Gina Lollobrigida
Glam culture is ultimately rooted in obsession, and those of us who are truly devoted and loyal to the lifestyle of glamour are masters of its history. Or, to put it more elegantly, we are librarians. Lady Gaga
Glamour is a shooting star, it catches your eye, but fades away, beauty is the sun always brilliant day after day. Michael Dolan
Glamour is what makes a man ask for your telephone number. But it also is what makes a woman ask for the name of your dressmaker. Lilly Dache
Glamour is assurance. It is a kind of knowing that you are all right in every way, mentally and physically and in appearance, and that, whatever the occasion or the situation, you are equal to it. Marlene Dietrich
Glamour is something no woman can be born with. It's not a gift at all. It's more of a concoction than anything else. Loretta Young
Glamour is an imaginative process that creates a specific emotional response: a sharp mixture of projection, longing, admiration, and aspiration. It evokes an audience's hopes and dreams and makes them seem attainable, all the while maintaining enough distance to sustain the fantasy. Virginia Postrel
For every two minutes of glamour, there are eight hours of hard work. Jessica Savitch
Glamour is what makes a man ask for your telephone number, and a woman ask for the name of your dressmake. Lilly Dache
A glamour girl is a thing of beauty and an expense forever. Evan Esar
Glamour is something that evaporates when the sweater is a little too large. Evan Esar
A glamour girl is one who looks good enough to eat and dresses with taste. Evan Esar
A glamorous creature has the kind of figure that men give the once-over twice. Evan Esar
There's something glamorous about every women, especially when there are a few drinks in a man. Evan Esar
Glamour is about feeling good in your own skin. Zoe Saldana
I don't mind the sparkle. I think it's kind of a tradition in skating. Kristi Yamaguchi
If you want to wear slip-ons, and sweats, and a hat, and you want to go gender-fluid one day, or you want to put on a sexy silk dress the next night. That's the cool thing about being a woman today. You can make whatever choice you want, and no man, no person could tell you it's the wrong choice. Cat Cora
Beauty and femininity are ageless and can't be contrived, and glamour, although the manufacturers won't like this, cannot be be manufactured. Marilyn Monroe
Love of glamour is arguably one of the most common and pervasive stereotypes associated with femininity. Amy Stanton
I'll always wear a touch of pink, not because I'm a girly girl but because of that expression of bows and frivolity. Shelley Zalis
Glamour is a beautiful illusion the word 'glamour' originally meant a literal magic spell that promises to transcend ordinary life and make the ideal real. It depends on a special combination of mystery and grace. Too much information breaks the spell. Virginia Postrel
Find the thing that makes you feel great, powerful, in control, good about yourself. Amy Stanton
Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze. Carolyn Gold Helibrun
The true face of smoking is disease, death and horror - not the glamour and sophistication the pushers in the tobacco industry try to portray. David Byrne
Glamour was being conceptualized as a style of life, defined on the one hand as essentially the obserse of their own 'boring' present existence, whatever that may be; and on the other hand in terms of qualities of being. Beverley Skeggs
Glamour offers the ability to appear as something different from the mundane. Beverley Skeggs
Glamour involves attitude as well as appearance, it is a 'structure of feeling'. Beverley Skeggs
Glamour is a way of transcending the banalities of femininity which render women as passive objects. Beverley Skeggs