Grasshopper Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old grasshopper quotes, grasshopper sayings, and grasshopper proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

The restless grasshopper only finds rest in the gizzard of a bird. African Proverb
The grasshopper is dear to the grasshopper, the ant loves the ant. Latin Proverb
A grasshopper is nothing, but a mosquito turned hulk. unknown
A fight between grasshoppers is a joy to the crow. African Proverb
One can't give a grasshopper to a child if one has not caught it yet. Malagasy Proverb
If a grasshopper tries to fight a lawnmower, one may admire his courage but not his judgement. Robert A. Heinlein
A grasshopper shrilled in a tuft at her feet and was answered by other shrillings among the gorse bushes; a solitary rook flapped heavily overhead, and a pair of goldfinches twittered among the thistle-down; there was no other sound except the scarcely perceptible never-ceasing sighing of the wind in the pines and its rustling of acres of heath-bells. Flora Thompson
Grasshopper always wrong in argument with chicken. Bertrand Russell
And the grasshopper shall be a burden. The Bible
Ride an elephant to catch a grasshopper. Thai Proverb
A restless grasshopper eventually ends up in a birds teeth. African Proverb
A grasshopper that sleeps about will be soon awake in a lizard's mouth. African Proverb
The grasshopper flies about, but the kingfisher watches him. Samoan Proverb
I've learnt to gather simplicity from grasshoppers. I like their naive indecisive minds never knowing exactly when to stop chirping, and I envy their ability to be able to mingle with the green… Munia Khan
A grasshopper in the mouth is worth two in the grass. Road Runner
If the hill is on fire the grasshoppers are roasted.  Malagasy Proverb
The grasshopper which is always near its mother eats the best food. Ghanaian Proverb
No means yes in grasshopper language. Noel Fielding
A grasshopper jumps into it: the summer dusk. Michael McClintock
The heaven of a grasshopper is the wheat field; the heaven of man is the same place, the very earth itself where we get our food and build our happiness! Mehmet Murat ildan
You are unique, and this is a beautiful, beautiful thing, grasshopper. Libba Bray
How narrow is the vision that exalts the busyness of the ant above the singing of the grasshopper. Khalil Gibran
Giddy grasshopper Take care. Do not leap and crush These pearls of dewdrop. Kobayashi Issa
I miss the grasshoppers much, but suppose it is all for the best. I should become too much attached to a trotting world. Emily Dickinson
Feeling well that breathed words Would all be lost, unheard, and vain as swords Against the enchased crocodile, or leaps Of grasshoppers against the sun. John Keats
Crowds of bees are giddy with clover Crowds of grasshoppers skip at our feet, Crowds of larks at their matins hang over, Thanking the Lord for a life so sweet. Jean Ingelow
Nature will bear the closest inspection. She invites us to lay our eye level with her smallest leaf, and take an insect view of its plain. Henry David Thoreau
Green little vaulter, in the sunny grass, Catching your heart up at the feel of June, Sole noise that's heard amidst the lazy noon, When ev'n the bees lag at the summoning brass. Leigh Hunt
Happy insect! what can be In happiness compared to thee? Fed with nourishment divine, The dewy morning's gentle wine! Nature waits upon thee still, And thy verdant cup does fill; 'Tis fill'd wherever thou dost tread, Nature's self's thy Ganymede. Abraham Cowley
All things come to those who wait. Violet Fane
Twere better far That gods should quaff their nectar merrily, And men sing out the day like grasshoppers, So may they haply lull the watchful thunder. Hartley Coleridge
Insect life was so loud that when you parked the car and got out it sounded as if you had suddenly tuned into a radio frequency from another planet. David Samuels
Nature makes the locust with an appetite for crops; man would have made him with an appetite for sand. Mark Twain
The frost which kills the harvest of a year saves the harvest of a century, by destroying the weevil or the locust. Ralph Waldo Emerson
In summer the empire of insects spreads. Adam Zagajewski
The Planet drifts to random insect doom. William S. Burroughs
Grass is hard and lumpy and damp, and full of dreadful black insects. Oscar Wilde
The whole tree itself is but one leaf, and rivers are still vaster leaves whose pulp is intervening earth, and towns and cities are the ova of insects in their axils. Henry David Thoreau
Grasshopper to grasshopper, ant to ant is dear, hawks love hawks, but I the muse and song. Theocritus
The water in music the oar forsakes. The air in music the wing forsakes. All things move in music and write it. The mouse, lizard, and grasshopper sing together on the Turlock sands, sing with the morning stars. John Muir
Blue water extends in rows of gentle ripples to a thin line of barely visible cottonwoods on the far side. The wind dies to a whisper and it's quiet, almost perfectly still except for the snap of grasshoppers leaping from the weeds. To the west the mountains rise suddenly, almost violently from the sandy brown of the plains, layered silhouettes of blue and green and gray rising to a turquoise sky. My heart is filled with the beauty of it all. Kristen Iversen
Chiefs who no more in bloody fights engage, But wise through time, and narrative with age, In summer days like grasshoppers rejoice. A bloodless race, that send a feeble voice. Alexander Pope
Three hundred trout are required to support one man for a year. The trout, in turn, must consume 90,000 frogs, which must consume 27 million grasshoppers, which live off of 1,000 tons of grass. Jeremy Rifkin
Their laughter was like the stridulation of the ghosts of grasshoppers. John Collier
When God pleads his people's cause he can deal with giants as with grasshoppers. Matthew Henry
The white people were as thick and numerous and aimless as grasshoppers, moving always in a hurry but never seeming to get to whatever place it was they were going to. Dee Brown