Healing Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old healing quotes, healing sayings, and healing proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

All healing is first a healing of the heart. Carl Townsend
Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it. Tori Amos
Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is. Gary Zukav
Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity. Hippocrates
Healing does not mean going back to the way things were before, but rather allowing what is now to move us closer to God. Ram Dass
Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn't you - all of the expectations, all of the beliefs - and becoming who you are. Rachel Naomi Remen
Healing yourself is connected with healing others. Yoko Ono
Humor is healing. Brad Garrett
The words of kindness are more healing to a drooping heart than balm or honey. Sarah Fielding
I've experienced several different healing methodologies over the years - counseling, self-help seminars, and I've read a lot - but none of them will work unless you really want to heal. Lindsay Wagner
The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love. Hubert Humphrey
Healing is simply attempting to do more of those things that bring joy and fewer of those things that bring pain. O. Carl Simonton
Healing is impossible in loneliness; it is the opposite of loneliness. Conviviality is healing. To be healed we must come with all the other creatures to the feast of Creation. Wendell Berry
The main reason for healing is love. Paracelsus
Healing is embracing what is most feared; healing is opening what has been closed, softening what has hardened into obstruction, healing is learning to trust life. Jeanne Achterberg
The greatest barrier to own own healing is not the pain, sorrow or violence inflicted upon us as children. Our greatest hindrance is our ongoing capacity to judge, to criticize, and to bring tremendous harm to ourselves. If we can harden our heart against ourselves and meet our most tender feelings with anger and condemnation, we simultaneously armor our heart against the possibility of gentleness, love and healing. Wayne Muller
Healing requires from us to stop struggling, but to enjoy life more and endure it less. Darina Stoyanova
Healing takes time. Despite great advances in medicine, the biggest part of your recovery is attributable to the enormous healing power inside you. The body heals itself according to its own timetable--anxious thoughts never hasten recuperation. Criswell Freeman
Healing is the journey. The destination is yourself. The full recognition of all the different aspects of yourself-your joy, your sorrow, your pain, your pleasure-all lead you to the source of who you are. Only by having intimate contact with this source can you experience the fullness of your life. Only by fearlessly looking within can you embrace the landscape of your life and open yourself completely to all the love and compassion that lives inside you. Philip Berk
Healing is the application of love. Iyanla Vanzant
It has been said that time heals all wounds. The truth is that time does not heal anything. It merely passes. it is what we do during the passing of time that helps or hinders the healing process. Jay Marshall
By far the strongest poison to the human spirit is the inability to forgive oneself or another person. Forgiveness is no longer an option but a necessity for healing. Caroline Myss
Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives. unknown
Healing is an inside job. Dr. B.J. Palmer
Before healing others, Heal yourself. Anonymous
Emotional healing is almost always a process. It takes time. There is a very important reason for this. Our heavenly Father is not only wanting to free us from the pain of past wounds, he is also desirous of bringing us into maturity, both spiritually and emotionally. That takes time, because we need time to learn to make the right choices. He loves us enough to take the months and years necessary to not only heal our wounds, but also build our character. Without growth of character we will get wounded again. Floyd McClung
Healing has to occur on three planes: Mental (thinking), Emotional (feeling) & Physical (outcome). Rev. Reggie Howard
Any illness is a direct message to you that tells you how you have not been loving who you are, cherishing yourself in order to be who you are. This is the basis of all healing. Barbara Brennan
Of one thing I am certain, the body is not the measure of healing, peace is the measure. Phyllis McGinley
Love is the most important healing power there is. Louise Hay
Healing is taking place all the time, and we know it is God who is doing the work. Malinda Cramer
Healing begins in the moment a life-enhancing thought (an affirmation) is chosen to replace a life-diminishing thought, no matter how you may be feeling... no matter how much energy is moving or not moving in the body. Binnie A. Dansby
Healing is about transforming the consciousness, creating a resonance within a person so that the healing can reach them. HA-Tony Neate
A joyful heart is good for healing, a depressed spirit dries the bones. PROVERBS
Healing proceeds from the depths to the heights. Carl Jung
Healing begins with intention. Dr. Jacqueline Fields
Healing is a choice. It's not an easy one, because it takes work to turn around your habits, but keep making the choice and shifts will happen. Yehuda Berg
One of the most healing things you can do is recognize where in your life you are your own poison. Steve Maraboli
One's attitude towards oneself is the single most important factor in healing and staying well. Dr. Bernie Siegel
The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world. Marianne Williamson
As soon as healing takes place, go out and heal somebody else. Maya Angelou
Other people are going to find healing in your wounds. Your greatest life messages and your most effective ministry will come out of your deepest hurts. Rick Warren
Healing invokes the power of compassion, both for yourself and for others... At this point, the healed may become a healer. David Hawkins
Dancing, singing, storytelling and silence are the four universal healing salves. Gabrielle Roth
Healing is a journey. It involves stepping out of our habitual roles, our conventional scripts, and improvising a dancing path. Gabrielle Roth
With the gift of listening comes the gift of healing. Catherine de Hueck Doherty
Healing happens when you sleep. Mary Rabyor
The more you've suffered, the more you've wanted to bring healing to others. Ralph Edwards
To experience some healing within yourself, and to contribute healing to the world, you are summoned to wade through the muck from time to time. James Hollis
The body is a self-healing organism, so it's really about clearing things out of the way so the body can heal itself. Barbara Brennan
In fact, if you look at the word 'healing' it comes from the word 'holy.' And healing is more than just physical phenomenon. Deepak Chopra
We heal in a variety of ways: by accepting, believing, changing, connecting, coping, creating, forgiving, laughing, living, persisting, and transcending. Jena Pincott
People go through challenging moments of losing people and of having their life threatened from illness and real grief. But they get through it. And that's the testament to the human spirit— we are fragile, but we also are divine. Sheryl Crow
The wish for healing has always been half of health. Seneca
My faith really has played a huge role in healing. And I don't know how people deal with the loss of a loved one or a child without faith. It hasn't been easy. John Ramsey
Deep unspeakable suffering may well be called a baptism, a regeneration, the initiation into a new state. George Eliot
The comfort of knowing you're not alone is in itself remarkably healing. Jena Pincott
It is true that one can temporarily feel good by blaming one's misfortunes on others, but this always ends up causing greater pain and confusion. Accepting without blame is the true turning point of healing. Tulk Thondup
Your medicine is in you, and you do not observe it. Your ailment is from yourself, and you do not register it. Hazrat Ali
True medicine only arises from the creative knowledge of the last and deeper powers of the whole universe; only he who grasps the innermost nature of man can cure him in earnest. Paracelsus
Healing without medicine is a good thing. Madagascan Saying
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Franklin
Healing comes only from that which leads the patient beyond himself and beyond his entanglements with ego. Carl Jung
The cure for anything is saltwater— sweat, tears, or the sea. Isak Dinesen
Much of the pain is self-chosen. It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self. Khalil Gibran
Fortunately, analysis is not the only way to resolve inner conflicts. Life itself remains a very effective therapist. Karen Horney
We doctors do nothing. We only help and encourage the doctor within...We are at best when we give the doctor who resides within each patient a chance to go to work. Schweitzer
Love cures people—both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it. Karl Menninger
The greatest force in the human body is the natural drive of the body to heal itself— but that force is not independent of the belief system, which can translate expectations in physiological change. Cousins
The miracle of self-healing occurs when the inner patient yields to the inner physician. Howard
Our creator has given us five senses to help us survive threats from the external world, and a sixth sense, our healing system, to help us survive internal threats. Bernie Siegel
In healing, one can concentrate on either of two attributes; the power of God, or the love of God. In every healing, there is a manifestation of both. Francis McNutt
Healing comes when we choose to walk away from the darkness and move towards a brighter light. Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Cause Your love just keeps on healing me / No matter how I bruise / If I just trust You / Your love just keeps on healing me / One more clue / One more chance that wasn't there before / One more chance that wasn't there before / No pain can harm the way I'm feeling / Lord I know that Your love is healing. Phil Sawyer
Oh when everything's going right / Till you're satisfied with your life / Till you're living in the Light / Till we get the healing done. Van Morrison
Healing, gonna take some time / I'm on the mend / I'm healing / Starting over at the end / I'm feeling / Stronger now than I've ever been / I'm healing Glen Allen
So whatever the road you travel / Just yield to Him and He will unravel / All the hurts in your life. / He will heal you, cleanse you / Make you whole. / And give to you His healing love. Beverly Laurel Brown
The crickets sing, and man's o'er-labour'd sense / Repairs itself by rest. William Shakespeare
God is himself a vast medicine for man. It is the heart of God that carries restoration, inspiration, aspiration, and final victory. Henry Ward Beecher
It is the infinite, overflowing, swelling impulse of the Divine nature to cure souls of their diseases; to augment that which is good in them; to develop them; to equip them; to perfect them. Henry Ward Beecher