Investment Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old investment quotes, investment sayings, and investment proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you. Robin Sharma
An investor without investment objectives is like a traveler without a destination. Ralph Seger
There are no bad business and investment opportunities, but there are bad entrepreneurs and investors. Robert T. Kiyosaki
Sometimes your best investments are the ones you don't make. Donald Trump
In the short run, the market is a voting machine, but in the long run it is a weighing machine. Benjamin Graham
Never depend on single income. Make investment to create a second source. Warren Buffet
Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do. If you've got talents, no one can take them from you. Warren Buffett
Earn as much as you can. Save as much as you can. Invest as much as you can. Give as much as you can. John Wesley
An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Benjamin Franklin
The best investment is in the tools of one's own trade. Benjamin Franklin
Goodness is the only investment that never fails. Henry David Thoreau
Never stop investing. Never stop improving. Never stop doing something new. Bob Parsons
You should invest in a business that even a fool can run, because someday a fool will. Warren Buffett
Whenever you make an investment in yourself, you're making an investment in your future. Anonymous
Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship. Benjamin Franklin
The individual investor should act consistently as an investor and not as a speculator. Ben Graham
It's not your salary that makes you rich, it's your spending habits. Charles A. Jaffe
Build into each budget the cost of hiring and don't lump yourself with capital investment. Ann Macbeth
Successful investing is about managing risk, not avoiding it. Benjamin Graham
The rich invest in time, the poor invest in money. Warren Buffett
When you invest you are buying a day that you don't have to work. Aya Laraya
The four most dangerous words in investing are: this time it's different. John Templeton
Those who are unwilling to invest in the future haven't earned one. Harold Lewis
Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving. Warren Buffet
Investing isn't about beating others at their game. It's about controlling yourself at your own game. Benjamin Graham
Anyone who is not investing now is missing a tremendous opportunity. Carlos Slim
Put not your trust in money, but put your money in trust. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
An important key to investing is to remember that stocks are not lottery tickets. Peter Lynch
The best investment with the least risk and the greatest dividend is giving. John Templeton
If a business does well, the stock eventually follows. Warren Buffett
The greatest investment we can ever make is to invest our life in the life of someone else. Scott Lee
Be picky with who you invest your time in. Wasted time is worse than wasted money. Anonymous
Don't gamble; take all your savings and buy some good stock and hold it till it goes up, then sell it. If it don't go up, don't buy it. Will Rogers
In any investment, you expect to have fun and make money. Michael Jordan
Invest in yourself. Your career is the engine of your wealth. Paul Clitheroe
You cannot save time for future use, but you can invest it for the future! Anonymous
If you want your children to turn out well, invest twice as much time with them and half as much money. Abigail Van Buren
An investor without investment objectives is like a traveler without a destination. Anonymous
Some of your activities should be viewed as an investment and not a sacrifice. Anonymous
Investors should purchase stocks like they purchase groceries, not like they purchase perfume. Ben Graham
Financial peace isn't the acquisition of stuff. It's learning to live on less than you make, so you can give money back and have money to invest. You can't win until you do this. Dave Ramsey
The entrance strategy is actually more important than the exit strategy. Edward Lampert
It's not whether you're right or wrong that's important, but how much money you make when you're right and how much you lose when you're wrong. George Soros
You will come to know that what appears today to be a sacrifice will prove to be the greatest investment that you will ever make. Gordon B. Hinkley
The stock market is never obvious. It is designed to fool most of the people, most of the time. Jesse Livermore
Bottoms in the investment world don't end with four-year lows; they end with 10- or 15-year lows. Jim Rogers
The secret to investing is to figure out the value of something and then pay a lot less. Joel Greenblatt
Don't look for the needle in the haystack. Just buy the haystack! John Bogle
In many ways, the stock market is like the weather in that if you don’t like the current conditions all you have to do is wait a while. Low Simpson
The biggest risk of all is not taking one. Mellody Hobson
Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas. Paul Samuelson
Although it’s easy to forget sometimes, a share is not a lottery ticket it’s part ownership of a business. Peter Lynch
The stock market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing. Phillip Fisher
In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable. Robert Arnott
How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case. Robert G. Allen
It's not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for. Robert Kiyosaki
To be a successful business owner and investor, you have to be emotionally neutral to winning and losing Winning and losing are just part of the game. Robert Kiyosaki
Don’t work for money; make it work for you. Robert Kiyosaki
If you want to be truly successful, invest in yourself to get the knowledge you need to find your unique factor. When you find it and focus on it and persevere your success will blossom. Sydney Madwed
Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Warren Buffett
Rule #1: Never lose money; Rule #2: Don’t forget rule #1. Warren Buffett
Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing. Warren Buffett
I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful. Warren Buffett
Wide diversification is only required when investors do not understand what they are doing. Warren Buffett
The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient. Warren Buffett
The first rule of investment is: Don't Lose. And the second rule of investment is: Don't forget the first rule. Warren Buffett