Invitation Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old invitation quotes, invitation sayings, and invitation proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

An invitation of a beautiful street is an invitation to walk within a dream! Mehmet Murat ildan
Each new day is an invitation to an adventure of your own making. Steven Redhead
A real conversation always contains an invitation. You are inviting another person to reveal herself or himself to you, to tell you who they are or what they want. David Whyte
A commission is an invitation to fall in love. Twyla Tharp
There is no greater invitation to love than loving first. Saint Augustine
Adventure is the invitation to common people to become uncommon. Warren Miller
Let us accept the invitation, ever-open, from the Stillness, taste its exquisite sweetness, and heed its silent instruction. Paul Brunton
One should never refuse an invitation to lunch or dinner, for one never knows what one may have to eat the next day. Edouard de Pomiane
You hold in your hand an invitation: to remember the transforming power of forgiveness and loving kindness. To remember that no matter where you are and what you face, within your heart peace is possible. Jack Kornfield
An invitation is extended to any true seeker who wants to find for himself the Light and Sound of God. This treasure is the birthright of Soul that leads to the Kingdom of Heaven. Harold Klemp
It is no harm to accept an invitation of a stranger, but better visit an occasion of people we know well. Toba Beta
The grace of a curve is an invitation to remain. We cannot break away from it without hoping to return. Louisa Thomsen Brits
The invitation only world is a manifestation of self-realization. Bryant McGill
The invitation to something better is not arriving from any source outside of yourself — ever. Bryant McGill
A quote is not a conversation, but an invitation to change your perspective. Shannon L. Alder
A story is an invitation, and a challenge, and a choice. Marilyn Chandler McEntyre
A memoir is an invitation into another person's privacy. Isabel Allende
You don't need an invitation to your own life. Sarah
Events need their invitation, dissolutions their start. James Salter
Invitation is the sincerest flattery. Carolyn Wells
Words are an invitation to life, a request to bring energy into form. Choose your words carefully. Cheryl Richardson
The essence of temptation is the invitation to live independently of God. Neil T Anderson
Every moment is an invitation to live out of your weakness or to live out of your strength. Marianne Williamson
Everything can be used as an invitation to meditation. Sogyal Rinpoche
A photograph is an invitation to look - and to look at looking. John Paul Caponigro