Kingdom Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old kingdom quotes, kingdom sayings, and kingdom proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Desiderius Erasmus
There can be no Kingdom of God in the world without the Kingdom of God in our hearts. Albert Schweitzer
The outer kingdom is not our real home. The inner kingdom is our everything. Marianne Williamson
A divided kingdom cannot defend itself from its adversaries. A divided person cannot face life in a dignified way. Paulo Coelho
To pass through the door that leads to God's kingdom, we must go down on our knees. Catherine Doherty
The plant kingdom covers the entire earth, offering our senses great pleasure and the delights of summer. Carl Linnaeus
The kingdom of heaven was never intended to indulge the ease of triflers, but to the rest of them that labor. Matthew Henry
The frontiers of the kingdom of God were never advanced by men and women of caution. John Oswald Sanders
A kingdom man understands that God never said a godly life would be easy; He just said it would be worth it. Tony Evans
If the Kingdom of God is in you, you should leave a little bit of heaven wherever you go. Cornel West
No one can ever enter the celestial kingdom unless he is strictly honest. Joseph Smith, Jr.
When we pursue kingdom principles above His presence, we are looking for the kingdom without a king. Bill Johnson
Outside the kingdom of the Lord there is no nation which is greater than any other. God and history will remember your judgment. Haile Selassie
The Kingdom of Heaven is not for the well-meaning: it is for the desperate. James Denney
An earthly kingdom cannot exist without inequality of persons. Some must be free, some serfs, some rulers, some subjects. Martin Luther
If you have not chosen the Kingdom of God first, it will in the end make no difference what you have chosen instead. William Law
A kingdom is not lost by a single defeat. Robert E. Howard
Other kingdoms are still present on earth along with the kingdom of the heavens. That is the human condition. Dallas Willard
The kingdom of music is not the kingdom of this world. E. M. Forster
No Kingdom can be secured otherwise than by arming the people. The possession of arms is the distinction between a freeman and a slave. James Burgh
A kingdom founded on injustice never lasts. Lucius Annaeus Seneca
The Kingdom of God is not a matter of getting individuals to heaven, but of transforming the life on earth into the harmony of heaven. Walter Rauschenbusch
The kingdom of God is just behind the darkness of closed eyes, and the first gate that opens to it is your peace. Paramahansa Yogananda
The kingdom that Jesus preached and lived was all about a glorious, uproarious, absurd generosity. N. T. Wright
In the animal kingdom, the rule is, eat or be eaten; in the human kingdom, define or be defined. Thomas Szasz
The kingdom of God is the true ecology of the human soul. Dallas Willard
In the kingdom of heaven it is His work that will be crowned, not yours. Anything in you that He has not wrought Himself will count for nothing. Johannes Tauler
The 'kingdom of Heaven' is a condition of the heart - not something that comes 'upon the earth' or 'after death.' Friedrich Nietzsche
No kingdom has shed more blood than the kingdom of Christ. Charles de Montesquieu
The kingdom of God is an order of government established by divine authority. It is the only legal government that can exist in any part of the universe. Orson Pratt
The Kingdom of Heaven is not a place, but a state of mind. John Burroughs
A kingdom that has once been destroyed can never come again into being; nor can the dead ever be brought back to life. Sun Tzu
In the kingdom, the greater our responsibilities, the greater is our need to see ourselves as servants. Spencer W. Kimball
The kingdom of heaven is closer than the brow above the eye but mankind does not see it. Gautama Buddha
Whatever else it is, the kingdom of God is decidedly not a call to violent revolution. Philip Yancey
As every divided kingdom falls, so every mind divided between many studies confounds and saps itself. Leonardo DaVinci
If the kingdom of God is not first, it doesn't matter what's second. Neal A. Maxwel
The Kingdom of Heaven is a military autocracy and there is no public opinion in it. Anatole France
God's Kingdom isn't divided into areas of important people and areas of little people. In God's sight, everyone's needful. Aiden Wilson Tozer
In a kingdom of thieves, the ways of an honest man will always be a crime. Dennis Adonis
If you don't enter the kingdom of heaven by God's way, you cannot enter at all. Dwight L. Moody
The seeking of the kingdom of God is the chief business of the Christian life. Jonathan Edwards
The kingdom of heaven is like electricity. You don't see it. It is within you. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi