Livestock Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old livestock quotes, livestock sayings, and livestock proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Feeds for livestock are made from animal by-products. These include blood meal and meat and bone scraps. James R. Gillespie
Livestock could play a strategic role in promoting rural growth and reducing rural poverty. World Bank Staff
Livestock also serves as an insurance substitute, especially for poor rural households; it can easily be sold during times of distress. World Bank Staff
Livestock and aquaculture offer opportunities to diversify income and contribute high quality protein products to mountain food systems. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Butchering your own livestock is not glamorous (especially when some were your four-legged farm friends!). Brenda Knight
For the poorest of the poor, livestock can, in some situations, be the first step along the pathway out of poverty. ILRI
The livestock farmer of today must master not only the vast skills necessary to be an ethical rancher, but also marketing, sales, processing, packaging, and so many others. Marissa Guggiana
Pour , ye mocking rains, and rattle, / On the bare, brown, grassless plain, / On the shrivelled hides of cattle, / That shall ne'er want grass again. Henry Lawson
Bless the round-up year by year / And don't forget the growing steer; / Water the land with brooks and rills / For my cattle that roam a thousand hills. Anonymous Americas
Now, O Lord, won't you be good / And give our livestock plenty of food; / And to avert a winter's woe / Give Italian skies and little snow. Anonymous Americas
Agriculture is one of our best dollar earners. The balance of trade in our favor in agriculture is a tremendous source of dollars— and therefore gold— to this country at a very important time. John F. Kennedy
Agriculture for an honorable and high-minded man, is the best of all occupations or arts by which men procure the means of living. Xenophon
The cattle galloping in the pasture say they will hurt the cattle-herd, but they hurt themselves. Jamaican Sayings
Livestock producers observe that when rough, stressful handling practices are eliminated, cattle resume eating a full day earlier. Temple Grandin
Indeed, a report from the United Nations has revealed that the livestock industry is the number-one contributor to global warming gasses - higher than even the transport industry. Plus, the effect of the livestock industry on our waterways and oceans is disastrous. Karen Dawn
Today's fishing industry supplies land farms with fish as well. Over fifty percent of the fish caught is fed to livestock on factory farms and 'regular' farms. It is an ingredient in the enriched 'feed meal' fed to livestock. Sharon Gannon
In the ancient world, taxes were paid in kind: landowners paid in crops or livestock; the landless paid with their labor. Taxing trade made medieval monarchs rich and funded the early-modern state. Jill Lepore
Man has been breeding livestock for ten thousand years and has yet to come up with a monstrous sheep that can trample buildings and graze a whole golf course for breakfast. PJ O'Rourke
Our main deal is pastured livestock. So we have beef cattle, pigs, turkeys, laying chickens, meat chickens, rabbit, lamb and ducks - egg-layer ducks. Joel Salatin
Farm animals feel pleasure and sadness, excitement and resentment, depression, fear and pain. They are far more aware and intelligent than we ever imagined. They are individuals in their own right. Jane Goodall
Men are not so much the keepers of herds as herds are the keepers of men. Henry David Thoreau
Animal abuse is the norm — not the exception — in the meat, egg and dairy industry. Paul Shapiro
The nutritional composition of beef provides much-needed protein, vitamins and iron. Let us also not gloss over what is beef's most obvious benefit: Livestock take inedible and untasty grains and convert them into a protein-packed food most humans love to eat. Jayson Lusk
We have no ethical obligation to preserve the different breeds of livestock produced through selective breeding One generation and out. We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding. Wayne Pacelle
If you are opposed to eating veal because the calves are slaughtered when they are only about four months old then you should be opposed to eating lambs, chickens, pigs, turkeys and other farm animals because they are not allowed to live for much longer. Irene Collins
Eighty per cent of global warming comes from livestock and deforestation. Heather Mills
Go into the largest livestock operation, search out the darkest and tiniest stall or pen, single out the filthiest, most forlorn little lamb or pig or calf, and that is one of God's creatures you're looking at, morally indistinguishable from your beloved Fluffy or Frisky. Matthew Scully
Cost-saver in industrial livestock agriculture may usually be taken to mean 'moral shortcut. Matthew Scully
Predators make it much more difficult to find consensus. It's a lot easier to agree about birds and plants than about animals that endanger people and livestock. Gale Norton
The history of agriculture is the history of humans breeding seeds and animals to produce traits we want in our crops and livestock. Michael Specter