Lunch Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old lunch quotes, lunch sayings, and lunch proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Naked lunch— a frozen moment when everyone sees what is on the end of every fork. John Bartlett
Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. Adella Davis
Nearly everyone wants at least one outstanding meal a day. Duncan Hines
We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink, for dining alone is leading the life of a lion or wolf. Epicurus
Breakfasts and lunches are the meals that get rushed or even forgotten during the week, even though they have such an impact on our energy levels and mood during the day— not to mention our waistlines. Lacey Baier
The lunch break helps you stay focused and energized throughout the day by recharging both your body and your mind. When you plan your lunch you have the opportunity to be healthy and nutritious, but you can also be creative with your lunchtime options and activities so that you will look forward to and make time for lunch. Miriam Jacobs
Lunches don't get free just because you don't see the prices on the menu. And economists don't get popular by reminding people of that. Thomas Sowell
At lunch you order steamed vegetables because you're remembering that you have a heart too. You feel humbled by your heart, it works so hard. You want to thank it. You give your heart a little patt. Aimee Bender
Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so. Douglas Adams
To lunch with the important that should be the daily goal of those for whom life is not a playground but a ladder. Rose Macaulay
Lunch is the best time of day to eat in Paris. Then you get to go walk it off afterwards. Rosecrans Baldwin
The free lunch is the essence of modern liberalism. Charles Krauthammer
The penny lunch has spread faster than the measles. There seems no immunity for it. Everybody is taking it. J.M. Withrow
Lunches were something to be 'survived' rather than enjoyed. Andrew R. Ruis
Lunchtime is more than an academic break for youngsters— it's a time to refresh the calories needed to concentrate and focus for the afternoon ahead. Kidbizo Team
Lunchtime is also a time to socialize. Chances are at that play, not eating, is the priority at lunchtime. Kidbizo Team
Working couples spend an enormous amount of money eating out, not so much for pleasure and entertainment as just to avoid the chore of cooking. Stephanie H. Dahl
When I was younger, I made it a rule never to take strong drink before lunch. It is now my rule never to do so before breakfast. Winston Churchill
Sunday lunches in the spring are particularly pleasurable because my parents live in the country, and all of us kids live in the city with our children. Edward Giobbi
Add up what you spend on lunches in a year. You may be in for a shock! Madonna Gauding
School lunch managers face many problems. They have limited budgets and must constantly stretch their resources to provide nonprofit, nutritious lunches at low cost. United States Department of Agriculture
Everyone makes sure that no child goes hungry because he can't afford to pay for his lunch. United States Department of Agriculture
School lunches contribute significantly to a child's physical and mental development. United States Department of Agriculture
Someone can influence all the children in schools that have good lunches to realize they need to eat those lunches for their own health and happiness. United States Department of Agriculture
But the calorie limits on school lunches upset some people. Parents, lawmakers, and students were used to larger portions. Some students found the new lunches left them hungry just an hour or two after lunch. Amanda Lanser
Simple cookies may be served to increase the food value of the lighter lunches, and they also add interesting variety of texture and flavor. Clara Rowena Schmidt Carpenter
Another safeguard is to plan lunches far enough ahead to make sure that the main dishes of any given week are sufficiently varied to include, all told, all the kinds of food essential for good nutrition. Clara Rowena Schmidt Carpenter
For many of us, Sunday lunch is the most important meal of the week as we get to catch up with friends and family over a lovingly prepared meal. Cassie Best
Lunch money is for one purpose only— namely for buying lunch— and should not be confused with the allowance, which the child can spend as he/she wishes. Bernice Bronia Grunwald