Mellow Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old mellow quotes, mellow sayings, and mellow proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

It is not all bad, this getting old, ripening. After the fruit has got its growth it should juice up and mellow. God forbid I should live long enough to ferment and rot and fall to the ground in a squash. Josh Billings
As I got older, I guess I became more mellow and more forgiving and more loving. Billy Graham
I'm mellower now, I'm over 50. But I don't think I'm too mellow. I'm still angry at a lot of things. Henry Rollins
Sweet is the memory of distant friends! Like the mellow rays of the departing sun, it falls tenderly, yet sadly, on the heart. Washington Irving
People say that when you get to a certain age that you start to mellow. I have no idea what these people are talking about. Rita Moreno
When I'm done with something, I'm done. I don't go back and listen to and pine for my old albums, or the Lollapalooza days, or 'Psalm 69' selling millions of records. Maybe I'm really just getting old and mellow. Al Jourgensen
I've been in a couple of weddings where the coolest people that were the most day before so mellow and then the day of the wedding freaking out. Matthew McConaughey
Great literature should do some good to the reader: must quicken his perception though dull, and sharpen his discrimination though blunt, and mellow the rawness of his personal opinions. A. E. Housman
Hence, rude Winter! crabbed old fellow / Never merry, never mellow / Well-a-day! in rain and snow / What will keep one’s heart aglow? Alfred Domett
What will kill this dull old fellow? / Ale that ’s bright, and wine that ’s mellow! Alfred Domett
When she rises in the morning / I linger to watch her / She spreads the bath-cloth underneath the window / And the sunbeams catch her / Glistening white on the shoulders / While down her sides the mellow David Herbert Lawrence
In the window full of sunlight / Concentrates her golden shadow / Fold on fold, until it glows as / Mellow as the glory roses. David Herbert Lawrence
You know, I don't think I could take a mellow evening because I - I don't respond well to mellow. You know what I mean? I have a tendency to - if I get too mellow, I - I ripen and then rot, you know. Woody Allen
Nothing like a safe to give a wine just the right mellowness. Hannibal Coons
If it's yellow, let it mellow, if it's brown, let's flush it down, people! Chris Thompson
In all thy humors whether grave or mellow / Thour't such a touchy, testy, pleasant fellow / Hast so much wit & mirth & spleen about thee / There is no living with thee / nor without thee. Addison
Beautiful is old age-beautiful as the slow-dropping mellow autumn of a rich glorious summer. J.A. Froude
Oh! none are so absorb'd, as not to feel / Sweet thoughts like music coming o'er the mind / When prayer, the purest incense of a soul / Hath risen to the throne of heaven, the heart Is mellow'd, and the shadows that becloud / Our state of darken'd being, glide away. Robert Montgomery
Though haply mellow'd by correcting time / I thank thee, Heaven! that the bereaving world / Hath not diminish'd the subliming hopes / Of youth, in manhood's more imposing cares. Robert Montgomery
Like fine tea, a teacher-pupil relationship needs time to steep and mellow to become full-bodied. Robert D. Ramsey
With eyes up-raised, as one inspired, Pale Melancholy sate retired, And from her wild sequestered seat, In notes by distance made more sweet, Poured thro' the mellow horn her pensive soul. The Passions
Through it all, I do stay pretty much a laid-back person in this game called life. Heather Maria Ramirez
New Zealanders are so laid back, A New Zealander in a frenzy is an American in a coma. Geoff Tibballs
I would like to work in environments that are warm and inviting and Laid back. I work best in environments where my stress levels aren't high. William I. Sauser
There would be a good work relationship between co workers and a laid back style office and humor. William I. Sauser
Laid back personalities are hard to engage as it appears that nothing stimulates them. Atalanta Beaumont
It's the same old feeling I get when you're stealing / Back into my bed again / With the curtains closed and the window froze / By the rhythm of the rain / Ooo you make me mellow, oh you make me mellow Bernie Taupin
Born high forever to fly / Wind velocity nil / Wanna high forever to fly / If you want your cup our fill / They call me mellow yellow / (Quite rightly) Donovan Leitch
Mellow love I want it / Don't want no zero chick / No zero chick to love me / Don't want cosmetic stick / Just want someone to hug me Shuggie Otis
In a mellow tone / Feeling fancy free / And I'm not alone / I've got company Duke Ellington