Nascar Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old nascar quotes, nascar sayings, and nascar proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

I'm from West Virginia. If you didn't know what was happening in NASCAR, you were on the outside. NASCAR is a big league sport, but it's still also country and redneck. Randy Moss
In NASCAR, you can do a lot of banging around and get pretty serious and even get yourself upside down. All of those things can happen - and then you give an interview two seconds later. Mario Andretti
There are some people who watch NASCAR for the highly skilled driving - but most people watch it for the crashes. John Oliver
If NASCAR racing gets any more exciting, I may not be able to stand it. Roger Staubach
Once you're a NASCAR champion, you're kind of in another elite division instead of just being a competitor or a race winner. Kyle Busch
Unlike other sports, which are largely determined by individual athletic ability or team strength, NASCAR requires its competitors to cooperate in order to win. Charles Duhigg
I have a lot to learn about NASCAR. But I've learned if you have the right people in the right places doing the right things, you can be successful at whatever you do. Roger Staubach
I didn't understand NASCAR until I met some NASCAR fans. You talk to a couple of NASCAR fans and you'll see where a shiny car driving in a circle would fascinate them all day. And I can make fun of NASCAR fans, because if they chase me, I just turn right. Alonzo Bodden
In NASCAR, you don't have to be as physically strong as in some other forms of racing. You've just got to be able to endure the heat and endurance of it. Jeff Gordon
NASCAR does a good job of trying to keep things equal with new rules. We're not allowed to have computers in our cars to tell the crew what's going on. So the only thing you have is the driver, and the driver-crew chief relationship. That's the most important thing. Jimmie Johnson
NASCAR stepped up their safety concepts, and I think the drivers feel NASCAR is doing everything that can be done. So we are a little behind NASCAR in that respect. Someone in NASCAR realized there were certain things that could be done to make it safer. The same thing has to happen in football. Jim Brown
NASCAR is a bunch of farmers driving around in circles. Eddie Irvine
I know one thing. If a NASCAR driver ever got on the court with me, they wouldn't be able to keep up. That would be like me driving a bus in a NASCAR race. Keny Smith
NASCAR, there's nothing wrong with it, it's very competitive, but the specs are very tight on tolerances. Robby Gordon
The cooperation of NASCAR - or any other system, it turns out - persists only when everyone believes he has the opportunity to win. Charles Duhigg
NASCAR racing provides more brand awareness and interest than any of the other major sports. The opportunities to build business-to-business relationships within the racing community are endless. David Fricke
In this country, the most popular form of car racing is the huge multibillion dollar industry that`s called stock car racing. That`s what NASCAR is. That`s what the SC stands for in the middle of NASCAR, Stock Cars. Rachel Maddow