Necklace Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old necklace quotes, necklace sayings, and necklace proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

A big diamond necklace is nouveau riche, really. People who have wealth a long time don't wear such things. Elsa Peretti
Some of us walk around with a necklace of hope, an armour of sanity, but at the end of the day, they always come off. We reveal our naked, vulnerable, real selves. Karen Quan
A generation of the unteachable is hanging upon us like a necklace of corpses. George Orwell
When you lose your face..., it is like dropping your necklace down a well. The only way you can get it back is to fall in after it. Amy Tan
Words are beads on the strings of sentences. So make a beautiful necklace! Aneta Cruz
A string of burglaries is a crime necklace. Everything I have can be stolen except love, because I give it all away. Jarod Kintz
The necklace of life is strung with the pearls of everyday memories; treasure them. Tom Hackett
Many a necklace becomes a noose. Paul Eldridge
You have to remember that goodbyes are temporary because no one ever really leaves and nothing lasts forever. People are always with us, because they are in our hearts and in our memory. The only thing we can depend on is change... Life is just a series of moments -- a string of pearls that make up the necklace of your life and so every once in a while, to complete the circle, you need to end a chapter. Amy Poehler
The mark of a wise person is being able to reach beyond the truth, to admit they can learn more than they already know. A wise person doesn't string together the beads of unrelated events into a necklace simply to have something they wish to see. A wise person sees the truth even if it is something unexpected. That is the most beautiful necklace to wear - the truth. Terry Goodkind
When a little pleasure has flashed for a moment against the dark, I have made that jewel mine. I have hundreds of them ... I call it my Necklace of Perfect Joy. When the world goes wrong, I have only to close my eyes and remember all the links in my chain, set with gems, some large and some small, but all beautiful with the beauty which never fades. It is all I can take with me when I go. My material possessions must stay behind, but my Necklace of Perfect Joy will bring me happiness to the end, when I put it on, to be nevermore unclasped. Myrtle Reed
You wander from room to room Hunting for the diamond necklace That is already around your neck! Rumi
Let your necklace be love. Lailah Gifty Akita
A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls. Coco Chanel
There is just one piece of jewelry that is equally becoming to everybody, lovely with almost every ensemble, appropriate for almost any occasion, and indispensable in every woman's wardrobe... long live the pearl necklace, true or false, from our first date until our last breath! Genevieve Antoine Dariaux
Impressions are like pearls; ideas are like the string that turns the pearls into a necklace. The string is invisible, but it is not dispensable and cannot be broken. Mu Xin
My husband gave me a necklace. It’s fake. I requested fake. Maybe I’m paranoid, but in this day and age, I don’t want something around my neck that’s worth more than my head. Rita Rudner
A statement necklace glams up any outfit without feeling like too much. Tracy Reese
A caveman took a shell, and maybe it had a hole in it, or maybe he put a hole in it, and he put it on a piece of a tail of a donkey or a dinosaur or something and gave it to the cavewoman. She put it around her neck - the first jewel. Kenneth Jay Lane
The painful things seemed like knots on a beautiful necklace, necessary for keeping the beads in place. Anita Diamant
Think of your pain like a bunch of red roses, a beautiful thorn necklace. Everyone has one. Francesca Lia Block
I wear a necklace, cause I wanna know when I’m upside down. Mitch Hedberg
The necklace is the anchor; it's the classification of jewelry that says what the whole idea is about. Robert Lee Morris