Polaroid Sayings and Quotes

Before digital cameras and smartphones, the Polaroid instant photo reigned supreme. Once obsolete, the retro white framed, sometimes blurry snaps, are making a comeback. Below you’ll find a collection of insightful and humorous quotes about Polaroid.

Polaroid by its nature makes you frugal. You walk around with maybe two packs of film in your pocket. You have 20 shots, so each shot is a world. Patti Smith
Nobody should touch a Polaroid [camera] until he's over sixty Walker Evans
I'm definitely a Polaroid camera girl. For me, what I'm really excited about is bringing back the artistry and the nature of Polaroid. Lady Gaga
I still love taking pictures with Polaroid film. For me, it offers the most beautiful way of capturing reality and transferring it onto a flat piece of paper. Helena Christensen
Polaroid, you know, goes against everything that photography is now. You can't make multiples. Only one exists. I love that. By the way, while we've been talking I've now seen a total of three people I know walking on 8th street. Laurel Nakadate
Once I started working with the Polaroid, I would take a shot and if that shot was good, then I'd move the model and change the lighting or whatever... slowly sneaking up on what I wanted rather than having to predetermine what it was. Chuck Close
I'm a Polaroid developing in reverse. Tyler Knight
Artists freeze themselves into these weird postures that are meant to be impressive and involving, then they fling them out into the world like Polaroids, and then they move on. And I'm stuck in this intense relationship to the Polaroid. Jonathan Lethem
At the beginning, Edo was a photographer, and I was more of a talent scout and doing styling and modelling. Then all of a sudden, in 1977, he gave me a Polaroid camera, and I discovered that instead of having to go to a lab and develop the film, I could just take a click and get a picture! It was genius, and I was very good at manipulating it. Maripol
[A Polaroid camera] places before you a thing that is more of the thing than the thing was. Edwin Land
Do kisses fade like Polaroid pictures if you don't pay attention to them? Ali Harris
It's a camera that loves the light — things can get a little blurry if shooting indoors, so shoot by a window with the light streaming in. Polaroid
It's a polaroid life I've been tasked with. A duality of the ecstacy and the agony: conflicting opposites fighting for dominance. D.d
Just a s a Polaroid film is made of a highly sensitive material and as such is able to hold an image with absolute ease, so is my bipolar mind also acutely sensitive and with poignant clarity — it feels more joy and ultimately more pain, both acute and overwhelming. D.d
Somehow, though, digital pictures do not draw people together the way Polaroid photos did. Christopher Bonanos
The older polaroid materials, those that develop in a little paper sandwich that is peeled apart after a few moment's development, encourage a different and warm human exchange. Christopher Bonanos
Polaroid had no successful competitor, no real challenge to its primacy, until almost it's very end, Christopher Bonanos
Polaroids occupy a special place in photography, all the more since the development of digital techniques. The instant print and absence of editing tools allows this one-of-a kind images a beguiling realness. Helmut Newton
In no other photographic medium does the moment find its material form with such sincerity and such speed. Helmut Newton
Every Polaroid snap seemed like an event in itself, but for me, as for most, the Polaroid was an occasional camera. Peter Buse
The click and whirr of the motor, the image sliding out of those familiar jaws, still milky and minutes from completion; the wide white border for pulling it away, an inviting place to write. Peter Buse
Life as a Polaroid photographer isn't only about the images,: we're in love with the cameras, too. Susannah Conway
Polaroids are those instant self-developing photographs, and usually have an appearance distinct from the other photos. David Cycleback
To a large degree, Polaroids are self-authenticating. This is due to their one-of-one , on the spot development. David Cycleback
Though there are methods to make Polaroid copies, most Polaroids are vintage, original, and unique. David Cycleback
I'm glad I get to do characters. It's just like a Polaroid shot of whoever the person is, and to me, anyway, that's kind of what life is like. You get a general sense of somebody, and then we're all good, we get it. We understand each other. Fred Armisen
The days, months, and years eventually reveal, like a Polaroid, a clear picture of how significant events and decisions ultimately shape our lives. Hoda Kotb
I didn't invent the word 'selfie,' but I took tons of Polaroids of myself. Brigid Berlin
The Polaroid camera is a system that will be a partner in perception, enabling us to see the objects in the world around us more vividly than we can see them without it, a system to be an aid to memory and a tool for exploration. Edwin Land