Salon Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old salon quotes, salon sayings, and salon proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Life is more beautiful when you meet the right hair dresser. Peter Coppola
To sculpt a head of hair with scissors is an art form. It’s in pursuit of art. Vidal Sassoon
As stylists we’re ground shakers and and day makers. Setting trends, while fostering that inner connection between a person’s inner and outer self. Rebecca Gregory
To me, beauty and makeup and color is like the finishing touch on everything. Marc Jacobs
Hairdressers are wonderful breed. You work one on one with another human being, and the object it to make them feel so much better, and to look at themselves with a twinkle in their eye. Vidal Sassoon
I think the most important thing a woman can have – next to her talent, of course, – is her hairdresser. Joan Crawford
Hair that slays starts at the salon. Redken
For me, the working of hair is architecture with a human element. Vidal Sassoon
Salon's enough for her / Not to feel so insecure / Ma ma ma manicure / She wanna be take care'n of Stefanin Germonotta
So I work in that same beauty salon / I'm chained to the old masquerade / The lipstick, the shadow, the silicone / I follow my father's trade Leonard Cohen
The neighborhood salon is the place I am working for the moment / As I cut their hair, ladies talk and share / Every day, who's doin' who and why Lin-Manuel Miranda
Hey, go back to the salon! / What doesn't kill you / Only makes you blonder Miranda Lambert
See, hit the salon get a mani and a pedi / Have a massage, get a sip and then I'm ready / Gotta take time out / And my real ladies know what I'm talking about Briggs
You getting ready so I know we gon' be here awhile / In the bathroom flat irons and nail files / Spending hours in salons on your hairstyles Matthew Samuels
In and out the hair salon, she got her nail polished / Turn up in tennis shoes, turn up in red bottoms / She turn up in red bottoms, turn up, turn up in red bottoms Tauheed Epps
When your girl leave me she need a hair salon / Hair weave killer goin' on a trapathon Sean Combs
When the hats are crammed down and a fox is away. / You will find him no centre of salon or crush, / No letters attached to his name may he sign, / But there's no one so eager to handle the Brush William Henry Ogilvie
The salon industry is slow to acknowledge the huge role technology plays in hair care and styling. Ladosha Wright
Hair remains enigma to many. Everybody does not want to go to hair salon. And hair salons are not for everybody. Ladosha Wright
Hair salons are options for hair care and hair styles. Ladosha Wright
Salon use is varied. It varies according to the client and her biographical specificity, and with the types and volume of treatments accessed. Paula Black
The general feeling was that men did not understand the benefits of beauty salon treatments or the efforts that went into maintaining a feminine appearance. Paula Black
The type of work on a health farm is similar to that of a beauty salon, but the hours can be much longer and there is more emphasis on body treatments and weight reduction. Susan Cressy
In a salon, hair stylists can take time to make sure customers are satisfied with the results of their work. Margaret McAlpine
Arguing along these lines, Weitz (2005:176) claims that the beauty salon is a female space that offers the sense of being in a community. Rachel Heinrichsmeier
For older women in particular, who may be more likely to live alone than older men, relationships in the salon. Rachel Heinrichsmeier
So hair salon is a place where more than just appearance is attended to. Rachel Heinrichsmeier
The hair salon may be a place of laughter, intimacy and trouble-telling; it's a place where older appearances may be repaired - but it's also a place where appropriate older styles may be enforced. Rachel Heinrichsmeier
So no matter what the state of the economy and the world we live in, it's till a good time to start a hair salon ad day spa, and the prospects for 'shear' success and excellent. The Staff of Entrepreneur Media
No doubt as a result of their driving desire for a youthful appearance, the hair color segment of the salon industry continues to grow. The Staff of Entrepreneur Media