Servant Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old servant quotes, servant sayings, and servant proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Let us be servants in order to be leaders. Fyodor Dostoevsky
After a time, civil servants tend to become no longer servants and no longer civil. Winston Churchill
Good servants frequently make good masters. Jupiter Hammon
A servant church must have as its priority solidarity with the poor. Claudio Hummes
We are all servants. The only question is whom we will serve. R. C. Sproul
If there's anything a public servant hates to do it's something for the public. Kin Hubbard
Perfect servants would be the worst of all for certain masters, whose happiness consists in finding fault with them. Jean Antoine Petit-Senn
Servants must be big people. Big enough to go on, remembering the right and forgetting the wrong. Charles R. Swindoll
Being a servant will take you places where your talent will never take you. Tommy Tenney
Public servant: Persons chosen by the people to distribute the graft. Mark Twain
The chief use of servants is the evidence they afford of the master's ability to pay. Thorstein Veblen
Every good servant does not all commands. William Shakespeare
If a servant strives to please his master and studies and takes pains to do it, I believe there are but few masters who would use such a servant cruelly. Jupiter Hammon
Faithful servants have a way of knowing answered prayer when they see it, and a way of not giving up when they don't. Max Lucado
If we are true servants of the masses, we would take pride in spinning for their sake. Mahatma Gandhi
It's incumbent on good public servants to maintain their voices and originality of thinking. Ronan Farrow
Your best servant is the person who does not attend so much to hearing what he himself wants as to willing what he has heard from you. St. Augustine
The civil servant is primarily the master of the short-term solution. Indira Gandhi
In a mature society, 'civil servant' is semantically equal to 'civil master'. Robert A. Heinlein
Servants, when their lords no longer sway, Their minds no more to righteous courses bend. Homer
A servant wants to be rewarded for what he does. A lover wants only to be in love's presence, that ocean whose depth will never be known. Rumi
If you would have a faithful servant, and one that you like, serve yourself. Benjamin Franklin
Some civil servants are neither servants nor civil. Winston Churchill
Those who choose to be servants know the most about being free. Janette Oke
Real servants don't try to use God for their purposes. They let God use them for His purposes. William James
Test a servant while in the discharge of his duty, a relative in difficulty, a friend in adversity, and a wife in misfortune. Chanakya
Faithful servants never retire. You can retire from your career, but you will never retire from serving God. Rick Warren
A servant of the Lord stands bodily before men, but mentally he is knocking at the gates of heaven with prayer. John Climacus
A good servant is a real godsend, but truly this is a rare bird in the land. Martin Luther
The servant may not look to be in better case than his master. Thomas More