Singer Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old singer quotes, singer sayings, and singer proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Those who wish to sing always find a song. unknown
Since the days of slavery, if you were a good singer or dancer, it was your job to perform for the master after dinner. Spike Lee
A singer ... is no more than an actor set to music. Kay Starr
Singers provide all the proof that we have souls. J.R. Rim
It's easy for a singer to sometimes pick up on another singer's sound, but that's just copying. Aretha Franklin
When you make your living as a singer, you have to go where the gigs are. Natalie Cole
You can cage the singer but not the song. Harry Belafonte
Popular culture is a place where pity is called compassion, flattery is called love, propaganda is called knowledge, tension is called peace, gossip is called news, and auto-tune is called singing. Criss Jami
The activity of a singer that sings opera is similar to that of an athlete. Andrea Bocelli
The singer has everything within him. The notes come out from his very life. They are not materials gathered from outside. Rabindranath Tagore
I don't sing because I'm happy; I'm happy because I sing. William James
There is delight in singing, though none hear beside the singer. Walter Savage Landor
It's better if a singer disconnects from the original and brings something new to the version. Armaan Malik
He who sings scares away his woes. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
If I cannot fly, let me sing. Stephen Sondheim
A song should stand on its own and on what a singer does with it. It shouldn't need a lot of extra help to be good. Oliver
Your voice is like a very serious instrument that you have to tame if you want to be an amazing singer - Marvin Gaye or Michael Jackson. Theophilus London
A great song can make a terrible singer sound good, but a good singer - you put a great song on top of that, you're really in great shape! Quincy Jones
All the intelligence and talent in the world can't make a singer. The voice is a wild thing. It can't be bred in captivity. It is a sport, like the silver. Willa Cather
In the life of a singer, it's not all triumphs and happy memories; there are days you have to go out there when it's the last thing you feel like doing. Mireille Mathieu
I'm not only a SINGER, I'm an ENTERTAINER... I make people dance away their sorrow and I put smiles on people face GoalsRider
Life is too short to sing music you don't love. Kathy Coneys Alexander
If I'm going to sing like someone else, then I don't need to sing at all. Billie Holiday
A singer starts by having his instrument as a gift from God... When you have been given something in a moment of grace, it is sacrilegious to be greedy. Marian Anderson
When you have your own identity as a singer, you don't have competition. Armaan Malik
There's no half-singing in the shower, you're either a rock star or an opera diva. Josh Groban