Snitch Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old snitch quotes, snitch sayings, and snitch proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

The long game was ended, the Snitch had been caught, it was time to leave the air. J.K. Rowling
75%-90% of the murders that occur in black and Latino communities are solvable. Everybody knows who did it or somebody knows. The reason nobody talks is because snitches get stitches and people aren't bulletproof. Cheo Hodari Coker
When I was growing up, kids used to talk about snitching... It never extended as a cultural norm outside of the gangsters. Geoffrey Canada
Librarians are notorious snitches—don’t let anybody convince you otherwise. Tom Upton
A lot of black people worked with the police as snitches. We used to call them bimpees where I grew up. And, you know, they were afforded special privileges. They may have been paid by the police. But you never knew who was informing on you. We lived either next door to or - two doors away from us was a known informant in Soweto. Trevor Noah
To call the police is a really big deal because you don't snitch - that's the culture you grow up in. Sonja Sohn
The social media not only become new platforms for the invasion of privacy, but further legitimate a culture in which monitoring functions are viewed as benign while the state-sponsored society of hyper-fear increasingly defines everyone as either a snitch or a terrorist. Henry Giroux
With its brutal excesses and reliance on snitches and finks as informants, I don't think it's far off-kilter to describe the modern-day drug war as oddly similar to the Salem witch trials. Joel Miller
People were encouraged to snitch. [South Africa] was a police state, so there were police everywhere. There were undercover police. There were uniformed police. The state was being surveilled the entire time. Trevor Noah
Victim of passion / purveyor of lies / Betrayer of talent / bending the I Kurt Philip Behm
I can see the pain in your eyes / Always reminding me of what I've done / I, am a betrayer / I have caused you this pain / I have no excuse Kevin Ryan Murray
To stifle Passion is no easy Thing / A Heart in Love is always on the Wing / The bold Betrayer flutters still / And fans the Breath prepar'd to tell. Thomas Parnell
People do not change, they are merely revealed. Anne Enright
It's always the ones with the dirty hands pointing the fingers. Sonya Teclai
Be careful who you share your weaknesses with, some people can't wait for the opportunity to use them against you! Anonymous
Being a good tattle tale requires exceptional attention to details and then blowing them out of proportion. Anonymous
Betrayer, what! thy soul relentless closing / To grief the woman shame no art can heal / To that small life beneath my heart reposing! Friedrich Schiller
Only snitch when asked to snitch. Linwood Boomer
A snitch wears a wire. A snitch is the scum of the information industry. William Blinn
Don't snitch on someone, unless it pays off. Marni S. Feldman
Snitch' meaning 'informer' is indeed an older word, dating back to the 18th century. Ms Tee
The idea behind snitching is simple-a suspect provides incriminating information about someone else in exchange for a deal, maybe the chance to walk away, or a lesser charge or sentence. Alexandra Natapoff
Snitching is a way to get easy money instead of rippin' and runnin', collecting scraps, and having nothing to show for it. David Bzdak
Listening to drug addicts philosophizing about the ethics of snitching makes you wonder why they would worry about ethics. David Bzdak
It's a criminal society and the one who snitches can hardly expect to be accepted. Malin Akerstrom
The information on who is a snitch is reputed to travel through the prison grapevine. Malin Akerstrom
It is a common belief that a snitch will always be discovered and will get 'what he deserves.' Malin Akerstrom
It doesn't matter which jail you're in, there's contacts, the word always gets out. Malin Akerstrom
There's a tendency to point to one in a prison as the snitch, or a few as the snitches. Malin Akerstrom