Stretch Mark Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old stretch mark quotes, stretch mark sayings, and stretch mark proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

They made fun of her Stretch marks on her belly She smiled, 'It's what my baby drew And not everybody get a chance'. Kashyapi
A woman must look perfect, Stretch marks are yikes! But they don't know, You're just a tigress who earned her golden stripes. Tanvi Verma
The beauty of those stretch marks depict how Selflessly she nurtured an unseen creation within herself. Anjali
Her son suggested 'Mom you should get a tattoo of my name'. She replied I have already done that after your birth. 'My Stretch Marks'. Debasmita
My stretch marks are my baby's first painting. Nesha K
Having stretch marks in pregnancy is not just a sign of givng birth to a baby. It's a reflection of palm lines of the baby. Which is being created by his mother for his bright future from today. Bhagirath Maurya
Women shouldn't be forced for fertility and pleasures. Embracing stretch marks is not her responsibility. It's just her choice. Rachi
Only a mother knows how beautiful her baby's first drawing was. Sri Harshitha
Stretch marks are just marks that disturb your confidence whenever you wear anything. Confidence removes every scar and every mark. Ushmil Rimjha
Mistakes are like stretch marks, don't hate them, they are the sign that you're growing. Kabira
Stretch marks are the badge of a real woman. Tim Kazurinsky
These marks show that, that you are alive, that you survive. Willy Russel
I expect men get very excited about sharing the joy of nausea, heartburn, and stretch marks. Tracy Tormé
Looks like this kid thing is really working out for you: all of the shopping, none of the stretch marks. David Shore
I spent my whole childhood trying to get a single thank you from my mom, and all I got was sarcasm. 'Thanks for the stretch marks, thanks for sitting in front of the TV with that big head. Thanks for scaring off all my dates by asking 'are you my new daddy?'. Bruce Helford
Daisy Dukes with stretch marks, her hair back in a bun / Cooking pork and beans, some stale franks in the sun. Matlin Thornton
Even if you got stretch marks and even two children / I can't blame you girl (no no no no no) / Love you for who you are, I want you for who you are Dequantes Devontay Lamar
I call them stretch marks designer and I do appreciate some cellulite Ricky Banton
Stretch marks on your hips is just bungie cords bringing you back when you dip. Aliaune Thiam
I love the stretch marks / On your thighs / I love the wrinkles / Around your eyes / I take you out darling / We dance all night Ayse Yolander Hassan
That ain't stretch marks, that's tiger stripes. Jonathan Kweku Awotwe-Mensah
Can you love my imperfections? / Stretch marks any part, any section Ras Haile Emmanuel Yakine Alexander
Stretch Marks helps mothers by inspiring, entertaining, and laying out how to create more time, more peace, and more joy in their lives. Amber Trueblood
Stretch marks aren't only physical. We have psychological and emotional stretch marks too. Amber Trueblood
Men are raised to worry about their legacies, not their upper arm and thigh fat, stretch marks Jessica Knoll
To me, the mountains are Mother's stretch marks, the rivers are both her tears and nourishment. T. Jackson King
Women often teased me and said I was lucky to not have stretch marks. I usually looked unwaveringly in their eyes and said, 'Maybe not on my stomach, but most certainly on my heart'. Niki Breeser Tschirgi
As women, we really need to start taking back ownership over our bodies and stop allowing others to dictate what we should look like. Tova Leigh
Women's bodies go through massive changes and that's part of life and nature. Tova Leigh
We live in a world where we are told to hide what are considered our flaws when actually whose are imperfections-scars, stretch marks and other flappy bits. Tova Leigh