Sweet Girl Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old sweet girl quotes, sweet girl sayings, and sweet girl proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

For all the girls out there, it’s totally possible to be a good girl. I’m going to try to make it cool Reese Witherspoon
Being a good girl means suppressing a lot. Jennifer Jason Leigh
With yourself, I think you have to decide the kind of person that you really want to be, and for me, it's just a sweet girl. Miley Cyrus
All really nice girls wonder when men don't try to kiss them. They know they shouldn't want them to and they know they must act insulted if they do, but just the same, they wish the men would try. Margaret Mitchell
There's an expression in Persian, 'to play with the lion's tail.' I wasn't what Iranian society wanted me to be - a good girl. I played with the lion's tail. Golshifteh Farahani
When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That's relativity. Albert Einstein
Nice girls are not supposed to be hungry. They are not supposed to feed themselves or care about their own food. They're definitely not supposed to take food out of a child's mouth. Micah Perks
What are little girls made of? / Sugar and spice / And everything nice / That's what little girls are made of Nursery Rhyme
Nice girls aren't always what they seem. Taylor Cole
The nice girl makes the mistake of being available all the time. Sherry Argov
You ask what a nice girl will do? She won't give an inch, but she won't say no. Marcus Valerius Martial
A good girl is supposed to be very quiet. Ziauddin Yousafzai
It's the good girls who keep the diaries; the bad girls never have time. Tallulah Bankhead
Even good girls have secrets, ones even their best friends must guess. Ellen Hopkins
Good girls don't hurt other people's feelings. Good girls are not overly aggressive, competitive, or boastful. Good girls please others. But what good girls are good for is another question. Susan Jane Gilman
Good girls hold their heads high by daylight, / Their grace and their virtue soaring with kites, / While bad girls slink along in their shame- / Everyone stares at them, everyone blames. / But those bad girls sleep soundly at night, / Ne'er do their consciences wake them in a fright, / While our good girls toss and they turn- / They lay awake for those who will burn. Anna Godbersen
So why do women stay in the place of girlhood long after it’s productive for them? One reason is because we’ve been taught that acting like a nice girl—even when we’re grown up—isn’t such a bad thing. Girls get taken care of in ways that boys don’t. Girls aren’t expected to fend for or take care of themselves—others do that for them....People like girls. Men want to protect you. Cuddly or sweet, tall or tan, girls don’t ask for much. They’re nice to be around and they’re nice to have around—sort of like pets. Lois P Frankel
This might be a good time to dispel the myth that overcoming nice girl syndrome means you have to be mean and nasty. Lois P Frankel
When I talk about being authentically nice, I’m describing a woman who is considerate, respectful, fair, collaborative, and generous. Fran Hauser
Being a nice girl from the Mid-West, my inclination is always to give in and say yes because I want people to like me. Cindy Crawford
I wish I was harder; I wish I didn't care so much about being the nice girl all the time because a lot of the time people can take kindness for weakness, so I wish I had a little bit more 'oomph' in me. Tyra Banks
Over time, I was surprised to find that owning my niceness actually made it easier for me to speak up, push back, and voice my opinions at work because I wasn’t so consumed by trying to be something I was not. Instead, my confidence soared along with my effectiveness because I was finally free to be my authentically nice and caring self. Fran Hauser
It is my contention that Nice Girl behavior sets women up to be misused and abused. This does not mean that women cause men to become abusive. It does not mean that women are masochists. What it does mean is that by being too nice, women send a strong message to those who already have a tendency to use and abuse. The message is: “My need to be seen as nice (or sweet or innocent) is more powerful than my instinct to protect myself.” Beverly Engel
The aggressive side of me comes across in my music, but I'm just a sweet girl. Pink
It used to be the one or the other, right? You were the 'bad girl' or the 'good girl' or the 'bad mother' or 'the good mother,' 'the horrible businesswoman who eschewed her children' or 'the earth mother who was happy to be at home baking pies,' all of that stuff that we sort of knew was a lie. Annette Bening
As women, we get the message about how to be a good girl - how to be a good, pretty girl - from such an early age. Then, at the same time, we're told that well-behaved girls won't change the world or ever make a splash. Phoebe Waller-Bridge
Many girls aspire to a version of selfhood that puts a psychological glass ceiling on their potential to succeed. They suffer from what I call the Curse of the Good Girl: the pressure to be liked by everyone, generous to a fault, and flawless at everything you do. Rachel Simmons
Good girl doesn’t exist; you just have to choose between bad and worse. M.F. Moonzajer
Teach her to reject likeability. Her job is not to make herself likeable, her job is to be her full self, a self that is honest and aware of the equal humanity of other people. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
I love saying 'yes' and I love saying 'please.' Saying 'yes' doesn't mean I don't know how to say no, and saying 'please' doesn't mean I am waiting for permission. 'Yes please' sounds powerful and concise. It's a response and a request. It is not about being a good girl; it is about being a real woman. Amy Poehler